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Chapter 18 – Lord Selim does not like the way the coffee was made


The next day, when I was walking alone in a deserted alleyway, I was surrounded by adults dressed in black.

It’s yesterday’s today, so I know exactly who they are…


“Are you someone from the church”

“…shut up and follow us.”


These guys, despite being like this, it seems that think they are hiding their identities.

In that case, even if they find out about my status, they shouldn’t spread the word about it.


“Ice Wall!“

“…what, Bergmann Barrier!”


The Bergmann Barrier is proof of the Bergmann Duke Household.


“You guys, I don’t know on whose order you are acting for, but can you do something to me and take responsibility for it”

“Captain, this is bad.

His face, I’ve seen it before.”

“Damn it….”


The guys in black left without accident.

I’m worried that ’s experience will be reduced in the event of a battle.

I was saved from that by their quick retreat.



The church guys seem to want the healing wizard to be under their control no matter what.”


How troublesome.


I pulled myself together and headed for my targeted children.


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     100 experience points》

《Current level: 9    Current experience points: 730/1000》


《You completed the daily quest 》

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《You received a new message》

《You acquired a new skill》

《Current level: 10    Current experience points: 230/1100》


I reached level 10.

It seems that I learned a new .


《Message: 1 unread item》

《You acquired Physical Support skill – New!》

《Physical support skill can restore the physical strength of the target who has weakened due to illness.

Please note that it cannot remove the cause of the disease》




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》

《Physical Support – provides physical support to the target who is fighting illness》


Skills to support the sick However, it cannot be completely cured.

For the time being, I want to try using it.

Ask Amanda if she knows anyone sick.


“Amanda, do you know anyone sick in bed”

“Can you heal them!”


When I visited Amanda’s house and asked about it, she immediately asked back.

She seems to have someone on her mind.


“I can’t heal them.

But, it seems that I can help them recover their stamina.” 

“What do you mean by that Well, anyway, as long as it would make it somewhat better.

Follow me.”


I was brought to a coffee shop where I had previously repaired a magic device.

It’s a place where old people get together and do the thing called karaoke.


“Old Johann, are you there”

“Oh, Grandma Amanda.

Also, you were the boy who fixed our magic device.”


The name of the owner of this coffee shop seems to be Johann.


“Your granddaughter is here, right Let us see her.”

“Hey, Amanda-san.

Zofi doesn’t feel well these days.

Leave her alone.”


The shop owner hurriedly stopped her, but Amanda didn’t care and went into the shop owner’s living space at the back of the shop.


“Zofi, we’re coming in.”


A young woman was sleeping on the bed in the back of the room.


“Oh my, isn’t it Amanda-san Did you come to visit me Sorry, I find it hard to even sit up today.”


She was a pale, haggard woman.

This seems to require the support of her physical strength.


《Physical strength can be restored     Would you like to support     Yes/No》


When I used the , the patient’s complexion immediately improved.




Curious, she sat up.


“I wonder what happened, suddenly I’m fine…”

“Did you heal her”


Asked Amanda, who was watching the situation.


“Heal Can she be healed!”


A surprised Johann entered the conversation.


“No, it’s .

She only temporarily recovered.”

“Is that so…”


I made Johann disappointed.



“I feel so much better.

Thank you.”


The patient thanked me.


《You supported a patient’s physical strength     Your experience points increased     100 experience points》

《Current level: 10    Current experience points: 330/1100》


“Thank you, little brother.

If you don’t mind, can we talk a little I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee.”


Johann closed the sign at the entrance of the store and made me and Amanda sit at the counter.

A cup of coffee is placed in front of me.




I almost burnt my tongue.

Is coffee really made like this with steaming water It should be the commoner style.


“My granddaughter, her name is Zofi, has Gelerna’s disease.”


Gelerna’s disease.

A type of infection.

Another name for it is the disease of the weak.

Those who can use physical strengthening and those with high immunity can recover from it with their own resistance.

However, once infected, the disease gradually weakens the infected over several years, leading to death.


“What a pitiful child.

She got sick and was kicked out of her marriage, and she had no one to rely on other than this old man.

If your magic spell can make my granddaughter feel a little better, I hope that you can continue the treatment.

I can’t give much for the medical fee, but if I sell this store, I should get some money.”

“Don’t be silly!”


Immediately, Amanda objected.


“If this store is gone, where would our entertainment go!”


Karaoke is important to Amanda.


“I don’t need money.

I just need to gain experience in healing.”


I can also get experience points.


“…thank you, little brother.

I owe you a favor.”


Thus, it was decided that I would go to Johann’s store for treatment every day.


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