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Wish of a Lazy Otaku Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: 2. Meeting A Bored Entity




(Mc pov)

Im on my way to the meeting point after taking the secret information, I decided to go with the river stream route.

“Damn I have to go with a dangerous path, I should have taken my swimming exercise classes seriously, now I hope those guys have all the tools otherwise Im screwed.” I did not have the confidence to swim very well as I had never taken swimming seriously before as I was not a great fan of swimming and also never needed to swim.



My communication ringing,

I hope, its not something bad, “Yes, J10 (code name) here.”

“huff..huff.. its bad, enemy...huff...got our position and they have snipers with them, run... get to meeting point ..huff..huff.”



“C3 ...C3 ....C3″ ... disconnected

Damn it, I had this unsettling before but now its confirmed that something bad is going to happen and who knew I screwed up big this time.

If they have snipers then I need to hide behind trees but there are still a few tens of metres left to get to the river.” (C3 Is a code of an agent who is a partner of his and an info broker.)


“Ahh ** this **ty mission, I might die here today by any stray bullet and if I left in one piece then with how much tired I am, If I jump into the river to escape I will surely end up drowning.” I can hear the guns being fired continuously so my ears have been ringing like drums for a while. I feel sorry for myself now as there isnt any way left for me to get away from here in one piece.


Suddenly, a bullet grease passed from my shoulder but I can only wince and duck down completely to hide from those **ers.

I smirk and started cursing “Fuckers, go to hell, ” and press the button to detonate the bombs which I had planned to use as a distraction who knew these bombs would still be useful for blowing up those **ers.

Then taking this chance I sprinted with everything I have and jump down into the river as I didnt have much strength so I sunk to the bottom before I knew it.

I thought in my mind that I wont able to survive today, Im bleeding, plus inside the water, I am having breathing problems and it looks like I wont be able to hold on for much longer.

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I had to tie myself to the rock, heavy enough to not float in water and still be able to go with flow toward the downstream.

Im thought to myself, before jumping in the river I sent the distress signal so they should be able to find my location through the tracker that has been planted on my waist skin before the enemy finds me but I might die before that, ohh well I have too many regrets to count but after the death at least, I will have some peace and quiet,” they were my last thoughts after that the darkness engulfed me.


“Where am I,” I talk to myself, then again how the heck I can even do, to begin with, and I am pretty sure I died so where the hell did I end up.

“Its complete darkness here, I cant even see myself, now that I am thinking I cant even feel myself looks like only my mind part is left intact but my head aching as I have been rammed through by the truck.” How the heck I am even feeling a headache.

I just drowned myself ohh _ How embarrassing o_o...

But seriously where the hell am I.

Now Im going crazy talking to myself.

Ahh_ Im feeling tired so lets just sleep....z..zzzzzzzzz .z...z..”


( POV The entity )

Who knows how many millions of years gone, after the birth of this entity who came just after this void thus the entity has the privilege to witness the birth of multiverses.

The entity doesnt have common sense at the beginning for any matter. After witnessing the living creatures being births, making their habitats, and their culture then the entity started to learn everything which they witnessed. The entity then became a little mature and slowly turn into a sage who has mastered every knowledge in the existence.

Then the entity after witnessing repeated processes cycles of epochs became very bored which led her to find something to keep herself from feeling empty.

The entitys voice echoed in the calm and silent void, “What the ** with these characters, some are sloppy, some are arrogant and even outright unreasonable...I had enough with this **.”

This entity here all-time great great great ancient otaku, or what has become of her.

Ohh yes, the entity has decided to become a great female character after watching certain earth which has a very entertaining culture, that led her to become astray from the path of dignified sage to become lazyass otaku.

Well, it is mostly causes of her special existence where she can get everything just by her hand gestures so thats what happened that led her to the current situation.

Soon after like last time, she started to get bored, reading or watching the same pattern so the cause of irritation out of her mind, she summoned a big ass wheel which she watched multiple times people on earth enjoyed playing so for the first time she got little excited and spun the wheel which will get her an entertaining unfortunate soul cough person from the multiverse .....


Our Mc has been floating in the void since sometimes after getting pulled here.

Jak – z....zz....zzz....zzzzz...

The Entity (now she) – Good morning sleeping pig ...

Jak – zz.....zzzzzz....zzz.....5hour more ...let me..sleep ..zz...zzzzz...

The entity – Did I mistake for a pig ....no..no..this soul is human, I checked multiple times already so I am sure this soul is a human...WAKE UP.......thunderous shout then echoed in the Mc ears making him awake from his sleep and become clear-minded with buzzing eardrums.


Cliffhanger Kun – “Let me sleep you **ing otaku”.

The entity – ” Ahhg,” Invisible arrow hit her o__o...Making her depressed.

Mc: “Hahahahahhaha, an ancient otaku, this is a great laugh haaaaahh, anyway what the hell were you doing here alone with no one to talk to, now that I see from that angle you are also a loner Hahahahahhaha”

The entity: “Did you have enough if not, then let have you become bully magure and dance in front of a huge audience.Mmnmm this is a good idea, isnt it,”

Mc: “Goodbye I am out of here, you **ing loner ancient otaku perv.”

The entity: ” “.






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