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19 19. Second Item




” ” Conversion or speech,




///// (Third Person Pov)

“Hahahahaha! Congratulation old man, for obtaining your youth. Now, you wont have to complain that you cant get up from the bed and play around with us old men.” After Mr Toya reached his **ting area, he heard another laughter and teasing words from an old friend of his who always has been pestering him that he cant accompany them in playing mahjong sometimes.


“Hahahha! Old Han, let me invite you today. After this banquet is over then we will celebrate ourselves!” Old man Toya replied heartily to old man Han who was sitting next VIP area beside them with his family members.

“I hold onto that, hahaha!” Old man Han accepted the invitation heartily.

“Hahahaha! Old Toya, you are not going to invite this old man after getting healthy and winning the opportunity.” Another big shot commented sarcastically who also has his sitting area on the opposite side of old man Han.

“Haa... Humph! Why would I have anything to do with you and your nasty business, Mr Kins!” Old man Toya said with an unhappy tone not feeling very good even looking in his direction.

“Hey look! Mr Kins is also here, I thought this banquet would be quiet but him being here made things more chaotic as it already was.” a random guy commented from the peanut gallery.

“Hoo! this is very interesting, I can get a very good scope. Hahahaha! Now, my bonus is mostly secure, hehehehe!” The creepy guy muttered under his breath who looks like a reporter taking photos with high definition camera without making any noises.

“Hey! You shouldnt say something like that, cool down a little and they are big shots so it doesnt mean that they wont pay attention to you talking or doing something bad about their image.” Another good brother reminded the creepy guy, feeling a little unease with him being near them.

“Hahahha! This is getting more and more fantastic. Well, this Energy drink was the just first product but it has such good effects then what about the second and the third product. Would they also have such magical effects Hahahahah! I cant wait to see their effect with my own eyes.” Another young man with a little glint in his eyes started to murmur himself and people beside him look at him like he was some kind of lunatic then they ignored him and also started to discuss themselves about the next products.


“Now then everyone, as you saw the effect of first product with your own eyes and which Dr Hirono has proven that its hundred per cent real deal so you should better anticipate the next product as it would be as good as the first or even better!” Aisa announced after dealing with Dr Hirono and others who were asking about Energy drinks details so she has to dismiss them by saying they can come another time for the discussion purpose.

Aisa then again made rapport and increase the anticipation of the crowd which has become easier thanks to the Energy drink which showed magic-like effects.

“Our second product as you see on the screen behind me is herbal tea which has been prepared in a very special way and its effects are also very wonderful and if you are wondering what its name or what it does then let us see first, how this herb looks like.” Aisa then place the second product and open the box to show them the leaves of herbs kept inside.

The leaves look green in colour but they have translucent yellow flashes on the edges.

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The leaves themselves arent big, they are just one cm each and in a single box, there are only ten grams of leaves being kept.

Which can make into a single serving and to prepare this tea for a drink you just need a few simple steps which are just like any normal tea leaves except for one thing. Which is that these tea leaves are covered in an invisible energy shield to keep the essence from flowing out so when the person who wants to drink it, has to complete all the tea preparation first then he has to drip one drop of his blood over the leaves which will allow energy shield to register him or her to be the owner who is going to consume it then immediately put them into hot water, prepared beforehand and in a minute it will be ready to consume.

Aisa explained what kind of herb this is and how to prepare it.

“This herb is called The Herbal Black Bull Tea and is kind of tea which mostly provides with fertility to males or females that can only be taken by happily married couples.” Aisa then introduced the product with a smile on her face seeing how excited the crowd is.

She has long been used to shameful words or actions but it doesnt mean she is not embarrassed imagining something indecent on her mind. But she cant show it outside and ruin the atmosphere or the image which she had cultivated after so much hard work.

She also stated the warning clearly, If other people try to take it they will feel uncomfortable in their whole body or sometimes lose their fertility.

This product is mainly for happily married couples who are unhappy with their sex life or couples who yearn for a child.

As it provides them with emotional euphoria when couples copulate then it would make the body have temporary fertility by increasing the life essence inside them.

“Anyway, my whole point is that this herbal tea can only be consumed by a couple and this herbal tea is like a heaven-sent opportunity for a couple who has no descendent of their own.” Once Aisa finished with the explanation the crowd of people exploded with noise.

Especially the women who came up with their husband or family member and are still childless so listening to Aisa who introduces them to something so magical that their womanly instinct awakens making them want to try at least once as it doesnt matter to them that its real or fake.

“Dear! You have to get this herbal tea at any cost otherwise, dont even think about sleeping in the bed, tonight!” The woman with mature charm even being in her 30s but she looks like she is only in her 20s, said to her husband with a very serious expression that says she is not joking. Making her husband instantly become nervous and curses furiously at his rival as a husband knows that he not going to get this herbal tea easily with the reaction around him.

“Husband, can you try to get this herbal tea. I want to give this to our son and daughter-in-law as I am getting old and I am also hoping to be able to play with my grandchildren soon.” The old woman who is in her 40s said to her husband in a very sad tone.

“Wife! its not that I dont want to get this herbal tea but the money that I bought with me tonight might not be enough to win the bet.” Husband said with a troubled expression not anticipating that today he would need any capital for anything as he came here just to let his wife have a break and enjoy herself.

“Dr Hirono! If you need any help with the money issue then I can lend you some of it.” Old Man Toya said as he heard Dr Hirono talking with his wife so he kindly offered his help.

“Dr Hirono! You dont have to worry about that I can also offer my help in this situation and fortunately, I have called my son beforehand to get here with money so I dont have a problem with that so feel free to accept our help.” Old man Han also offered his help as he doesnt need this product and also he already took precautions for needing more capital money for the final product so he doesnt have to worry about that.

Earning a favour from a famous doctor with little help is a very good deal so he offered his help.

“Ummn! Thank you, Mr Toya and Mr Han, if I need the help then I will gladly accept both of your kind intentions.” Dr Hirino thank them by cupping his hands and bowing a little.

“Hahaha! Dont mind it us then!” Another old man said dismissively an embarrassed expression seeing Dr Hirono bowing to them so they hurriedly waved their hands.

“I also want it, Hubby. Can you get me that herbal tea!” A random woman from peanut gallery said cutely to her husband.

“Hey! Mr.husband, If you dont get me herbal tea then dont think about going home, humph!” A woman sitting in the front row directly threatened her poor husband.

As this kind of thing happens around in the whole hall some women act cute to their husbands. Some are sad after remembering their situation and some outright threaten their husbands directly to get them this herbal tea.


Aisa standing on the stage and seeing the enthusiastic women and their behaviour smiled faintly and then cleared her throat.


Cause the mic in her hands allowed her voice to travel to everyone so her voice was enough to bring them to silence and pay attention to the stage again.

“Now then, let us proceed with the bidding. The minimum price is 1,00,000 yen and every increase will be 100,000 yen...Cough!!...Now the bidding starts ...Bang!!!” After that Aisa announce the bidding with the banging of a loud hammer, which marks the bidding war.

“1,10,000 yen!”

“1,20,000 yen!”

“1,50,000 yen!”...

” 1,70,000 yen!”...



The peanut gallery started to fight over the bid then they kept increasing it.

“10,00,000 yen!”...

That is when the bidding started to slow down but the big shots still havent started the bid.

So the bid stops after a moment at the 20 million mark.

“The price has reached 20 million yen so is there anyone else who wants to increase the amount if not!” Aisa asked after the bid stops at the 20 million mark and when she was about to conclude the budding she got stopped with another bid which came from one of the big shots.

“50,00,000 Yen!”...

This voice belongs to Dr Hirono who has directly raised the bidding and stopped all competitors.

“Hahaha! If you want to win the bid then its not high enough. I bid 60,00,000 yen!” The nasty old man raised the bid and sat beside them with a gloating expression and sneered at Dr Hirono.

But he cant say in front of him as he would just offend him outright.

“70,00,000 yen!”...

Dr Hirono increased the bid again with a determined expression as he doesnt want his wife to get sad again.

Seeing that Dr Hironos expression looks determined so nasty old man thought its not worth offending the medical field big shot over this product which he doesnt require. Its just a habit of his messing with others so he placed the bid.

“Hahaha! Seeing how determined Dr Hirono is. I give up on this bid so you can have it!” The nasty old man was putting with an amicable smile on his face and said to Dr Hirono who just nodded.

Dr Hirono himself is feeling a little relieved as he doesnt want to ask for a favour for this. Fortunately, the bid ended in his budget area.

“So anyone else wants to bid higher...it looks like no one wants to bid for more, okay...”

*Bang!* (hammering sound)

“Now this item is won by Dr Hirono. Congratulation on winning the bid.”

“Before we proceed for the next item bidding. I want to remind everyone here that the warning which is written in the detailed paper kept with the product is very real so before you do anything. Please, take heed to the warnings, thats all I have to say. Now for our last item of todays Auction!” Aisa bang the hammer to end the bid for an item and congratulated Dr Hirono who smiled back with his wife looking very happy.

Then Aisa remembered something and took the mic in her hands from the stand in which it was situated with a very serious expression and explained to them why there are warning signs with the company logo on each product.






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