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Chapter 17: 17. The Promotional Party And New Sensation




” ” Conversion or speech,





////// (Third Person Pov)

Today the Ais Hotel is filled with all kinds of people but one thing for sure is that all of them here have some kind of status in the society.

The Ais Hotel is famous in the whole city and one of the best five-star hotels so the whole reception is very well done and very extravagant.

This hotel got famous because of a single lady who with her talent made this hotel from nothing to one of the top hotels in the city in just mere three years.

The hotel is known for its superb delicacies and best services. The hotel workers are very polite to their customers and offer them their very best performance in these three years so no customer got back unsatisfied with the hotels performance.

The ladys name is Aisa Hironaka, who single-handedly build her carrier in hotel management along with her great beauty and temperament, she along with her two lady friends is known as thethree untouchable flowers.

The family Hironaka own an enormous business that is famous across the whole country. Hironaka group which is her grandfather developed from a very small company to now top ten Groups in the country with the billions of turnover every year.

Now this group is in hands of Aisas father and mother. His grandfather has two daughters and two sons.

Both daughters got married and went overseas with their husbands and the eldest son who is also Aisas uncle was not very bright when it comes to managing or having eyes for talent so he wasnt given chance to be CEO of Hironaka group instead Aisas father became CEO.

So because of that, her uncle has resentment toward her father but her uncle doesnt have children even after being married for so long so being the only child in the family, Aisa is loved and doted by everyone, even her uncle and aunty liked her dearly, treat her like she is their child.

Because Hironakas family is influential in the country so a lot of flies like third-generation young masters come trying to get her into the relationship and form familial ties.

One of the reasons is this, she started her own business and became an independent person after gaining her success, she got her familys approval to make her own decisions or do whatever she wants as long as it is not harmful to the family, her family will support her.

Anyway back to the topic today is a grand vacation to decide the market value of the new product which has been causing a sensation in the market and many big shots who impatiently waiting to get them in their hands.



“Ahhm! Ladies and gentlemen feel free to enjoy the banquet as the show will start half an hour later then excuse me.” The handsome middle-aged man with great eloquence announced to everyone with a smile. Why would he not as they have so many great people in their hotel and hosting them is not a small matter so the host feels proud of it.

“Hello, grandpa ma! Its been a while since I have seen you and you are as healthy as always. Btw, who are these gentlemen with you Its the first time that I am seeing them so I dont seem to recognise them.” The beautiful flower and host of todays banquet, Aisa Hironaka greeted the old looking grandpa with a unique temperament which shows that he has a great status in society.

“Hahaha! This old man, isnt energetic as you, young people. Also, young lady, you have become more beautiful than the last time I saw you.” Old man Ma laughed and complimented Aisha.

“Thanks for your praise, grandpa Ma!” Aisa smiled and accepted the praise.

“Hmmm! Let me introduce you to my old friends as they didnt have anything to do all day except playing mahjong so hearing about theres a banquet here, they tagged along so dont mind them.” Old man Ma said dismissively like he cant be bothered to explain about them but he still has a smile on his face which shows that they are great friends to Old man Ma to be able to joke like that.

“Hahaha! Old man Ma, you dont have to tell the young lady about us. We arent shameless, we were just bored and heard that there was some lively atmosphere here so we tag along with old man Ma and If you dont mind us here then we will bother you, young lady!” An old friend of Old man Ma said with a small laugh trying to lessen awkwardness and trying to hide their embarrassment as If it doesnt matter how they said that but to others, it sounds like they came for freeloading.

“*Chuckle!* Grandpas, all of you are welcome and its not a problem for us an accommodate a few more people.” Aisa smiled a little with her hand above her mouth seeing the old mens behaviour.

Then Old man Ma introduced those old men and Aisa to each other after taking some time to talk with them, Aisa excused herself and before she left from there she ordered a waiter to provide the best wines and food from their stock to them.

Old man Ma is a regular customer of the hotel and also an old friend of her grandpa so she pretty much knows about him and is a good term with him.

Aisa then also greeted a few other acquaintances and regular customers which are on good terms with her.

As she was about to head out inside to rest a little, suddenly she heard her name being called so she moved toward them to see who it is.

“Hey! Aisa, phew we made it in time. Ummn! Kristine, who are you looking for” The brown-haired beauty called out to her host friend then looks towards her friend who she came with, asked looking at her behaviour as she was looking around sneaky way trying to find someone in the crowd. Aisa, who came over to them looked happy to see her friends.

The brown-haired lady with brown eyes wearing white and black one-piece which empathise her curvaceous blossom figure is Hana Eto and another one Kristine who also have massive jugs which have stretched the white shirt which is hugging her figure and couple with black skirt along with high heels and black stockings. She looks very stunning and gorgeous at the moment.

All in all these three together create a unique feel with the aura they emit, after being in high status for years and handling people with all kinds of people they develop their unique persona.

Seeing all the eyes on them Aisa took them to a remote corner where nobody would bother them.

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“Hana, Kristine! Why are you guys late for the party when I already informed you about it!” Aisa asked as she has an idea why would they be late but still asked.

“Hmmm! You know, I was busy with my work so I forgot to see the time and then Hana also called that she would like to go together so she waited for me thats why we are a little late still as we all dont like to socialise with a bunch of phonies, this is even better.” Kristine explains and then smiled at Aisa saying the last part as they have always been like that. All three of them never liked to particularly interact with people unnecessary.

“Well! I know that and I have to welcome the guests today so theres no way I can get away with this and you should know that this party is held by our little friends close acquaintance so I have extra attentive with that.” Aisa smiled tiredly and showed a wary expression that she wasnt having easy dealing with the people.

Then she gave Kristine the news she was hoping for as Aisa has seen her friend Kristine looking around for someone and with the work that her friend mentioned last time completely aligned with why todays banquet is held for, made her guess pretty much for whom she might be looking for.

“Ahh! How did you know I wasnt hiding or anything so did he come, I have some personal business with him!” Kristine was taken aback by her friends direct approach then she asked what she have been dying to know and was nervous about the outcome which will come from it.

“Hmmm! He didnt at the moment but he will be here in a few minutes. Ohh! its time to start the show so wait for me in the VIP area 3 and I will come there to accompany you two after finishing the necessary arrangements, okay guys!” Aisa answered her friend then seeing the time on her watch and then remembered the main show is about to start so she hurriedly told her friends to wait at the resting and viewing area assigned for them then she ran to check one more time to make sure all the arrangement are complete and fine.


“*Clang!!* *Clang!!*”

The glass clanging voice came from the stage which got a crowd of people silent and start to pay attention to it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! We are about to start the main show for this wonderful evening so please take your sheets and relax for the show to start which you have been anticipating.” The middle-aged man or Mc of this evening will reside over this beginning speech for calming people and urging them to take their sheet without further delay.

Then a while later after guests have been settled in their places.

The hall has been decided like this so there wont be a mess later so the first half where the banquet was held then the second half where sheeting arrangements have been done.

For a few people who have high status in the society they have been arranged to sit in their VIP areas and the rest of the people are in the common sitting area.

“Now then, everyone is well fed and properly taken their place so without further delay. We will start todays main event, let us welcome the hostess of this wonderful party and the person who will oversee this event, Ms Aisa Hironaka!” Mid aged Mc smiled warmly and joked to ease the atmosphere then he invited the person who will lead the event.

“Thank you, Hiroto-san, for your hard work.” Aisa thank the middle-aged man or Mr Hiroto with a warm smile who nodded back with his smile.

“Everyone, today is a very special day and I am feeling very nervous and excited to announce the new product or to be specific, three special products which all of you have surely heard about it as this was topic of a sensation these few days. Now the waiting has finished and a few people who are present here that might be willing to believe in the products but most people here dont believe that these products are true, isnt it.” Aisa started her speech with a smile and showed her excitement and nervousness to people to make them more attuned to listen to her words and couple with her charms which are top of the chart as of now making her the light of the whole place.

Aisa stopped her speech to make it more like suspense for the audience and also to see their reactions which are very obvious as she wouldnt believe it herself if she has not seen the real product with her own eyes.






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