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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Monster Treasure Chest

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With the hint from his skill, Su Yu naturally wouldnt use brute force to drag the treasure chest up.

At this moment, Su Yu began to move back and forth on the island. Su Yu gradually pulled the wooden treasure chest under the water closer and closer to the shore

Finally, Su Yu used his strength to pull the wooden treasure chest out of the water.

Su Yu, who clearly knew what was inside, did not waste any time and directly chose to open the wooden treasure chest.

[Type 59 pistol]

Description: Magazine capacity 8 rounds, effective range 50 meters, relatively lethal against ordinary humans and animals.

Note: The range is limited. Please shoot at close range to ensure maximum damage.

With the double happiness skill, Su Yu naturally obtained two Type 59 pistols and 16 matching bullets.

As soon as he picked up the gun, Su Yus eyes flashed with excitement. After all, in Su Yus peaceful era, it was very difficult for ordinary people to get a chance to use a real gun.

After putting the bullets into the magazine and fumbling around, Su Yu raised his gun and aimed at a pile of wood nearby.

Bang! Accompanied by the sound of gunshot, Su Yu successfully fired his first shot.

After testing the effects of the gun, Su Yu did not waste the bullets and stopped shooting. After all, guns were no different from scrap metal without bullets. It was better to use the bullets sparingly.

If it werent for the fact that he wanted to figure out how to use this thing, Su Yu wouldnt have shot at the wood.

Su Yu casually placed the gun aside and once again ded himself to fishing. He couldnt help but feel bored on the island.

However, to Su Yu, his fishing was much better than the others. After all, not only did Su Yu have a cheat-like skill, but he also had an abnormal skill of insight. It could be said to be the beginning of his good destiny.

The others were not so lucky. There were quite a number of unlucky people who couldnt manage to fish anything. Sometimes, they would even get a pile of junk.

If Su Yu hadnt chosen an area with abundant resources due to the hint from his insight skill, he would have been in a similar situation as the others.

“Oh, not bad. Another treasure chest has taken the bait.” When Su Yu felt the float sinking again, his eyes flashed with joy.

After all, every time the float sank, it meant that a treasure chest had taken the bait!

“F*ck, what the f*ck did I catch this time” Su Yu, whose eyes had just flashed with joy, was suddenly pulled by the force from the fishing rod.

If not for the fact that Su Yu was still one meter away from the sea, he would have been dragged into the water.

After he reacted, Su Yu held the fishing rod with both hands and carefully pulled it back.

However, just as Su Yu retreated a little, the force from the fishing rod immediately dragged Su Yu forward.

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At this moment, Su Yu was not shocked, but delighted. From the hints given by his insight skill throughout his two fishing experiences, Su Yu discovered that the higher the level of the treasure chest, the stronger the treasure chest would struggle.

Now, Su Yu could clearly feel that the force coming from the water this time was much stronger than the Ordinary wooden treasure chest he had just fished up.

Coupled with the category of ordinary treasure chests that can be fished with ordinary bait, Su Yu felt that the one that had been baited was definitely an Ordinary wooden treasure chest.

He just did not know what was in the treasure chest this time.

Then, under Su Yus continuous pulling, the thing under the water finally surfaced.

[ Ordinary Monster Treasure Chest]

Description: There is a low-level goblin hidden in this treasure chest. After acquiring the treasure chest, you can choose to open the treasure chest and release the goblin.

Note: You can only obtain the treasure chest reward after defeating or killing the Goblin.

[Low-level Goblin]

Strength: 1.


Spirit: 1.

Weapon: Broadsword.

Evaluation: The weakest species among the Goblins. It has a simple construction ability. According to your current items, the best way to deal with it is to use firearms.

After glancing at the treasure chest that had just floated to the surface of the water, Su Yu realized that there was much more information flashing before his eyes than before.

“Ive encountered a special-type treasure chest. I wonder what kind of reward Ill get after killing this thing.” After reading the information, Su Yus interest was piqued. This treasure chest had given Su Yu the pleasure of opening the mystery box.

If he had caught the Monster Treasure Chest before he caught the firearm, Su Yu would have to consider whether he should fish it up and open the special-type treasure chest.

After all, although the creature inside the treasure was not as strong as him with the islands buff, it had a weapon!

But now, Su Yu had two guns. He obviously did not have such worries, because his insight skill had provided him with the best strategy.

Very soon, Su Yu and the Monster Treasure Chest under the water started a long tug-of-war. After twenty minutes, Su Yu managed to reel in the Monster Treasure Chest.

Looking at the Monster Treasure Chest in front of him, Su Yu casually put the fishing rod aside. Then, he picked up the two [Type 59 Pistols] that were placed beside him. At the same time, he quickly touched the Monster Treasure Chest in front of him and opened it silently.

Su Yu mumbled quietly then immediately retreated a distance away. Then, he stared at the position of the monster treasure chest.

Then, Su Yu saw a flash of white light. Immediately, a creature who was less than 1.5 meters tall and had a slightly hunched back appeared in front of Su Yu.

Seeing this, Su Yu pulled the trigger, not giving the goblin any time to react.

The goblin had just been released from the monster treasure chest and had not even gotten used to its surroundings before he felt immense pain on his body. Then, its vision darkened and it fell to the ground.

Although Su Yu had not undergone professional shooting training, he had played with slingshots when he was young. At such a close distance, he could aim accurately.

As a precaution, Su Yu shot out five bullets in one go, leaving five bullet holes on the goblins body.

“Ding! You have killed the low-level Goblin from the Ordinary Monster Treasure Chest. You can choose one of the following rewards.”

[Option 1: One low-level goblin slave.]


[Option 2: Construction knowledge possessed by low-level goblins.]

After Su Yu killed the low-level goblin, the rewards option for the monster treasure chest appeared in front of him.

Without much thought, Su Yu chose the goblin slave.

[Ding! Your skill, double happiness, has been triggered. You have obtained two goblin slaves.]

After this notification, two goblins that looked exactly the same as the one he killed appeared in front of Su Yus eyes.

As for the goblin on the ground, it dissipated into thin air.



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