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Wish of a Lazy Otaku Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: 5. Reincarnation




A/N: This story is my original so Its hard to think about the world template and I decided to go with similar world-building like Cultivation Chat Group(CCG) as it inspire me to make my world interesting with a modern and cultivation world mixed.

So without further ado let the story begin.







/////// (Third Person Pov)

The world is similar to earth but has a much better condition and good environmental control so there is less pollution. More fresh air in the village side in the mountain areas, the sceneries are much like the picture which has been drawn on a canvas.

In the main hospital of the county,

I.C.U. Ward,

A man in his thirtyish and well build body with worry-filled eyes moving around in the hall in the front of I.C.U., waiting in anxiety for his wife to give birth to their child.

After waiting for half an hour, the light of I.C.U. dimmed which indicates that the operation is over then the door of I.C.U. opened.


Hearing the voice of the child crying, he ran inside the room to see, how his wife and child are doing.

“Doctor, how is the condition of my wife and child,” he asked seeing the doctor just complete the check-up on them, he was filled with worry and unknowingly he was holding his breath.

“Dont worry Sir, your wife and the child are both in good condition. Your wife is just tired after the labour so let them rest shortly after you finish your meeting,” he listened to the doctors report and saw them in person that both mother and son look fine, his wife looks exhausted then he sighed with relief and took a deep breath after realising it he was holding it.

“Dear come here, what should we name our son,” his wife asks lovingly looking over her son as a precious treasure and holding him carefully to not wake him up.


//////(Mc Pov)

Ahh... mmmm... where am I, after who knows how long after I wake up to find myself again in darkness but this time its sticky liquid all around me.

Hmm, I remember asking for a system and goddess sending it to direct my soul. If it hasnt bounded to me that means its waiting for some sort of condition or timing, I speculated then drowsiness came over me and made me sleepy.


Hmm, I am still here, how long do I have to wait, as I thought of that then I saw light shining in this darkness so I moved toward it unconsciously. Directly coming into contact with light shining in my eyes it started to feel uncomfortable so I closed my eyes and then slowly open them to get used to the light.

“What did you think, lets just name him what you feel alright with, Im fine with it too,” when I opened my eyes what entered my clear vision is a breast then I heard some voices so I directed my vision towards the source of the voice.

I see a middle-aged man with brown hair, normal black eyes, with somewhat above average looks wearing office attire with black pants and a white shirt then over it wore a black coat that fits his healthy body, overall, he looks handsome and friendly neighbourhood uncle to me.

I also started to observe my surroundings and then checked my body. A little childs body as I just came from the belly of my new mother, If I have any doubt then everything which happened in this room confirms that I reincarnated as a baby into this unknown world.

Well, Its not a bad thing when I have lots of techniques to help my body grow quickly without damaging the foundation. After confirming that I am a baby then remembered I have to go through all those hassles, that a baby has to go through. Then my stomach made grumbling sounds and the next second I witnessed perky smooth heavenly peaks come into my view then a pink tip of one of the peaks directly shove into my mouth and I unconsciously started to such on It from which heavenly nectar gushed into my stomach and satiating my hunger. After having my fill I was put into the crib by my mother on her side so I looked up to see my mother and I have to say, my mother is very beautiful no doubt about it.

Long silver hair with golden tips, mesmerising silvery-golden eyes, nordic type skin tone with big bust making her look mature beauty. I was on the lap before and it was warm and quite enjoyable.

After some time I again became hungry so I started to make a noise and point to my mouth with my little fingers and make a cute baby face.

“Ow, My baby, are you hungry here drink mamas milk,” I am successful in getting my mothers attention then I started to drink mommys milk and it tasted very good, I might get addicted to it.

Having my fill I was again put in the crib beside my mother and I started to rest with my eyes closed.


Suddenly I heard a voice in my mind.

[ Ding...System binding with host soul...

..starting process...







The source of this content is n0/v//el//bin[.//]net'

..Binding complete.]

[ Welcome Host, I am A TIER SYSTEM ]

Oh, the custom one I ask from Goddess Yuko, thank you again, with the help of this system now I can live my lazy and fulfilling life. Then again lets see If what I ask for is there or not. The system shows me all of your functions.

[ ...Ding...Host, SYSTEM functions are as follows – Status, Inventory(Temporary), Shop, A.I.Connectivity (With the calculation equals to quantum computer) and rest are locked (Condition required).

Note: Whenever the Host breakthrough to the next Tier, the Host will get a random reward.

So work hard host.]

Hmm...Status necessary for I am lazy to remember how many techniques I created and unknowingly acquired a lot of skills.

System uses your A.I.Connectivity function and gathers general information about the world, anything or everything you can find,

[...Ding...Affirmative Host. It will take some time, max. week time, to make sure the information is correct.]

Okey, thanks, I will give you the name when I wake up from my slumber as I feel drowsy so I am going to sleep, see you later.





A/N: Hello Dear readers

As you can see how much I suck when comes to the detailed description or generally describing something. So If you have any opinions or suggestions I am up for it.

Please read it and If anything comes to mind leave a comment behind...



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