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Chapter 36 – Lord Selim listens to his friend’s story


Summer vacation is approaching.

After school, I headed to the Louviers faction’s Salon.

Inside, Nadia and others gathered and were talking seriously.


“Selim, welcome… it’s just that, a horrible thing has happened.” 


The owner of the room, Nadia, welcomed me and offered me a seat.

On the table were lovely chocolates and baked goods.

However, for a gathering of girls, the air is heavy today.


“Pamela’s expression was dark, so I came because I was worried something might have happened.

What’s the matter”


Lady Pamela Satie, daughter of an Earl.

She is a female student who is always with Nadia.

When we formed a team in the academy competition, I also became familiar with her.


“It’s a little early, but I decided to move up the summer vacation and return to our territory.

My mother was seriously injured by a monster.”


Pamela’s parents’ home, Satie Earldom, suffered serious damage from monsters.

So it seems that everyone gathered and talked because of that.


“In our household, even I am stronger than my father.

So I decided to return and kill the beast to avenge my mother.”


The monster that attacked the Countess had not been exterminated.

The punitive force withdrew at the risk of their lives.

Pamela intends to lead the punitive force when they head for another subjugation.


“But Pamela, that monster the Aunt couldn’t win against.

It’s dangerous.

Even if you go, you must bring yourself reinforcements.

The House Louviers will lend you as much as you want.

I’ll go with you as well!”


Nadia was opposed to Pamela going out on her own.


The injured Pamela’s mother was the younger sister of Marquis Louviers.

Nadia and Pamela are cousins.

Before Pamela was born, the Satie Earl Household was in crisis after losing most of their clan to a monster outbreak.

At that time, they welcomed a woman from the Louviers Marquis Household, who could become his fighting force, and rebuilt its noble household.

Since then, House Satie came to be strongly influenced by the Louviers Marquis Household.


“I have to kill the monster myself.

I love Nadia and His Grace, Marquis Louviers.

But I can’t let go of the independence of House Satie, for the sake of our clan and subordinates.”


The condition for being a noble above the Earl is to be able to protect a territory on their own.

Most of the territories given to outsider nobles border on the territory of monsters called frontiers.

The duty of nobles is to protect the people of the territory from monsters and develop the territory.

In territories where this is not possible, new nobles are dispatched from the royal family.

In order for the Satie Earl Household to maintain their independence, they are required to defeat the monsters that emerged by themselves.


“If you find it difficult to bring Nadia with you, how about me I have healing abilities.

It might be useful for the recovery of the Countess as well.”

“Selim… but, if we borrow the power of the Duke Household, we would needlessly offend House Louviers.”

“The Duke Household has nothing to do with it.

I am going incognito, to help my friend.

I’m actually good at pretending to be a commoner.”


In the Dukedom, I was even working as a handyman under Amanda.


“That’s right… it seems that Selim is still healing commoners in the Royal Capital, so he might unexpectedly be good at pretending to be a commoner.”


Nadia seems to have thoroughly investigated my actions.




Pamela hesitated.


“Pamela, you’re going to fight a monster that even the Aunt was seriously injured.

It’s pretty dangerous.

If by chance, something happens to you and die, that would really be the end of the Earl Household.

Selim’s suggestion might be crazy, but you should accept his kindness.

Your life is a stake, you know.”


Pamela nodded at Nadia’s persuasion.


“Thank you, Selim.

Sorry to trouble you.

Please help me.”


Pamela lowered her head towards me.



Leave it to me!”


According to the memories of my previous life, Pamela died after returning to her territory due to this incident.

Let’s help her by preparing enough forces to defend and save her.


I left the Louviers faction’s salon and headed for the training grounds.

Leo was training with House Bergmann.


“Leo, I have a request from you.”

“A request What does a great noble like Lord Selim want from a commoner like me”

“I want to go to my friend’s house to exterminate monsters.

But, I must keep the appearances, so I will act as a commoner.

So, I want you who were originally a commoner to come as well.

That would make it more real.”

“Is that so I understand.

I owe you a lot, I agree.

Bring me anywhere you want.”


I will bring the future Hero Leo with us.

With him around, no matter what kind of monster appears, the winning rate has increased.


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