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Chapter 8: I Refuse To Sign

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Luo Ying lamented in her heart about the difficulties that lay ahead of her. She scratched her nose in embarrassment and tried to change the subject. “Ah! Hahaha, so something like this happened. Why dont I remember”

Lu Zhao didnt bother to discern whether she really forgot or pretended to forget. He took the first aid box from Zhang and took out the iodophor from inside. “Ill wash your wound first. Itll hurt a little, so bear with it.”

Luo Ying said in a low voice, “Okay.”

Lu Zhao originally thought that Luo Ying would definitely fidget during this process, but he didnt expect that, in spite of her delicate appearance, she didnt make a sound during the process of treating the wound.

He clearly saw her gasp in pain several times, but she still didnt cry out in pain or flinch. This made Lu Zhao gain a little respect for her, and at the same time, his impression of Luo Ying was refreshed.

By the time the wound was treated, Zhang had already finished cooking the noodles. The finely cut chicken was served with broth, refreshing side dishes, bean sprouts, and shredded cucumber. A bowl of hot chicken noodles was ready.

Considering Luo Yings previous appetite, Zhang only gave her a bowl that was just slightly over half-filled. The bowl in front of Lu Zhao was a full, hearty serving.

When Luo Ying saw the difference, she unhappily pouted and complained, “Zhang, youre biased. Why did you give him so much and me so little”

Zhang had seen her send bowls flying before and thought that she was unhappy and was going to make a fuss again. She rubbed her hands nervously and didnt know what to say.

Lu Zhao waved her off, then personally switched their bowls. “Alright, lets eat”

Luo Ying looked at the bowl full of noodles in front of her and smiled very happily, but she playfully remarked, “Youre eating so little, wont your stomach rumble at night Why dont you have mine”

Lu Zhao, who wasnt hungry to begin with, looked up at her. “Sure, lets switch then.”

Luo Ying immediately shut up and quickly picked up a bowl of noodles with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth. “Ah, too late. Ive already eaten, so I cant give you this bowl of noodles.”

Lu Zhao could only helplessly shake his head at the rascal.

After finishing their meal, Luo Ying also took her phone and sat on the sofa.

First, she blocked all the messages and video calls from Tian Tian, who was losing her mind. Then, she tried her best to search for any information related to the original Luo Ying.

Although she had read the novel, she needed more firsthand details. She had to get used to this body and the surrounding environment as soon as possible.

Lu Zhao came out of the study with a document in his hand and placed it in front of Luo Ying. “Take a look. If there are no problems, sign it.”

Sigh, she still had to deal with this matter.

Luo Ying sighed. She put down her phone and picked up the divorce agreement. After reading it from beginning to end, she raised her eyebrows. “Youre this generous to such a treacherous, wilful wife!” Her tone was so casual, as if she was referring to someone else.

Lu Zhao did not elaborate any further and spoke lightly. “Im giving you everything that I ought to give you.” Then, he handed her a black pen and said, “If there are no problems, please sign your name.”

Luo Ying was puzzled. He was such a good man, but the original Luo Ying did not even spare him a glance. How was she this blind

“But I dont want to sign it.” Luo Ying didnt take the pen in front of her. Then, she used force with both hands, and the agreement was torn into two halves in the middle. Then, she folded and tore it in two, and it became four pieces.

“What are you doing” Lu Zhao thought she was messing around again, and a hint of anger flashed across his eyes as he warned her in a dangerous tone.

“Luo Ying, my patience has a limit.” Dont test me again and again. I am not sure what I would do.

“Ive told you so many times just now. I dont want to sign this. I dont want to divorce you.” Luo Ying looked at him with a serious face.

Lu Zhaos voice was cold. “You were the one who wanted a divorce, and now youre also the one tearing up the divorce agreement. Luo Ying, what do you take me for Am I someone expected to come to heel when you call, just as casually as you would send me off”

Luo Ying threw the agreement on the table. “Ive told you just now. After my near-death experience, Ive thought it through. Youre the one I want to cherish, so I dont want a divorce.”

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Lu Zhaos face darkened, and he stared at her for three seconds, then turned back to the study. “Ill get the lawyer to prepare another agreement. You should think it through as soon as possible and sign it. It spares everyone a lot of pain.”



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