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Chapter 12 – Lord Selim convinces his father


When I returned from goblin extermination, my father had returned from the frontier.

As I thought before, I decided to negotiate with my father to secure time to level up.

My father, Duke Bergmann, is often away from the castle due to inspections and expeditions.

The sooner I speak to him, the better.


“Father, I have something to tell you.”


In my father’s office, I told him that I wanted more time for myself.


“Do you want to shorten your tutoring time”


Father glared at me.


“I also wish you have time to think and act in my own will.

I hate to do the tutor’s bidding.

I wish to end my studies by two o’clock in the afternoon.”



Father is a huge bear-like man.

His stern face would make a child cry just by looking at it.

I’m a gentleman type that resembles my mother, so I can’t see any blood connection with my father at all.

However, our voices sound very similar, so I am told that people they can tell that we are parent and child when we speak.


“You are immature.

Those who are powerless should shut up and follow orders.”


Father is a thorough believer in meritocracy.

Unless he is strong, even a son does not have the right to speak.

I looked at my father with a face as calm as possible.

If you get scared when negotiating with Father, you will lose.


“Things that can be learned by following a tutor can only be used to show off a little at the academy in the Royal Capital.

It’s foolish to spend time on such things.”



*Don! Don!*

Father suddenly shot a fireball at me despite the fact that we were indoors.

Avoiding it would mess up the room.


“Ice Wall Barrier!“


I carefully extinguished all fires with an ice barrier.


Why am I protecting Father’s room


“Bergmann Barrier Did you activate it after seeing my attack”


Father looked surprised.

Ice Wall Barrier is very special for the House Bergmann.

There are compound spells addressed with the noble house’s household name.

Each of such noble household would develop and improve their compound spells for generations.

And I properly inherited the composite barrier spell of House Bergmann.

I learned it when I was 15 in my first life, so it’s still a while before I should do so.

At that time, I was barely able to cast it, and I was unable to use it in actual combat.

The reason why I can quickly activate it now is because I previously lived until I was 17, and this is my second life.


“Well, it seems that you aren’t all but talk.”


Father slowly walked towards me while pulling out his sword.

…does he plan to continue here Father’s office should be filled with expensive furniture.

I stood in a place with as few things as possible.


“Let me see you cast the Bergmann Barrier again.”


While saying that, Father enveloped his sword with flames.

Can you not use fire in the room!

Since it couldn’t be helped, I covered the nearby furniture and walls with a magic barrier.


“Not like that.

Cast a barrier that I can see clearly.”

“…Ice Wall.”


I created a dome of ice surrounding me.

The surrounding temperature dropped.


Bang, bang, bang.


Father strongly hits the barrier I made using his sword.

I could feel my mana being quickly consumed, but I endured, concentrating on defending.



I recognize that you also have your idea.”


After swinging his sword a dozen and a few times, Father returned to his work desk as if nothing had happened.

If I hadn’t desperately protected it with a barrier, the documents on his desk must have been destroyed.


“You are similar to Erica in that you take care not to mess up the room.”


Erica is my mother.

The reason why the territory’s domestic affairs are working properly despite having such a reckless Father is all thanks to Mother.

Father often goes out to subjugate monsters, so most of the castle is managed by Mother.

But when it comes to my education, we would definitely argue later if we changed it without Father around.

Well, I also feel that it’s easier challenging Father than persuading Mother, who I can’t win with words.

It was good that my father was the type that could be persuaded through physical means.

With that, I finally secured time to level up.


On the next day, 2 pm onwards became my free time.


“I want to be alone to concentrate for a while.

Never let anyone in my room.”


I declared to Mari, the maid.



“Hmm What’s with that look”

“N-No, it’s nothing… it seems that Young Master is also of that age.”


Mari, the maid, smiled strangely and muttered something like, “speaking of 14 years old, many boys suffer from that illness… puberty…” and left the room.


I don’t really understand why Mari was convinced, but since she’s cooperative, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I pasted a piece of paper with enchantment magic written on it on the door and poured mana into it.


“With this, no one should be able to enter.”


I opened my closet, picked out the most plain-looking clothes, and changed.


“I can’t clean because I have a status.

Then why not hide my identity”


I decided to go to town incognito.




I went outside through the window with floating magic.

When I went out of the castle, I used Body Strengthening magic and started running.


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