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Wish of a Lazy Otaku Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: 10. Suprise Encounter




” ” Conversion or speech,


[ ] Aashi talking.




////// (Mc Pov)

“Ahh, what a beautiful day today is,” I just finished with my morning routine and training, I was having a cup of green refreshing tea on the balcony sitting on a chair and enjoying the scenery around us with natural charm, showing how much nature has a returned to its pristine state.

After enjoying it for a while I stood up and got ready with comfortable clothing to jog around the community, also familiarizing myself with the people living in the neighbourhood.

I just got out of the house but someone already crashed into me and I tried to catch whoever they are but then I slipped my foot on something and ended up below the person I tried to catch.

I opened my eyes only to see dark in my vision then I try to clear whatever stuck on my face with my hands, just when I touched with my hands I felt a soft and springy sensation from my fingers so I squeeze it hard, a few times feeling great in my hands.

“Ahhhhh Mnnmm”

Then I heard a moan from above me which made me freeze and when it registered in my mind what I accidentally touched so I hurriedly took my hands away from there then I try to talk to the lady as I assumed would be the young lady from the voice earlier above me but my mouth was also stuck over by something.

“Ahhh~ Mmnn! don... dont move Mr., wait for a little and Ill get up from you, highs!!.. Fuuu!!...,” She said and stuttered in between then moved away from me and sat beside me, from the breathing I am hearing she is trying to gain her composer then I also sat up and turned my face toward the lady to see who I bump into.

Wow, I had to say, she is great beauty and also a milf onee-san. I think I used most of my luck encountering such great beautiful milf in the morning and also feeling of those soft, springy feelings with sweet fragrance still in my mind.

She has casual clothes on her, wearing a white shirt and black mini skirt with a black jacket above the white shirt looking like an office lady. The shirt over her big boobs is having a hard time containing them and those thick thighs, huggable waist with round, firm, full and springy butt together with these combinations make her very hot.

I like her those beautiful blond waist-length hair tied in a ponytail hairstyle and wine-red eyes with snow white and soft looking skin. I dont know about others but these women take a top position when comes to beauty and voice which I heard before was like a sweet melody.

“Hey hello, I am sorry about what happened before as I was in a hurry, are you all right. Also are you new in the neighbourhood this is the first time I saw you here as I live here just beside the house you came from I heard yesterday someone going to come here live beside us. So it must be you and your family, right,” She greeted me with a small blush on her face trying to hide with a small smile on her face before that I stood and help her stand up by giving my hand to her, then she says that she hadnt seen me before and she heard someone moved beside her house so I thought this mature milf onee-san is my neighbour, what a stroke of fantastic luck to get such lovely person to be my neighbour.

” Hello, wheres my manner, I havent introduced myself. I am Erick Dahl and you can just call me, Erick as we are neighbours from now on so please take care of me Ms, Umn!” I greeted her and extends my hand to shake with her when I wanted to address her but remember I dont even have her name so I gesture towards her.

“Ohh sorry! I am Kristine Camilo, same here, pleasure meeting you. I will be going now as I am in a hurry so when I am back Ill show you and your family a proper welcoming party, so see you later.” She then shook my hand and introduced herself. Then said she will throw us a welcoming party when she is back from wherever she is going. We then exchange goodbye then she hurriedly left.

“See you later Camilo onee-san!” I also see her off to the community gate then I wandered around the community seeing the elderly people doing some light exercise in the garden which has a little park attached to it.

There I got to meet a lot of old grandpas some has a mysterious vibe and some are plain ordinary but I can tell they all have a lot of experience with their respective fields in whatever they did in their life as all of them living in this top middle-class community so they must have some capital and their businesses.

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“Hello uncles, how are you all today,” I thought if I am going to live here for a few years then knowing some people wont be a bad idea. And I also need to know if anyone here has a bad intention toward us.

“Hello young man, we are healthy and fine. This young man, you seem to be new here as I havent seen your face around here and most of the young people who live here are grandchildren of us old people so we know their faces,” one of the elderly men replied to me and asked me in return, the old man has all-white hair on his head to his small beard and also has some wrinkles on his face but mostly looks healthy enough and now that I pay attention to their status, all of them are healthy like their life force has been enhanced by something. Hmmm, it must be the new environments effect and their diet.

“Ohh Yeah! I and my parents just moved here yesterday so thats why you didnt know me and I am Erick Dahl. As I was wandering around hear and saw you all elders so I thought why not greet you all at the same time and we get to know each other,” I told them what they were all wondering about and also introduced myself then checked with my aura a little to see if any person here has any dark intention hidden in their heart. So I can determine if they are a threat to my parents or anyone else for that matter. But I didnt find anything from them so I felt a little relieved to know that.

They also introduced themself and their family. We have little conversations and also I help them out a little, seeing all of them are mostly kind to me so little help wont matter much to me but for them, it might be big deal. As I also had cured them of their hidden illness and body pains they might have.

“See you later, young Erick and dont forget to come here tomorrow as well and help out us elderly people a little hahaha,” one of the elderly men patted my back and permitted me to join them in their morning exercise with a hearty laugh, I had helped them of relieving their pain and aches by using acupuncture knowledge, now they would feel refreshed and light all of sudden so they should be thankful to me that I moved into this community and met them then I said goodbye to them as its been a few hours and if I dont reach in time my mother would cause a lot of ruckuses.

I just smile at them then said goodbye and promised them to come again as I like the company of old experience fogies but funny type.


“I am home and mother, is the lunch ready as I am feeling a little hungry right now,” a few minutes later I reach my new home then announce my presence let the mother know and asked mother for food as after helping old men around, I am feeling little hungry.

“Welcome back son, come to the dining room as food is already ready and I am setting up at the table,” I heard my mother welcome me and told me that food is ready so I directly moved to the dining room after washing my face and hands a little in the bathroom.

“So where you went to and did something good happen,” mother asked me seeing me smiling, she started to set up the table with food and plates so I helped my mother with that and explain what happened when I was strolling around.

“Mother, Ill be in my room and call me when Camilo onee-san come here to invite us,” I said to mother then went to my room and close the door as I have told mother everything from meeting beautiful milf onee-san to old geezers. Also, that milf onee-san has invited us for a welcoming party. I have an idea why she would be one to invite us but I will confirm that letter.

For now, my plan for today is something very important that I needed to finish. So I freshen up first then got up and move into one of the empty rooms and I took out a lot of things from my inventory as these things are very rare for now and this world doesnt have any way to access these resources for now.

Yes, these things are the ones I have Aashi bought from the black market or just hijacked directly and I picked them up before moving here, I didnt forget to clean up the loose ends as I have Aashi leave no clues behind who bought them.

I dont want any trouble for now as I am not invincible with strength or with statutes so first I need is build and establish myself some prestige with the help of the company that I am planning to develop.

“Aashi remind me when mother calls for me as Ill be busy for a while, Okay,” I cleared my mind and ask Aashi to tell me when mother calls for me.

[ Affirmative, Master ]

Having gotten affirmation I concentrated on my work. This is something I have to give my all and pour everything into it to make it so that its development wont stop with my imagination and keep on developing its own in the future.

– – – A Few Hours Later – – –

[Master, its time for you to stop working and get ready as mother has just called for you. ]

“Hmmmn........Okay, thanks for the reminder Aashi,” I came back from the concentrated state after being reminded by Aashi and the work has been only 1/5 completed as it needs a lot of things that needed to be carefully done before starting the main work so thats why it has only been done this little.

After that, I had my bath and got ready with a new look with more casual clothes which fit me.

“Ok, Mom I am ready so when are we going,” I got ready and came down to see my mother who is already in her party dress, a one-piece white colour dress with cherry flower patterns on it and which makes my mother look very charming in this dress.

And Father is wearing his typical black and white party suits so I had him change into something more presentable as I dont want to see my Father becoming embarrassed himself.

After we are all got ready then we departed for the party in the car sent by the organiser for us. After reaching there without thinking much I took the lead seeing my parents hesitation as it would be their first experience going to this kind of party so I had to take the lead on everything and push them so they can adapt to this kind of thing.

I had to remind my parents to act casual at the party and dont become tense there as this is just a welcoming party for the new people like us who recently moved into this community so they can interact with their neighbours and get to know them better.






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