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Chapter 03 – Lord Selim was refused to donate to the church


A cathedral in the center of the territory’s capital.

Here, I decided to donate one gold coin as a test.

A single gold coin is enough for a commoner to live comfortably for a month.

However, from my perspective, as the eldest son of a Duke Household, even if I keep donating a gold coin to the church every day, it’s a worthless amount of money.


《The blood tax of the territory has been wasted     Your experience points decreased     -500 experience points》

《Your level has dropped》

《Current level: -52     Current experience points: 810/1000》



“Selim-sama, are you alright”


I almost collapsed at the church’s reception.

My bodyguard Katia supported me.

My level is negative, it is also possible for my experience points to decrease.

My negative level has dropped even further.


The judged the donation to the church to be a waste of money.

Indeed, the church in the Kingdom is corrupt.


Even after being killed by the Hero and reduced to just a soul, I was still able to perceive the state of the world through the mana of darkness, albeit just a little.

That’s how I knew after my death that a large number of devils appeared, destroyed the Royal Capital, and even fell the entire Kingdom into ruin.


When the capital was attacked by devils, the archbishop of the capital’s church was the first to succumb to temptation and be taken in by the devil.

One of the main reasons for the fall of the Kingdom was that the church was corrupt and did not function.


It was really a helpless organization as I would lose 500 experience points just by donating to them.

Despite preaching with great pride, they couldn’t do anything against the devil and allowed them to destroy the Kingdom.

Thinking about it made me angry.

What a bunch of **.


《You are unable to control your emotions     You are consumed by anger     Your experience points decreased     -50 experience points》

《Current level: -52    Current experience points: 760/1000》


“No way…”


It will even peek into my heart and reduce my experience points!

This is too extreme!!


Katia, my bodyguard, was looking at me with strange eyes while I was reacting strangely by myself.

Calm down.


When I left the church and walked around the town, the scent of delicious chocolate wafted in the air.


“Does the store over there sell chocolate”


I have loved chocolate since I was young.


“Let’s go buy some.”


I really want to eat something sweet.

If I eat to vent my emotions, I wonder if my experience points will go down again.

But it’s okay.

I can’t stop doing things I want to do just because of that.


“It’s great, I mean this store.

It has recently become popular within the territory.”


Katia said while looking enviously at the chocolate I bought.

She is a skilled swordsman, my bodyguard, and my swordsmanship teacher at the same time.

Because she has elven blood, she ages slowly and looks less than 20 years old.

However, her skill with the sword is the best within the territory.

She had a strong sense of justice and was a fine swordsman.

However, in the previous world, she got fed up with me, who had a rotten nature, and left our Duke Household.

Because she is pure and innocent, she was not tempted by the devil at all.

She would be a valuable fighting force if the devil invades, so I must be careful to make her lose affection.


“Katia, this is thanks for accompanying me today.”


I handed one of the wrapped chocolate to Katia.

She seems to like sweets, so I hope she will be happy to receive it.


“Give it to me Lord Selim will Really”


You’ve taken care of me a lot after all.”

“Thank you so much! I’m very happy.”


Huh She became so happy.

Not only happy but also grateful.

I used to be a twisted kind of kid, but I thought I had treated Katia, who was good at swordsmanship, properly.

Even so, I wonder if the nasty part of me was leaking out.


《You made Katia feel happy     Your experience points increased     You gained 10 experience points》

《Current level: -52     Current experience points: 770/1000》




《You completed the daily quest 》

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -51     Current experience points: 270/1000》


Was that enough

In that case, it might be easier than expected.


After returning to the castle, I headed to the library.


In the system message, or seems to be what raises or lowers my experience points.

I want to find out what it is in advance.


“Can I find it by looking it up in books on ethics or religion”


I flipped through the books in the library.


“Well, what the saints did in the past…”


・Use miracles to heal incurable diseases


“Does it mean healing spells Only a few people can use that thing.

It’s impossible for me.


・Split the sea in two to let people escape


“…there’s no way I can do that.”


・Spread God’s words


“…the heck is that”


There aren’t any good things.

On the contrary, what are


Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth


Five Evils:  Murder, Theft, Adultery, Falsehood, Alcohol


“There are other things like Ten Commandments etc….

there are a lot of things one must not do, but there’s no particular written what actually one must do.”


This is troublesome.

There are many things I must be careful of so that my level would not decrease, but it’s not clear how I can level up.

However, I guess the reason I can go back in time and start over again is to get along with this .

I can only do my best.


Thus began my second life.

First of all, I think I’ll raise my level so that I don’t die again at the age of 17.


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