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30 30. Haruko and Sukina




” ” Speech,




///// ( Third Person Pov )

Erick Home,


Second floor,

“Master, what should we do with these annoying ants and bugs who keep bothering us! Do you mind if I do something about it” Aashi asked earnestly, looking at the report which has all the small problems which the employee of their company has to go through lately in a detailed manner.

“Ahh, Aashi! You dont have to solve every little problem there is, so I think we need an alternative method.” Erick squatted his eyes and looked at the report then replied to Aashi who was having a problem controlling her annoyance.

“Fine, I wont do it personally, but they are hindering my business, Master!” Aashi who was clenching her fist tightly listened to Erick then she relaxed her hand but the annoyance still shows on her face.

“Well! How about you establish a security agency besides the company and you can let those two, Kazue Kazahito and Risa Yamana, handle the training part and management.” Erick suggested what he thought would be quite a good solution and they can also use the agency to solve future troubles.

“Yes, Master. Thats a very good idea.” Aashi agreed with Ericks suggestion and her frowning face also bloomed into a smile.

Aashi and Erick discussed how to find the people which suit their criteria so they decided to use the Megatron in this matter, Aashi then hacked into the server for useful information on the government site.

Erick always believes that giving a helping hand to a person who needs it, then that person would very much appreciate your effort, in helping the person but on the other hand, if it was a person who doesnt have much need for your help and you help them out then your help will be not be appreciated or worse by chance some problem happens then you will be blamed for that.

So Erick asked Aashi to collect information about those types of people, and then he would decide after confirming their attitudes and personality.

Aashi kept collecting all the information she could find on the site with the Erick criteria of people.

She ended up finding quite a lot of dirt in the government like how an innocent person ended up in a cell and lost his career because of his superior frauds, how a few people became cripples because some young master didnt find it pleasant so he fired them and crippled them etc.

“Master, I find these people pitiful and they all have clear records. There are a total of 100 people which I found on this site, so how do you want to proceed with it” Aashi said after finding the dirty work of the local government, she finds this very disgusting.

She is not angry with them as she has no relation with those guys but only felt pity for their situation.

“Make a file of all these people and send them to Kazue and Risa, let this be a test for them. Even though they have all the theories in their head and have gotten the practical lessons, they havent gotten the chance to experience real-life situations. This should be a good chance for them.” Erick said thinking about how little the life experiences both Kazue and Risa have so he thought this should be enough for them to learn a thing or two.

“Okay, Master. I will be sending them the information with instructions as you said.” Aashi replied then she made an encrypted file and then sent it to the computer of the company which has the best security and has a sub-AI to take care of computer cyber security.

“Now, we just wait for them to take action on their own.” Erick smiled and mysteriously looked outside the window.


In the Capital City, the Main hospital.

*Beep!!!* *Beep!!!*


“Nurse hurry up, now again discharge!” The doctor shouted at the nurse who fiddled hurriedly.


One doctor and three nurses did all they could to stabilise the situation of a patient who suddenly went into an emergency after being normal for a while.

An hour later, the doctor and the assistant nurses exited the emergency ward with sweat on their foreheads.

“Phew! We were able to somehow stabilise the condition of the patient but it wont last long, Ahhh! Its annoying that my precious break is over because of this. Can somebody contact the guardian of the patient” The Doctor is a very beautiful woman who is not below the three trios of the Osaka region. She took off her mask and her jade-like face came into full view, without any blemishes on it but with a growling of a face, she barked at the nurses beside her.

“Ehh! Right away Dr Haruko-san,” The nurses beside her hurriedly ran away after receiving Dr Harukos order.

“Ahh! Damn, annoying pricks, if not for my family pushing me aside then I would long ago quit this goddamn job.” Haruko wiped the sweat off her face with a napkin and complained about her job as she was busy most of the time which left her exhausted at the end of the day.

As she was complaining and talking to herself, she didnt notice that someone came behind her and suddenly hugged her.

“Kyaaaaa” Haruko screamed, finding someone hugging her.

“Hahahaha! Sorry about that! You were again complaining to yourself so I thought I should give you a surprising hug.” A womans voice was heard by Haru who found the voice familiar so she turned around and hurriedly distanced herself from her.

“What the ** are you doing here, I thought you were busy on your duty today.” Haruko glared and replied at the woman who just hugged her.

“Ouch... Haruko, arent we friends Then why are you so cold to me Sukina is hurt, sniff...sniff...” The woman named Sukina faked a hurt expression and started to sniff dramatically.

Haruko, who saw everything in silence, felt she was more tired now.

“Sukina Itosura, what do you need, just dont annoy me when I am already annoyed,” Haruko shouted at her by calling her full name.

“Okay..okay, cool down! I was just teasing you. Humph! You are no fun, anyway who is your patient by the way and who is making you this annoyed.” Sukina put her hand up in the air in surrender then gave Haruko a pouting expression but seeing her still glaring at her Sukina decided to change the topic.

“Daughter of a great son of our country who has done so many meritorious deeds that they cannot be counted with two hands, and the Director has put me in charge of that person so if anything happens with her then my career and life both be in jeopardy.” Haruko looked at the ward and then became nervous thinking about todays situation which started to happen too frequently.

“Ehhh! So you are in charge of her! No wonder, you have been stressing a lot lately, but I heard that your father...I mean the director has found the miracle medicine which he participated in a medical trial for that medicine and they found its very effective against terminal illness up to the second stage but we dont know if its effective in the third stage or not.” Sukina showed a surprised expression and then understood why Haruko was stressed out as everyone in the hospital knows that the daughter of a VIP person is admitted to the hospital and is seriously ill but nobody knows which room or who is in charge of her for personal security reasons.

“What....why the hell, you didnt inform me of it up till now and I have been stressing over her condition that I cant sleep at night.” Haruko sounded pissed at Sukina for not telling her the news sooner.

“How should I know that you dont even have time to watch the news on television” Sukina felt that she had been wronged and it was not her fault that Haruko didnt know about the regular news that everyone in the hospital knows about.

“Okay, whatever, I need to inform the director of the patients condition so goodbye for now.” Haruko shook her head and waved her goodbye and hastily walked to talk to her father or the director of the hospital and the guardian of the patient.



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