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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Use of Ordinary Energy Crystals, Announced

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When he thought of this, he immediately clicked on the communication channel. He wanted to ask the others if they knew about this.

“F*ck, have any of you seen monsters in the sea”

Because Wang Teng happened to be ranked tenth on the islands prosperity points rankings, so many people noticed his message.

“What do you mean there are monsters in the sea Boss, what kind of monster did you see Please tell me.”

“F*ck, could it be that the brother who dared to dive from before encountered a monster”

“Its very likely. Before that brother could finish his words, he never appeared again.”

“F*ck, theres a monster. It cant be a forbidden woman, right I read in those tomb raiding novels that theres such a thing in the sea.”

“Why dont you say its a sea monkey!”


In the communication channel, many survivors who had yet to sleep were blasted out because of his words. Then, they expressed their opinions in the communication channel.

At this moment, when Wang Teng saw that no one in the communication channel knew about this situation, he sent another DM to Su Yu.

“Boss, save me! Im going to die! There are monsters in the sea!”

[Ding! Survivor Wang Teng would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM]

Su Yu was busy fishing when he heard Wang Tengs DM request notification.

“Could this guy have seen the sea monkey as well” Su Yu, who was not paying attention to the communication channel, suddenly thought.

“Accept.” Su Yu, who had a speculation in his heart, directly chose to accept the DM.

The moment Su Yu accepted Wang Tengs DM request, the message Wang Teng sent appeared before Su Yus eyes.

“Its really possible that he had seen the sea monkey.” From the message sent by Wang Teng, Su Yu realized that his speculation was not wrong.

Su Yu didnt know if it was because his spirit stats had improved a lot, but he felt that his reasoning ability had improved a lot. He could now figure out things that he couldnt figure out in the past just by simply thinking about it.

“Say something if youre not dead. Tell me what you saw. If youre dead, forget it. You dont have to visit me in my dreams.”

After thinking for a while, Su Yu sent a message back to Wang Teng. After all, Su Yu had not used up the number of times he had sent messages today.


At this moment, Wang Teng was paying attention to the movements on the surface of the sea while paying attention to the DM interface. When he saw Su Yus reply, a few black lines flashed across his forehead.

However, in the next second, Wang Teng immediately replied to Su Yu.

“Boss, Im still alive. As for the monster that appeared in the sea, I only saw that it had scales on its body and had a humanoid shape. Im not sure about the rest.”

Wang Teng was quite smart. After discovering that he couldnt obtain any information about the monster in the communication channel, he immediately realized that ordinary survivors might not have seen this monster before, but the big shot on the rankings might have.

At this moment, Su Yu saw Wang Tengs DM. After thinking for a while, he casually replied, “Ill exchange it for a normal energy crystal. Ill tell you some information.”

“Robbery!” Seeing Su Yus reply, Wang Teng couldnt help but twitch.

In the past two days, the information regarding the usage of ordinary energy crystals hadnt spread. Wang Teng had also used the information he bought from Su Yu to become a second-hand seller a few times. However, he couldnt afford to use an ordinary energy crystal to exchange information each and every time!

“Boss, can you make it cheaper I cant afford it!” After thinking about it, he started crying about being poor again.

In the end, after Su Yu saw Wang Tengs message, he was too lazy to reply to him.

On the other side, Wang Teng waited bitterly. After four to five minutes, he still didnt receive a reply from the big shot. He finally realized that the big shot didnt want to talk to him.

Instantly, he felt a headache coming on. Wasnt this too difficult for him Wasnt he just bargaining Why was he being ignored

In the end, Wang Teng still couldnt bear to exchange an ordinary energy crystal for information. However, in order to avoid offending Su Yu, he sent another message back to Su Yu.

“Boss, when I become a tycoon, Ill exchange with you.”

Su Yus eyelids twitched slightly as he saw the message. Then, he continued fishing.

At the same time, in the communication channel, before the discussion about the monsters in the sea could reach any worthwhile resolution, another matter attracted the attention of most survivors.

“Brothers and sisters, let me tell you a piece of good news. I know what ordinary energy crystals are used for. With this item and some flour, it can be used to make ordinary bait. You can make 30 ordinary baits with one ordinary energy crystal with 300 grams of flour.”

“F*ck, is this for real!”

“A good person lives a peaceful life. No wonder the big shot on the rankings bought this thing.”

“Look at others thought patterns. Then look at some people. They knew the use of this thing from the very start but they didnt say anything.”

“Bro, why are you barking like a dog Ive never seen you share any news, silly bird.”

“Even if the heavens didnt give birth to a keyboard warrior to constantly spew out bullsh*t like him, he would only have a mouth. Perhaps after the novices protection period ends in seven days, when he dies, his entire body will be soft. Only his head will still be hard. Haha.”


At this moment, the news that someone had exposed in the communication channel suddenly started to stir up some people. Many people directly pointed their fingers at Su Yu.

After all, Su Yu had been firmly occupying the first place on the rankings. Other survivors could not have DM Su Yu unless they met the DM conditions set by him.

This caused many survivors to be dissatisfied with Su Yu. After all, it was normal for humans to be jealous.

It was also because of this that Su Yu rarely spoke in the communication channel. He only did so when he needed to purchase some things.

In any case, Su Yu did not care about what the other survivors thought of him. After all, in this world, Su Yus priority was to survive, not to argue in the communication channel every day.

At this moment, many survivors who were at the top of the regional prosperity points rankings were watching the messages in the communication channel with a cold gaze. Many people also sneered and laughed.

“A bunch of fools. At a time like this, theyre still bringing the masses against the first rank on the regional rankings. If the first rank on the regional rankings had the authority to sanction ordinary survivors, it would be too late for this group of fools to cry out.”

As for Wang Teng, when he saw the name of the person who revealed the use of ordinary energy crystals, he wanted to stab him.


“This son of a b*tch actually revealed the information so quickly.”



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