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Wish of a Lazy Otaku Chapter 27

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27 27. Dr Hirono Yugami




” ” Speech,




///// ( Third Person Pov )

Camilo Pharmaceutical,


Christine Office,

“Hows the situation of the sales department,” Christine with a mature milf charm oozing out from her as she asked her secretary who was standing just in front of her with the files in her hands.

“Well, you should see for yourself, here!” Rin Hajiri, the milf secretary gave her boss the files containing the report for todays sales accounting.

“Hmmn! Ohh wow!” Just as Christine glanced at the graph containing todays sales details, she had a surprised and excited expression on her face.

“Boss, didnt I tell you before that we will get great results and get enough profit to earn back all the losses we have in 10 or so years” The beautiful secretary said with a weird gleam in her eyes which were covered with glasses.

“Ohh! Rin-chan, Its so great, I can finally feel that the weight over my shoulders has left. I can take a relaxing breath from now on.” Rin Hajiri, the milf secretary of milf boss, felt that Christine has been under too much pressure lately and she was thankful toher that they can finally breathe fresh air in a while.

“Boss, shouldnt you be calling someone to thank them in person For the help, they had provided us as, without their help, this would have never been possible in the first place!” Rin Hajiri reminded her boss so she can thankher in person to express themselves.

“Yes, thats right! Thanks for the reminder Rin-chan!” Christine thanked her secretary for reminding her then she picked up her phone and dialled the number.

*Tring!!* *Tring!!* (phone ringing voice)

“Hello, Aashi, I just called to thank you for the help so If you have time I wanted to invite you to the regular place.” Christine wanted to thank her properly so she invited her to their usual place.

“Ohh! You dont have to, we are friends so we ought to help each other out.” Aashis calm voice came from the phone and Christine felt that Aashi was telling her not to overreact as it is normal for them to help each other.

“Hmmn! Okay, but we still have to celebrate and I will also invite the other two so make sure you come, alright!” Christine felt sweet in her heart and she wanted to celebrate with friends as she already has the idea of inviting her two best friends so thats why she reminded Aashi to make it to her small celebration.

“Hmmn! Fine, I will come and also invite Erick along, how is that” Christine is happy to hear that Aashi agreed to come and felt double happiness when she heard Aashi will take Erick along with her.

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“Okay, most certainly! Bye for now, and dont be late.” Christine sounded excited then again she reminded Aashi not to be late and hung up.

“Rin-chan, you should hurry up and finish your work before the night arrives as I will be taking you along with me today for a small celebration,” Christine said to her secretary, looking very happy.

Then Christine messaged her best friends Aisa Hironaka and Hana Eto, she discussed with them about time then they decided to go at 8 p.m.

She also informed Aashi through the message about the time.


“Dr Hirono, have you decided which candidate will be administered with the first dose of Viyati elixir” The director asked with a respectful tone as if he is the director of a hospital but his position and status are still lower than Dr Hirono who works for the capital city hospital.

“Yes, Director Hitoshi, we are just to meet the patient who volunteered herself and agreed after the necessary papers, so you dont have to worry about your hospital reputation going down if any mishap does happen.” Without glancing at Director Hitoshi whose full name is Yuki Hitoshi, Dr Hirono replied with a plain tone and continued to move towards the volunteer patient ward followed by Director Hitoshi with his two more doctors from respective departments.

“Hahaha...! You misunderstood me, Dr Hirono, I have full confidence in your work ethic so I am not doubting you or anything but I am just concerned about the result.” Director Hitoshi hurried, shook his head and tried to solve the misunderstanding with Dr Hirono by explaining himself to him.

“Okay, understand that you feel concerned about what the result might be But I can say for sure that this will change the course of the medical field!” Dr Hirono stops his footsteps just outside the ward of the patient which they wanted to meet then turns around and replies to director Hitoshi with light shining in his pupils as if believing that he will witness another miracle.

Not just many people know about the family name of Dr Hirono and why he is so strict and disciplined towards his work. Everyone just calls him Dr Hirono but his family name is Yugami, so his full name is Dr Hirono Yugami.

He is from the no.1 family in the capital and his family has a great history in the medical field for hundreds of years.

His family has a long line of descendants who are mostly in the field of medicine, and they have covered all the fields inside the medical field like western and eastern etc.

Dr Hirono Yugami is the third generation elder of his family who has a vast knowledge of both eastern and western medicine, as he has a hobby of collecting the old books so even if he doesnt know all the ancient or new diseases but he can identify with least one-third of all the disease present in the world.

So just after witnessing the miracle at the Ais hotel and witnessing the changes personally, he was pretty sure that Viyati Elixir, its doesnt matter who made this elixir but he had a hunch that it was a work of the same person or at the least, the person who developed the elixir has gotten some hint fromthem.

“Director Hitoshi, if you excuse me then I have to discuss something with the patient in private.” Dr Hirono Yugami, himself entered the ward leaving the director standing outside dryly.

“Hello! Ms Tennoin, I hope I am not disturbing your rest!” Dr Hirono entered the ward slowly after closing the door and sat near the bed on the stool beside her and asked her with a kind smile.

“Ohh! Hello, Dr Hirono, I am glad to see you again, please! You are not disturbing me at all.” Ms Tennoin smiled, looked at Dr Hirono and welcomed him inside her word.

“Hmmn! Ms Tennoin, I am here to finalise what we discussed a few days back. So did you decide to go through it” Dr Hirono directly asked not to beat around the bush looking at the lady with a pale complexion.






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