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Chapter 9: Sharing A Bed

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Luo Ying looked at his retreating back, put her hands to her mouth, and shouted through her makeshift loudspeaker, “If I say I wont sign it, I wont sign it. No matter how many copies you prepare, I wont sign it.”

Lu Zhao slammed the door of the study.

“Youre just going to leave me here like this and not carry me back to my room” Luo Ying pouted, then put on her slippers and limped up the stairs to the second floor.

When he heard that, Lu Zhao opened the study door and saw her climbing the stairs step by step. Although she was a little slow, her movements were still nimble, completely different from how she had been crying and screaming just now.

“Liar!” Lu Zhao coldly slammed the door shut again.

Luo Ying heard the collision and looked back. She only saw the closed study door and muttered, “What was that about” What did the door ever do to him

Lu Zhao, who was in the study, was lost in thought. Luo Ying had been abnormal in every way today, as if she had changed into a different person. Did she really hurt her head

He gave his assistant a call. “Make an appointment for the Madam with the best psychiatrist.”

As Lu Zhaos most trusted aide, Xiao Ting naturally knew what had happened between him and Luo Ying. So when he found out that the two were going to get a divorce, he had heaved a sigh of relief. He believed that Lu Zhao was finally free and didnt have to face that crazy woman Luo Ying anymore.

Now, in the middle of the night, Lu Zhao actually asked him to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for Luo Ying

Could it be that Luo Ying had damaged her brain, or had she just been discharged from the hospital and was causing trouble again

Xiao Ting was extremely curious, but he did not dare to probe him about it. He could only hold it in and continue speculating. Would his boss be alright

Luo Ying still didnt know that Lu Zhao suspected that she had damaged her brain. After a whole day of torment, she only felt like her bones were falling apart. Even so, she was finally cleaned up and was lying on a soft bed. She was so tired that she could fall asleep the moment she closes her eyes.

However, sleep did not come easily. No matter how well she could take matters in stride, how could she remain completely indifferent to this inexplicable transmigration

She had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so she was used to hiding her emotions and pretending in front of outsiders. Now that she was the only one in the big room, she could shed the mask. Her longing for her family and the panic and uneasiness in an unfamiliar environment all came out at once.

In the complete silence, Luo Yings heart was calling for her parents and her brothers. She bit the blanket and cried hard to express her grievances. She felt euphorically better, but she still couldnt fall asleep in the darkness.

At that moment, there was thunder outside, and it started to rain. Luo Ying sat in the dark with a pillow in her arms for a while, then climbed out of bed.

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Ever since they got married, Luo Ying had metaphorically flailed and kicked and threw everything but the kitchen sink in protest, so the two had been sleeping in separate rooms. After Lu Zhao finished dealing with the companys affairs, it was already past twelve. He came out of the bathroom and was about to go to bed when he heard a knock on the door.

He did not even have to guess who would be so daring. Lu Zhao originally wanted to ignore it, but the person outside kept knocking on his door. He couldnt take it anymore, so he got out of bed and opened the door, only to see Luo Ying standing outside with a pillow in her arms.

“Its thundering outside. Im scared. Can I sleep with you tonight”

Lu Zhao rubbed his temples, feeling a headache setting in. “Luo Ying, have you lost it Do you even know what youre saying”

Seeing that he didnt reject her immediately, Luo Ying knew that she had a chance. She ignored his cold face and directly ducked under his arm, entering the room. Lu Zhao wanted to stop her, but Luo Ying pointed at the wound on her knee. “Dont touch me. What if my legs give way and I fall again”

In order not to touch her wounds, Luo Ying wore a short nightdress today, so she stood there, revealing the two wounds on her knees. It was just enough for her to complete her pitiful, coquettish act.

Lu Zhao saw that she was still talking about the injury on her knee and prepared to mock her for climbing the stairs so swiftly just now. When she entered his room, her hands and feet had been so nimble. Did her legs have any reason to buckle, now

However, the moment he was about to open his mouth, he noticed that the corners of Luo Yings eyes were red, and there were obvious signs of crying. He was stunned for a moment, and unconsciously swallowed the words he was about to say. He said stiffly, “Im not a very gentle sleeper. If I accidentally kick you, thats on you.”



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