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Chapter 10 Lord Selim arrives at the village


In the meantime, we arrived at our target village.

We will stay here for one night, and exterminate the subjugation targets the next morning.


At the entrance of the village, a female village chief with a good figure and a middle-aged man dressed as a knight greeted us.


“Welcome, Young Master.

We are grateful for your visit.”


When the female village chief greeted me, the man next to her also bowed his head.


“We will be under your care today and tomorrow.

I would like to hear more about the enemy.”


Since the other day, the damage caused by goblins has continued, and we discovered that a goblin settlement had been built to the west of the village.

It is a horde led by Hobgoblins and multiple individuals that can use magic, so I requested reinforcements.

I did not expect that Young Master himself would come.

We are very grateful.”


After saying that, the village chief bowed deeply again.


“Is that a knight next to you”


He is the only knight stationed in the village.

Normally, he and the villagers cooperate in dealing with monsters around here.”

“I see.”


I guess it must be dangerous for a single low-ranking knight to deal with a horde led by a hobgoblin.


In a village surrounded by forests, there is always the danger of monsters, so the villagers are accustomed to fighting to some extent.

The fact that this village chief has a good stature is probably a sign of that.

That’s why they are able to protect their village.

They also have the connection to ask for help when they find out that they cannot deal with a problem.

I’m happy that the administration of the duchy is working properly.


I was guided to the village chief’s house.

There are no inns in the village, so we will stay here.


I relaxed in the spacious reception room with tea and snacks served.

The people from the village left out of consideration, so my close aide candidates chatted happily.


“I’m going out for a while.”


I have to complete my .

I headed towards the village chief.


“Are there any other problems in the village other than the goblins”


Normally, weak monsters are exterminated with the cooperation of the knight and the villagers, but it’s still dangerous, so we are having a hard time.”

“Is that so.”


It seems that no matter where it is, the biggest problem is monsters.


“Also, some people can get hurt while chasing away monsters, which hinders farm work.”



It’s a problem I can deal with since I can’t use healing spells.

Only a few can use healing magic, and most of them are controlled by the church.

A healer would never come to a village in such a remote region.

However, if you can use Body Strengthening magic, you can also strengthen your body’s ability to recover, so those who have huge mana volumes can quickly heal scratches, and it is difficult to get sick.

But it would be impossible to regenerate a limb that was cut off. 


Even among healers, only a few can do so, and you can only find them in the Holy Kingdom, where the church’s headquarters is located.


“I see, thank you for telling me.

By the way, I have been very interested in enchantment magic recently.

Do you have any damaged magic devices in your village”

“Huh There are some… one of the stoves in the kitchen is broken, and the new one we ordered from a peddler has yet to arrive.

Other than that, there is also a magic device for farming that I bought on the peddler’s advice but got quickly broken.

It is a pity to throw it away, so I still have it.”

“I see.

Let’s fix it quickly then.”

“Eh Young Master will”


I left the village chief’s room and headed to the kitchen.


“Are you the lord who came for an expedition You should wait a little longer for your meal… eh My Lord! Why are you…”


The village chief hurriedly stopped the cook, who tried to stop me from entering the kitchen.

In the kitchen of the village chief’s house, there were two stove magic devices and a charcoal oven.

I removed the exterior of the stove that was not in use.


“It looks to have been used for a long time.

The magic runes have almost faded.”


The runes in the magic device gradually fade and disappear every time mana passes through it.

That is the main cause of magic device failures.


“I can’t believe it can still work despite its runes looking so faded.

It’s a good stove to use for a long time.”


I took out the plate where the magic runes were written and started to trace the faint runes with the ink I had prepared.

There are also runes that had completely faded, but I found it interesting thinking of how to feel those holes.

It’s like playing a puzzle.


After writing for about 30 minutes, I returned the plate to the stove.



It should work now.”


When I tried passing magic power through it, it worked properly.


《You repaired a villager’s magic device     Your experience points increased    100 experience points》

《Current level: -47    Current experience points: 610/1000》


《You completed the daily quest 》

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 110/1000》


“Ohh, have you fixed it How can I thank you Please look forward to today’s dinner.

I’ll make you a feast!”


The village cook did what he said and enthusiastically served us food.


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