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Chapter 27 – Lord Selim examines a gluttonous patient


I arrived at the Royal Capital a week before the entrance ceremony.


The academy I’m going to attend doesn’t have a dormitory.

The students who come from a faraway distance are either influential nobles or their relatives, so they have mansions in the Royal Capital.

The Royal Capital mansion of the Bergmann Duke Household is a mansion that is extraordinarily expensive, as if it had been made with the dignity and stubbornness of the Duke Household.

All of the entourage who will enter school with me will also commute from the Duke’s residence.

The mansion turns into a luxurious student dormitory while I attend the academy. 


The first thing I did when I came to the Royal Capital was preparing the environment for raising my level.

I will continue to gain experience points using .


“I will have these two find a patient for Lord Selim to treat.”


Valéry brought two strangers, a man and a woman, in front of me.

The man has been serving this Duke’s mansion for many years.

The woman was borrowed from a merchant house that had a relationship with the Duke Household.

I will have someone familiar with the area look for patients.


“The practice of Healing magic in the Royal Capital will be held during the night.

As you know, there is the influential Royal Capital Church here, and we are outsiders, so it would be better not to attract attention.” 

“You’re right.”


If it’s nighttime, it doesn’t overlap with daytime school life as well, so that makes it more convenient.


“Both of you, please.”


After saying that, when I looked at the two guides, the woman looked like she wanted to say something.


“…actually, I was looking for a patient earlier, and I ended up finding those who are sick, and are about to…”


The woman seems to find it hard to say.

She probably wants those people saved since it’s a life that’s at stake.

However, she cannot give orders like “hurry up and go cure the patient” to the son of Duke Household.


“I don’t mind.

There are also some illnesses that I cannot cure, but I do not mind taking a look.

Do you know the symptoms the patient has”


They are poor people who bought contaminated monster meat from a vicious trader and ate it.”

“Food poisoning”


I once had examined such a thing with Amanda back in the Dukedom.

Food poisoning caused by monster meat has a high fatality rate.

At that time, I was only finally able to cure it by healing the patient together with the medicine that Amanda taught me.


“Did they take some medicine”


Such things are expensive, something they cannot afford.”

“Let’s go bring some medicine then.”


I was led to a section of the Royal Capital where poor people live in.

There are also houses built here, but it seems that commoners live better in the Dukedom compared to the Royal Capital.

Cracked walls, a leaky roof, etc… it makes me want to repair it using earth magic.

Well, I need enough MP to heal the patient, so let’s do that later.


Inside the house of our destination, seven young men and women were lying on the ground.

There is also someone who looks the same age as me.


“Seven of you, huh It seems to be just in the nick of time.”


Looking at their symptoms, it was similar to the ones I had cured with Amanda before.

After giving them medicine first, I used .


“I will stay like this for a while.

If you are bothered, you can go take a walk.”

“Please excuse me for saying no.

I will escort you properly.”


Katia is my bodyguard even in the Royal Capital.

She was also my swordsmanship teacher back in the Dukedom.

In the Dukedom, I was free to move around the city.

However, the Royal Capital can be treated as another country for us, so I was asked to stop walking by myself.

Right now, Valéry and the woman who serves as our guide are also with us.


“Valéry, you will have a hard time catching up with the academy’s lessons if you stay with me all the time.

There are 22 of you, my entourage, so come up with a schedule.”



It seems that he is persistent about placing people around me, so I only ask him to share it with others and not overwork himself.


The treatment, which started in the early afternoon, was over by close to midnight.

Halfway, sandwiches for dinner, were sent from the Duke’s residence.

The mansion’s servants are excellent and helpful, even bringing porridge for the patients.


The patients were awake from the middle of the treatment.

After finishing the treatment, when I told them to eat the porridge later, they immediately ate it.

Even though they suffered because of food poisoning, they had a tremendous appetite. 


They even ate my leftover sandwiches by the way.

These guys must have been food poisoned because of this gluttony. 

They told us they came from the same orphanage and recently started a business together.

It seems like life was not so bad for them because they earn barely enough to make ends meet and they can stay with their friends. 


This time, it seems that they made the mistake of being lured by the bargain meat.


《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     1000 experience points》

《Current level: 33   Current experience points: 2480/3400》


I healed 7 people, so the experience points I’ve gained are amazing.

I wish I could do this much every day, but school is about to start, so


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