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20 20. Last Item For Tonight




” ” Conversion or speech,




//// (Third Person Pov)

“This item is our last product for todays auction which might entice you very much as this medicine is related to keeping people healthy,” Aisa push forward the last product for todays auction but before she starts the bidding process she decided to make a hype among the crowd.


“Since ancient times, there were many people who have been searching for ways to extend their lives but a very few had succeeded in doing so and today, we are about to witness something which countless people have given their lives for. You can guess where this is going and after hearing about what this medicine can do then you will bound to have doubts but you already witnessed the authenticity of these products so theres no need to doubt!” Aisa first made the crowd excited and filled them with anticipation then gave them a hint of what this item is about.

In the last two items, people werent going crazy because there are ways to accomplice those things that magical energy drinks and herbal tea can do but with side effects so most people find these two items very desirable because these products dont have any side effects after the consumption.

So listening to Aisas speech and hearing the item is related to health, every guy sitting in the VIP booth perk their ears and started to pay attention.

As you know, the greater the status of the person is the greater he/she cares about their health as they will have fear of their death the most so the most of these people would rather waste their wealth on health-related things than think about loss even though they dont believe in it but still its not a waste for them cause once their health becomes bad, they wont be able to buy it back but they can earn their money back. Thats why most people of high status arent frugal when it comes to wasting their wealth on superstitions and medicines.

“Last item of todays auction is here, in the screen as you can see, the crystal cylindrical box which opens from the middle and inside it 100 grams of gelly like substance!” Aisa then opened the wooden box and showed them the item on the screen which is a crystal cylindrical box from which the greenish-yellow gelly can be seen the transparent crystal box.

Then she took out the paper with detail on it and instructions about how to use it and then put it beside the crystal box to show on the big screen.

But still, Aisa explained after putting the paper beside the box.

The Constitution Maintenance Paste is a paste type product that can be applied to the whole body without leaving any place untouched. Leave it for a minute or two, when it becomes dry on the skin then bath it clean. It comes in three doses and after three doses, the person who applied it will feel his body had changed a little.

This products main speciality is that it maintains the body in fit condition after doing a little exercise and keeps the person healthy. There will be no blood pressure, sugar level and other sorts of problems after applying this paste to their body means there will be no immediate danger from the diseases.

“Of course, you have to do regular checkups as this paste only helps the body to suppress whatever the diseases may develop inside the body. So it can be nib in the bud once you find the disease with the help of a checkup.” Aisa explained its pro and cons but the medicine is very tempting for these big shots or anyone for that matter as this will solve the problem of people finding the diseases in the later period of stages where it becomes very difficult to do operation or any kind of preventive method on them.

This medicine is heaven-sent for the people as this medicine directly suppressed the problem in the body and made it very easy to see with any modern equipment then it becomes easy to solve the problem when it is just the beginner stage.

“Most importantly, it can be used by all aged people so now you dont have to fear of your children suddenly becoming unhealthy or having to face the late stages of terminal diseases and old people wont have fear of having sudden heart attacks, blood pressure increasing etc. So what are waiting for, lets get this bidding started and theres no minimum price so bid to your hearts content!!” Aisa then gave them another lifeline for them to bid then also make sure with her speech that they understand the value of this medicine.

“50,00,000 yen..!!”

As she announce the bidding to start without any minimum price so for a few seconds nobody spoke then someone from the VIP booth shouted which left others a little stunned with the starting price being so high.

“60,00,000 yen..!!”

Another old man from the VIP booth bid over the last one.

Then one after another all of them started to bid with great enthusiasm except for Old Han, Old Toya and Dr Hirono.

“80,00,000 yen..!!”

“100,00,000 yen..!!”

“110,00,000 yen..!!”

“120,00,000 yen..!!”

Back to forth, the bidding war continued for half a few minutes and the bidding reached over 300 million then they slow down.

“400,00,000 yen ..!!”

Old Hans old authoritative voice sounded after which everyone quit down, everyone was thinking various things in their minds but everyone has one thing in common and that would be their look which says, the old man pitted seriously this time.

As for the first two items, he wasnt much serious but with this item, seeing his clutching fist and cracking table with a fierce fire in his eyes, anyone can tell that old Han is serious about this bidding.

Old Han is known throughout the city as Aggressive Beast cause when he puts his mind to something he will follow through it to the end.

Last month, when his butlers daughter got kidnapped and he heard about it so without thinking this old man took his bodyguard to search the hideout of the kidnapper then after finding it. He thrashed them thoroughly and he, by himself has beaten the leader to half death state so knowing his notoriety nobody gets his bad side but close people know him and how he is a very kind and generous person.

People present here all know about the old Han as they have dealings with upper society.

“Okay everyone, the last price has reached 400 million yen so if anyone wants to increase the amount then be my guest.” Aisa asked with a beautiful smile.


Not getting any response from the crowd didnt phase her much so still keeping her smile, called the bidding to conclude.

“Now then, 400 Million going once....400 million going twice....400 million going thrice .......*Bang!* *Bang!*...Okay, thats settled todays auction!! Congratulation Mr Han for winning the bid!” Aisa then concluded the bidding by hammering twice and then congratulated old Hans.

After Aisa took a little break to moist her dry throat a little and give the crowd to discuss for a moment. As she was having her break sitting at the back of the stage and taking a sip of a drink a waiter came near her and whispered in low voice after bowing to her and he took his leave.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, now that the auction has been concluded then let us welcome the representative of tonights wonderful items provider Ms Aashi.” Aisa invited the guest of honour of tonights show with a smile.


Aashi and Erick Dahl both came some time ago or mid of the last bidding so they were accompanying Kristine and Hana, who were getting acquainted with Aashi.

“Hi! Kristine onee-san and Hana onee-san, good to see you both again!” Erick got into his good boy act and greeted both onee-san with a warm smile.

“Hey/hi, Erick good to see you too!” Kristine and Hana greeted back with smiles.

“So, arent you going to introduce us to your friend.” Kristine eyed Aashi and then ask Erick to introduce her to them

“Hahahha! Sorry, I was about to do that. Ahem! Well, let me introduce my childhood friend Aashi and they are Kristine onee-san, and Hana onee-san also that lady on the stage is Aisa onee-san, and all of them are my good friends.” Erick apologize then coughed to get the awkwardness aside then he introduced Aashi to them as his childhood friend. Thats how they are going to be known to outside people then he also introduced Kristine, Hana and Aisa to Aashi.

“Hi, Aashi-san! Can I call you that if you dont mind” Hana greeted her and then asked with politeness to use her name as such.

“Umm! I dont mind but you can just call me Aashi as I am not used to being called with honorific in my name!” Aashi just waved her hand offhandedly and said to just call her Aashi as she is not a big fan ofsan or chan added to her name.

“Kristine! you call also call me that way as I will be calling you such and of course, if you dont mind me calling you like that.” Aashi call her directly on a first name basis, Kristine and she also asked Kristine to allow her to call her on a first name basis directly.

“Hmmm! I dont mind anyway. Aashi you are a friend of Erick so we are now friends then you dont have to mind the small details between friends, *chuckle!*” Kristine shook her head in denial and just accepted Aashi with a smile as a friend just cause Erick is Aashis friend.

“Ohh, right! Hey! Yes you, come here for a sec!” Erick then suddenly remember something and called out to a man who looked like a waiter and who pointed himself as if confirming from him so Erick nodded his head in agreement the waiter came towards them.

“Why did call you the waiter, do you need something!” Hana asked taking a sip of her wine from the wine glass which has been filled by herself from the bottle kept on the table in front of them.

“Yes, sir! How may I help!” A waiter came near Ericks side and then asked in a polite tone bowing slightly.

“Ahh! yes, I need you to inform your young Miss, Aisa that her guest of honour is here. Common go hurry, its urgent if you dont want to get fired so you should inform her now!” Erick was about to reply to Hanas question but the waiter reached there and interrupted him with his polite tone so he sends the waiter to inform Aisa-nee that her guest of honour is waiting for her.

Not quite believing what nonsense Erick saying so he gave the waiter a warning that if he didnt send the message, he might lose his job here so the waiter hurriedly scurried away from there to inform his miss.

“What guest of honour are you talking about, I didnt hear about this,” Kristine asked in confusion.

“Hmmm! Well, the items which have auctioned tonight were from a new rising group called Star Dust Group, right!” Erick then reminded them that the item which was auctioned tonight were from an individual group.

“So what are you getting at here Erick!” Hana asked with a thinking face.

“The guest of honour of tonights show is the CEO of said Star Dust Group!” Erick said making them have an understanding look then again came a question.

“Then how did you know that the CEO of Star Dust Group (SD group) came just now,” Hana asked feeling more confused.

“Well! Aashi my friend here is ...!!” Erick deliberately stops to make more suspense for the ladies.

“Moe! Erick-kun, dont go in circles and just tell us!” Kristine pouted towards Erick playing with them like this.

“Hahaha! Okay..okay, Aashi here is CEO of the SD Group (Star Dust Group)!” Erick then said with a playful smile pointing his finger towards Aashi.


Both of their reaction is priceless so Erick hurriedly took his camera from his pocket which is, of course, the transformed Megatron which he kept as a wrist bracelet then he took multiple pics from different angles.






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