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26 26. Viyati Elixir




” ” Speech,




///// ( Third Person Pov )



“Hmmn! Aashi, is it finished yet” Erick asked after he finished with the lunch and then burped out.

“Ummn! Yes, it is ready, here you can see the progress day by day.” Aashi said then she put the whole chart on the billboard fixed over the opposite wall to observe the overall chart.

“Hmmn! On the first day, there werent many people who wanted to buy an unknown product. But it got better after just two days, and now its 200 per cent extra profit that we are earning!” Aashi explained how the sales had been.

“Okay, I knew this was going to happen, so its not that surprising but 200 million, this figure will do for now,” Erick said as he had expected that these products would earn them close to or above 100 million.

“So, about the next product which you have accidentally made, Master!” Aashi then pointed to the pills which he made by mistake.

“Didnt you say that Christine-nee has collaborated with you and has produced some kind of anti-drug, which is scheduled to launch in the next two days” Erick asked Aashi to confirm if this drug is coming to market or not.

“Hmmn! I did as you asked beforehand and we only provided them with the main material with some hints so we didnt ask much from them. If Sister Christine hadnt joked with me then she would be launching the drug in exactly two days and a clinical trial will be held in the central hospital branch in our city.” Aashi explained how much they have helped in the research of this drug and when the exact time for release will be.

“Well, delay the launch for a month for our next product and help Christine-nee in their promotion of this drug, also in the meanwhile give your full focus on developing the first batch of orphans who will become future pillars for the orphanage that will be established all over the world!” Erick instructed with a thoughtful look on his face, he was very happy for Christine-nee, who was able to complete her project and be recognised by everyone for it.

“Okay, Master! I will help Sister Christine as much as I can,” Aashi replied with a smile.

The relationship of Erick and Aashi with Christine, Aisa, and Hana has gotten pretty deep, as they will hang out often together.

The Ais hotel became their main place to meet and dine. Aisa was also happy to help them with it so she made a VIP private room, permanently empty for them to dine anytime that they want.

Christine, Aisa and Hana have now taken Erick as their little brother so from time to time, they will pamper him and show their care for him.

Erick has mellowed down a little and genuinely started to like their pampering, he has also taken them as someone that he should protect.

Erick also doesnt want anything to happen to them accidentally so he made the same type of accessory that he has given his mother to the three of them and made it soul-bound so they will never lose it.

The beautiful pearl necklace he made for his mother and three onee-san, has five pearls on it two are used for shielding, one middle for healing and the last two for reflexive damage dealing.

One shield would cover them like a shell and the other would form the second layer of skin over the body for defence, the one overlaps with the first shield which would rebound the force of the enemy with 30% extra added into it and the second one would overlap with the second shield with rebound the force plus 50% added into it.

He also made similar accessories for his father but in the form of rosary beads which can be worn on the wrist.


“Master, what should we do about the pest which has been bothering us for quite some time. A few days ago Kazue Kazahito and Risa Yamana have sent us the images of a few thugs that attacked the company and after a quick analysis then matching the images with the police records, and digging some more for detailed information, I was able to confirm that multiple big people have hands in this mess which has been going on close to a month!” Aashi said, showing the images and records on the Megatrons screen which is in tablet form.

“Hmmn! This isnt a big deal, ignore them for now and when the times right we will strike them, for this offence they caused, just blacklist them or anyone related to them.” Erick looks at their images like they are just trash to trample on. Well, he is not wrong, on the screen it shows that they have been doing many illegal things like trafficking local goods then selling them at high prices, framing small companies then bankrupting them and many more of these kinds of crimes they have committed which are pretty much enough to put them in prison for a lifetime.

“Okay, I will do that and also I am going to announce it subtly so other idiots wont make the same mistake as their predecessors.” Aashi nodded and replied with a chilling smile directed at those idiots who have annoyed her.

Aashi was about to go out and start doing her business and finish all the work so she can accompany her Master on tomorrows dinner date with her three sisters.

“By the way, Aashi!” Erick suddenly called out, making Aashi turn around to face her Master again.

“Yes, Master!” Aashi replied with a smile.

“Ummn! What is the name of the drug which Christine-nee is about to launch!” Erick asked as he didnt even know the name of the medicine developed by his onee-san and if she asked then how he was going to reply, thats why he wanted to know beforehand unless he made his onee-san upset with his negligence.

“Ohh! The name was given by Sister Christine, which wasviyati elixir. Once an elixir is administered in the body of a patient then it can cure many different diseases like leukaemia, small cold, brain fever, weak kidney, first stage and second stage cancer, etc. As long as the patient is not in the death corridor, he can be saved with thisviyati elixir.” Aashi explained who named the drug and what it can do.

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“If this drug has this many cures then doesnt it complement ourConstitution Maintenance Paste very much. Now, I want you to do a little change in promotion, when you promote our last product, you should also mention this elixir and empathise how this elixir complements our product.” Erick said with a small smile as he could already envision that this elixir will be well received by everyone.

“Hmmn! Thats a very good idea then excuse me, Master, I will immediately begin the promotion and this will also make a big hype for the elixir.” Aashi takes her Masters idea as a base thought of multiple plans which will profit both Master and Sister Christine very much.

Aashi left after excusing herself from there and directly went to the office of the company building with a gate which is connected with the island.






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