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Wish of a Lazy Otaku Chapter 23

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23 23. Upheaval In The City




” ” Conversion or speech,




//// ( Third Person Pov)

Somewhere In The City,


High Rise Building,

In a luxurious office,

“Nickel, do you understand what I told you to do You know the consequences if you failed the mission, right!” the middle-aged man who looked like a barbarian chief of the south asked his subordinate with a menacing glare with an authoritative voice with no hint of hearing no from it.

“Yes, I understand! Boss,” Nickel, the subordinate replied with determination in his voice with a hint of slight fear.

“If you understand then go bring me what I want and without it, dont even think about returning here!” Boss ordered his subordinate mercilessly.

“Yes, as you command, Boss!” Nickel bowed to his boss and then ran out of the room he was in to do what he had commanded him to do.

“Humph! When I get my hands on those secret recipes, my business will boom and I can conquer the market of this city, then country, Hahahaha!” Once his subordinate goes outside his face changes like a calculated cunning fox then he laughs thinking about what he will do after getting his hand on that money-making secret recipe.


Another High Rise Building in the same city,

Slightly mild luxurious office,

“Yes, dad, I will take this matter into my hands, yes, you dont have to worry about it!” The slightly chubby guy kept obediently answering the phone.

“You should know what would happen if you fail to accomplish this task Right,” On the other side an aged voice sounded in his ear making the chubby guy shiver in fright, listening to the warning of his dad.

“Yes, yes, I...I know.” Chubby guy hurriedly replied in return with a shivering voice.

“Okay, thats what I wanted to remind you! And son, dont disappoint me.” His father said in an icy tone.


“Phew! I dont think father would let it slight this time,” Chubby man sighs in relief after the call disconnected and thought out loud.

“Boss, how should we proceed with the plan” The henchman standing at the back of the chubby guy addressed him and asked about how to proceed with the task.

“Mmmmm!! I am not sure, why my father has made this matter very important that he left his deal with the capital and ordered me to carry out this task, but this is also my chance to earn his acknowledgement so he can forgive me for my previous incidents which I have caused, hahahahaha!” Chubby guy stared at his henchman and then started thinking why his father would put so much importance on this matter but he remembered that this is his only chance to get away from the incidents that he caused last week, he became very motivated and started to laugh, thinking that after the success what he can gonna do later.

“Boss, what about the plan,” the henchman felt that he was completely ignored so he again asked the chubby guy.

“Ahem! What about it, didnt my father send you the detailed plan so why are you asking me” The chubby guy looked at the henchman in an annoyed manner then remembered that his father had already prepared for that so he bellowed at his henchman.

“Ahhh! Yes, I am sorry....I got it.” The henchman got scared then accepting his mistake, he ran away from there.


Centre of City,

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Most Respected Person,

“Hello sir, how are you today” The slightly refined middle-aged man wearing an official suit greeted the man who has the greatest Authority in the city and also he is respected by every person living in this city.

“Hmmmmn!” The man only hummed.

Standing on the tallest buildings top floor and looking at the outside of the glass, gazing at the pedestrians pass by, the neon lights on the roads make the scene from here look great.

“The city air has changed, My friend Matoya.” The man commented after keeping his silence for a minute and turned around and sat down on the sofa.

“So nothing can be hidden from you, haaa..!! (exhaling the breath), Well! I dont know when I can take a meaningful rest from this kind of busy work. I have a little problem at the city centre market where there are a lot of scumbags making my life very hard. If I can, I just want to put them to rest forever but there are too many involved in it which have gone out of my hands.” Matoya looked pensive at the man and commented on his intelligence then sighs in weariness from the work he had to do in the last month.

“Well! Looking at your face, I can tell how much stress you have been enduring. So why did you want the meeting with me, please drop the formalities when we are the only ones present here.” The man looked at Matoyas face and then commented, seeing his eye bags and wrinkles on his forehead. Then seeing Matoya still standing and talking formally so he ushered him to drop it, then pouted his finger for him to sit in front of him on the opposite sofa.

“Thanks, I will take up on your offer, Katsutoshi-san. Today, I came here mostly to inform you of what I heard this commotion is about and what you have been looking for,they might be able to solve your problem, so I thought I should inform you as soon as possible.” Matoya smiled at his friends gesture of goodwill so he sat down opposite him and thanked him. Matoya informed him why he came here in a hurry and what was so urgent to meet him.

“What..are you sure, you are not joking with me,” Katsutoshi felt he heard him wrong and he felt unbelievable.

“Yes, my friend, its true from what I know and if you still dont believe me then you can ask Dr Hirino about it, as he witnessed the miracle himself.” Matoya didnt mind his friend not believing in his words so he mentioned Dr Hironos name so he can ask the person himself as Dr Hirono is known for his work ethic and they are good friends so he will believe him more.

“My friend, I apologise for my behaviour, its a little unbelievable that something like that can exist but if you say it like that and have so much confidence then I believe you so how can I contact them.” Katsutoshi felt that he overreacted so after calming down he apologised to his friend Matoya, he also felt anxious so he wanted to contactthen as soon as possible.

“Hmmn! You will need to contact Dr Hirono for it as I dont have much information about them but he might know how to contact them so you should give him a call, and with that my business here is finished as I still have to catch some pest who are trying their very best to ruin my life, so if you excuse me!” Matoya hummed hearing what his friend asked so he suggested that he should contact Dr Hirono for further inquiries as he still needed to finish his work for the day he took his leave from his friend.

“Okay, my friend, thank you very much for informing me. Good night and take care of your health as you are not young anymore.” Katsutoshi felt grateful to his friend for informing him of this information, even though he might have known later about it, but he might have missed the opportunity which presented itself to him.

After that Matoya took his leave from Katsutoshis office building.

“Butler Han, go find all the information about the ruckus, who was the cause of it and who is behind it, I need every information you can find on my desk tomorrow,” Katsutoshi said on the phone call with a serious expression on his face.

“Yes, Master,” the other side, butler Han, only replied with two words then the phone disconnected.






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