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Chapter 33 – Lord Selim becomes friends with a lady


After school the next day, I took Laura to visit Lady Louviers.

The House Louviers’ salon in the school’s special building was a room similar to the one we got.

However, perhaps because its owner is a woman, it felt more gorgeous than ours.

I was guided to sit on the sofa.

Immediately, one of the female students placed a fragrant tea in front of me.

In the seats facing each other, Lady Nadia Louviers, daughter of a Marquis, is at the center, Lady Pamela Satie, daughter of an Earl, is to my left, and Lady Juliette Jannot is to my right… the three of them are all cute, so it feels amazing facing them.

I let Laura and Gilbert who insisted that he would definitely come with me sit next to me.

Valéry is also standing behind.


“I’m about to ask what kind of business you have today, but I can understand the gist of the situation by looking at the girl beside you.”


Since we’re talking about Lady Louviers, she must have already figured out what was going on after I made the request to meet her.


“This girl, Laura Ponetti, is isolated in the academy and is in a dangerous situation.

However, I would like to avoid letting her be dishonorably misunderstood as a result of my direct help.

Hence, I would like to ask for your help.” 

“Ufufu… Lord Selim is just as kind as the rumors say.”


Lady Louviers smiled as she said that.

Every time I meet her, she would praise me.

In this life, I don’t find it strange because I’m acting like a good boy, but in my previous life, she would also look for my good points.

Now that I think about it, she’s a scary woman.


“However, you are quite a conspirator, while keeping a talented commoner like Leo by your side, you are forcing a girl who lacks ability on me.”


Her expression remained smiling while she said that.

It’s because she’s like this, so for a moment, there are times when I cannot comprehend what she’s saying.

Knowing what happened as a result from my previous life, Lady Louviers can be described as a pure person who has saved many people, However, as a noble, she was the type with a personality.

That’s why I find it hard dealing with her.


“I just thought that Laura Ponetti’s problem is difficult to deal with as a man.

Besides, I have yet to succeed in drawing Leo in.

If you are interested, I don’t mind you trying to call out to him.”


After the collapse of the Kingdom, Leo cooperated with Lady Louviers and protected the people.

If it’s her, she’ll be able to raise and use Leo very well.


“Oh, how generous.

I accept, we’ll take care of Laura Ponetti.

I cannot leave students in need alone.

However, since Lord Selim has asked me for a favor, I would ask Lord Selim for something in return.”


She smiled with a grin.

How should I put it, it’s a kind of fear I will never feel from a man.

The terror that is peculiar to women…


“In return There are things I can and cannot do.”

“I wonder if we could form a team together for the school competition.”

“Team up If we team up with House Louviers, we would be too strong.

Are you fine with that”

“That’s what I’m aiming for.

We’ll crush the princess who is the pride of the royal family, and give the young princess the terror of the country nobles!”


Local aristocrats like the Duke of Bergmann and the Marquis of Louviers follow the royal family, but they are also semi-independent.

Lady Louviers intends to slap the royal family here who is likely to get conceited after gaining a strong crown prince.

If I didn’t know that she was someone who could continue to fight devils for her people, she would look like an ambitious person.



Let’s cooperate.”


Even for me, when I saw how messy the royal family faction were, it makes me want to give them a good slap.


“Then we are friends.

It seems too formal if you address me as Lady Louviers all the time.

Would you like to call me Nadia”

“Okay, Nadia.

You can call me Selim.”


Let’s get along from now on, Selim.”


After Nadia, I also started to call Pamela and Juliette from her faction by their names.

It’s the first time I’ve gotten so close to a girl from another household, enough to call each other by our names.


《You are thinking badly     Your experience points decreased     -10 experience points》

《Current level: 38    Current experience points: 2820/3900》


If I ever meet the creator of in the future, I definitely would freeze him and break him into pieces at least once.


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