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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Strength Stats Potion

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To be honest, up until now, Su Yu had not seen any of the materials needed to upgrade the fishing rod. Su Yu also felt confused as he looked at the materials to construct the ordinary bungalow.

Su Yu shook his head as he looked at the list of materials. “Forget it. Since I have a car, Ill live in it first. Ill slowly accumulate the materials.”

The next second, Su Yu felt a headache coming on as he looked at the items on the ground.

“If I dont think of a way to increase the area of this island, too many things will pile up. There will be no place to put them.”

Then, seeing that he still had seven trading opportunities today, Su Yu immediately began to put up a trade offer.

Items to Trade: 3 packs of salt (packs of 500g)

Items in Exchange: glass steel 0/1, PE braided thread 0/1, carbon cloth 0/1, one for each pack of salt.

Su Yu had already searched for these materials. Up until now, no one had made any trade offers for them. That was why Su Yu had put up a trade offer, and even pinned it at the top.

In an instant, some of the people in Su Yus region who were really bored, found that Su Yu had pinned a trade offer again. They immediately started chatting again. Perhaps this group of people used all their ten pieces of messages every day just to gossip.

At this moment, in the communication channel, the survivors began to speculate about the items that Su Yu would like to purchase.

“Does anyone know what the big shot on the rankings wants those items for”

“Judging from the material, it should be the material for the fishing rod.”

“A fishing rod Doesnt everyone have a fishing rod”

“Dude, are you stupid Hes ranked first on the rankings and has an additional 20 sets of ordinary bait every day. He cant possibly use up all the bait with just one rod.”

“Those in drought die by the drought, those in flood die by the flood.”


Su Yu also took the time to look at the communication channel. When he saw that someone had already guessed that he wanted these materials to make a fishing rod, he was not surprised.

After all, there were so many survivors. It was not surprising that they could deduce it.

When purchasing the materials, Su Yu was too lazy to be sneaky about it. If others managed to fish out the [Ordinary Fishing Rod Blueprint], they would naturally know the materials needed to upgrade the fishing rod. There was no need to hide it at all.

After sorting out the items on the ground, Su Yu started fishing again.

At this moment, Wang Teng, who had obtained 30 sets of ordinary bait through Su Yus guidance, started fishing excitedly.

Naturally, Wang Teng had seen the trade offer that Su Yu had pinned. To be honest, he really wanted to know how he could tweak the fishing rod.

He didnt believe that he could create it only with the materials.

This was because this fishing rod was different from ordinary fishing rods. This was a fishing rod used to fish for treasure chests. There must be some other tricks inside.

However, Wang Teng wasnt stupid enough to DM Su Yu to ask about it. He wanted to continue fishing and see if he could get anything good before going to the boss to exchange information.

At the same time, the few people ranked behind Su Yu on the Prosperity Points Rankings in Su Yus region also had different thoughts.

After Zhou Yi – number two on the list – saw Su Yus name on the ranking list, an inexplicable emotion flashed in his eyes.

[Level 1 Island Master]

Name: Zhou Yi.

Age: 24 years old.

Strength: 0.9 (1)

Physique: 0.8 (1)

Spirit: 1.3 (1)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added to the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Points: 10 points.

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'

Skills: Grade D skill (Divination) can be upgraded. Can be upgraded to Grade SSS Deduction at maximum level.

[Regional Communication Channel], [Regional Trading Channel], [Regional Prosperity Value List].

[Divination Skill]

Description: You can divine your own luck five times a day.

This was the second-ranked Zhou Yis skill. It was precisely because of his divination talent that Zhou Yi could occupy the second-rank. With the help of the divination skill, Zhou Yi would divine his own luck before he fished to see which time was the best.

If it werent for the fact that Su Yu was a cheater, Zhou Yi would definitely be ranked first in this region.

Looking at the last chance of divination left today, Zhou Yi did not hesitate and directly chose to do divination.

[Favorable]. Looking at the divination result, Zhou Yi decisively chose to fish.


As for Su Yu, whom everyone was thinking about, he was sitting comfortably on the massage chair that he had fished up. Those who didnt know better would think that he was here for a vacation!

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains 20 ml of ordinary strength stats potion.

[20ml Strength Stats Potion]

Description: Consuming it can increase Strength by 0.2. There are no side effects.

Note: This potion will not be effective on the user with basic strength stats that are greater than 5.

Just as Su Yu was fishing contentedly, a piece of information about the treasure chest flashed in Su Yus eyes.

“F*ck, theres such a good thing.” After seeing the description of the treasure chest that was still in the water, Su Yu immediately perked up. If it escaped his grasp, Su Yu would be heartbroken.


Su Yu – who had perked up very quickly – skillfully pulled the treasure chest containing the strength stats potion out of the water and onto the shore.

After quickly opening the treasure chest, Su Yu used his double happiness skill to double the strength stats potion.

From this, it could be seen how abnormal Su Yus talent was, not to mention that this skill could even be upgraded again later.

It would have been better if it was an ordinary resource. However, if he were to encounter such a rare thing in the later stages, Su Yu would be better off than others many times over!

Looking at the glass test tube in his hand, Su Yu did not hesitate. He pulled out the stoppers of the two test tubes and poured them into his mouth.

As soon as the potion entered his stomach, Su Yu immediately felt something. At this moment, Su Yu felt his body go numb, as if a weak electric current was flowing through his body.

Dont ask Su Yu why he knew what it felt like to be electrocuted. It was because when he was young, he had touched the television signal junction and was electrocuted. That feeling was very refreshing.

Just like that, the tingling effects of the medicine in Su Yus body lasted for about twenty minutes. Then, Su Yu immediately opened his personal stats panel.

[Level 1 Island Master]

Name: Su Yu.

Age: 23 years old.


Strength: 1.4 (1)

Physique: 1 (1)

Spirit: 1.5 (1)

Owned Slaves: 2 low-level goblins (10 Prosperity Points), 2 Toyota cars (10 Prosperity Points)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added to the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Value: 20 points (Currently ranked first in the region).

Skills: SSS Grade Insight Skill, Unknown Grade Skill (Double Happiness) – Can be upgraded.

[Regional Communication Channel], [Regional Trading Channel], [Regional Prosperity Value List].



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