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Chapter 14 – Lord Selim cleans the drain


The next day, I went to town incognito once again.

I went straight to Amanda, the old woman I met yesterday.


“Amanda, is there anything you’re having trouble with I’ll help you.”


When I said that, Amanda looked at me with strange eyes.


“A rich man’s hobby Or a nobleman’s field trip”

“I’m here to level up.”

“Level… What is that”

“Anything is fine.

I want to do .”


What a strange young master.

But I don’t think that a young master can help me with what I’m troubled with.”


Amanda said with contempt.


“What Tell me first.”

“It’s draining the sewers.”

“Draining the sewers”


What is that


“It’s about cleaning the gutters.

There’s a community-wide cleanup.

To live in this city, every household has to have at least one person’s help.

I live alone, so I find it quite difficult.”

“Cleaning If it’s cleaning, it’ll be .

Let’s do it.

Shall we start now”

“It’s tomorrow morning.

You must be free tomorrow since it’s resting day”

“Tomorrow No problem.”


Since it’s a rest day, I can come in the morning.


“By the way, don’t you have anything to do today”


is something to be done every day.


“Ah Then, can you draw some water from yesterday’s well”



《You helped an old woman     Your experience points increased     10 experience points》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 330/1000》


《You completed the daily quest 》

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 830/1000》


Early in the morning of the next day, as promised, I visited Amanda, and she took me to a cleaning meeting place.


The two of us went to see the lady who was the receptionist.


“Good morning.

This time, instead of me, this child will participate.”


The lady at the reception froze while looking at me.


“Eh… Amanda-san, what are you planning to do with this handsome boy”

“Drain the sewers!”


After completing the reception, I joined the task of removing the cover of the gutter.

When I opened the inside, I saw that mud and fallen leaves had accumulated.

I was told that when it was left as it was, it would be difficult for water to flow, and it would easily overflow during heavy rains.

It seems that they would scrape out the mud inside using a shovel from the side of the opened lid.


“This mud is like soil.

Then, can you move it with earth magic Clay Wave!“


Mud in the gutters rippled and gathered in one place.

I gathered it into a sphere and only let the water inside flow out.

Clean water drips from the mud.


“Where should I take this”


I asked the man who was looking at the mud ball with his mouth wide open.


“…oh, in the vacant lot over there.”



《You cleaned up the city     Your experience points increased     100 experience points》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 930/1000》


《You completed the daily quest 》

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -45    Current experience points: 430/1000》


Leveling up in the city is interesting because I can do various things.

When I went to the reception to report that it was over, I received an apple, bread that an auntie baked, cookies that an auntie next to her baked, and an apple pie that an auntie next to her made as a participation prize.


“Amanda, it’s over.

Here’s the participation award.”


I went back to Amanda’s house and put what I had received on the table.

She glared at me suspiciously.


“Did you really clean up Your clothes look awfully clean.”


Amanda approached me and smelled me sniffing.


“Do you go out cleaning the ditch and come back smelling of soap”

“Oh, if I get dirty, the people in my house will find out.

So I was wearing a thin barrier around my body.”



Amanda let out a big sigh and started eating the cookies on the table.


“You earned this food from your job, didn’t you Won’t you take it home with you”

“It’s fine.

Amanda can eat it.

I’m going home.”


I have to go home before lunch, or else it would be troublesome if my outing was exposed.


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