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25 25. Saving Orphans




” ” Speech,




//// ( Third Person Pov )

“Breaking News! The newly rising group, The Star Dust Group, has recently launched three new products related to health, which have been very well received by people. The Groups value has risen constantly from the last month and in just after two weeks, the groups net worth has increased from nothing to above 100 million!!” The famous news studio of the city has been broadcasting this news frequently in their studio and now the whole city is buzzing from the miracle brought by the products.


Even social media has been gossiping about this news and some even posted their unboxing of products after buying them.

The videos of people showing abrupt changes after the intaking of the product have gone viral all over the internet.

And in just a month, these products became the talk of the peoples daily topics.

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'


Camilo Co. Pharmaceutical,

Office building,

“Boss, when do you want to launch our product, as you see, we have completed every process and we also have accumulated lots of stocks.” The beautiful secretary asked her boss who was sitting in front of her behind the desk and burying herself in paperwork.

“Ahhh, Rin-chan! You came just at the right time, come-come and save me from this hellhole, look I Lost 5 pounds of weight.” The boss called her secretary with a pitiful look, then standing up, she came in front of her secretary with fake tears in her eyes showing a wrinkled suit and messy face.

“Umm! Boss, you know, if not for you, wanting to take a break and go shopping with your friends last week, this much paperwork would have never accumulated in the first place, right!” Rin, a beautiful secretary, gave her boss a deep glare as if saying whose fault it is.


As the secretary was about to berate her boss more, the phone in her boss pocket rang.

“Yes, My sweet Erick-kun~! Did you miss your onee-chan!” Her boss picked up her phone and her temperament changed to sweet-caring onee-san.

Her secretary, Rin, who was standing at her side glared at her and then sighed thinking how tough her life is, with the boss as clumsy as her.

“Cristine-nee! I was asking if you need any other help as you have been busy for quite some time and didnt have time to hang out with us.” On the other side of the phone, Erick Dahls voice rang out, listening to a caring and worried voice from her phone, Cristine had a sweet smile on her face and a fluttering feeling in her heart.

“Hehehehehe!! Dont worry, I will make time just for you, and tomorrow, we can hang out together.” Cristine did not want to disappoint the person on the other side of the call with a heavy heart seeing the mountain of paperwork on her table, she still agreed with him.

“Okay, then I will be waiting for you to pick me up at my house, take care of yourself and dont overwork,” Ericks caring voice sounded from the phone, Christine had her fighting spirit burn in her eyes, imagining her sweet and caring little brother waiting for her obediently in his home.

“Okay, bye then, take care!” Christine greeted back then she hung up the phone.

“Umn! Boss, you do know that you havent finished your work yet, right.” Secretary Rin reminded her boss, feeling that she was forgetting that she has a lot of work to finish.

“Haa! Dont worry about that, I am going to finish all the work before the next morning arrives, so go and fetch me that product, Which Erick-Kun gifted me last week.” Christine made up her mind to finish it today even if she has to work all night.

“Gaahh! Fine, just dont overwork yourself, we still have no idea how those products from Star Dust Group even work.” Secretary Rin just clenches her teeth in annoyance seeing how stubborn her boss is, then she reminds her boss to keep her health in check as they still dont know much about the magical products.

After that banter, Cristine took an Energy Drink, which is worth millions on the market, and just as she drank it she again became full of spirit so not wasting any time, she busies herself with her work with full determination.


On the Blurry Island,

The area around the island, in tens of kilometres, has become a private property so nobody has been able to enter these waters for a while.

On the blurry island, there are two more buildings aside from the previous ones.

One building is a new residence for orphaned kids and the other one is a facility where they will get their education and training in a bunch of stuff.

Inside the office of the new teaching building,

“Aashi, how is the situation of the children.” Erick asked after he was done with the phone call.

“Hmmn! Their situation has stabilised a little, we have 60 children for now and we are still searching around the city for more orphans or mistreated kids.” Aashi looked at her files and then accounted for the total number of children they have taken for now.

“Hmmn! Make sure to check their health condition, their education if they have any and any other kind of complication they have.” Erick remembered that most of the kids they found, looked malnourished so its necessary to check before any future problems arise.

“Okay, I will, Master.” Aashi nodded in response and smiled a little seeing how kind her master is.

When he bought this island, even then Aashi hadnt thought much about it but Erick had already started to formulate the plans and one of those plans was about orphans around the world.

Aashi thought her master has a very warm heart so, in fear that her master might become hurt after seeing the situation of kids as not all orphans had a good ending, some suffer from hunger, some suffer from discrimination, some suffer from society bullying and picking on them, and so on.

Aashi keeping these things in her mind took it upon herself to not let her master, Erick see that dark side yet.

Just last month, Aashi employed thousands of micro-mini bots around the areas where there are no surveillance devices as these MM bots send real-time images.

After much hassle finding the situation of orphans around the city, she sent out reliable personnel which she hired after much consideration and confirming their just personalities.

Just as she sends out her personal information, Erick has suggested that they build residences for the first batch on their island for education and training purposes.

Once the first batch is ready then they can just send them out to save more of their brother and sister who are just as lonely as they were.

“Aashi, what about the sales, how is the result” Erick asked, remembering he hasnt gotten the report yet about their sale for overall profit.

“Ohh! About that, I suggest you have your lunch first as I organise the report and make a progress chart for it.” Aashi turned around looking at the scatter reports on the table, she asked her master to eat his lunch and she will make a progress chart to see the result of the months earnings in an organized manner.






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