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Chapter 6: Clinging On To Him

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“Of course, I know what Im talking about.” Luo Ying pouted. “So, tell me, are you going to carry me or not My feet hurt so much. I cant walk at all.

Lu Zhao was helpless. “Can you let go of me, first”

“I dont want to.” Luo Ying refused, squeezing her throat and pretending to sob. “Do you want to leave an injured and weak woman like me here This parking lot is so big and quiet. What if a criminal suddenly shows up Im so beautiful, and I take such good care of my figure. What if they have bad intentions My leg is injured again, and I wont be able to run away at all. A day as husband and wife means a hundred day of gratitude. Can you really bear to see me in danger and turn a blind eye Oh, why is my life so bitter I dont want to live anymore.”

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Lu Zhao was speechless. Nothing had happened yet, and he was already the heartless man who didnt care about her well-being Unable to stand up to Luo Yings pestering, Lu Zhao had no choice but to pick her up and put her in the passenger seat.

“Alright, stop pretending to cry. Put on your seat belt. Where do you want to go Ill take you there.”

“Of course, were going back to our home.” As Luo Ying fastened her seat belt, she skillfully opened the glove compartment and rummaged through it, trying to find some snacks.

Lu Zhao glanced at her and said nothing. He turned the steering wheel and drove out of the parking lot.

“Why dont you have any snacks in your car” Luo Ying rummaged around but couldnt find anything to eat. She touched her growling stomach and was a little dissatisfied.

Lu Zhao pursed his lips. “I eat my three meals a day normally. I dont partake in snacks.” Besides, it would mess the car up.

This didnt fit Lu Zhaos lifestyle at all, but of course, he left the last part out.

“Then your life must be so tragically boring. Snacks are so delicious, and you dont allow yourself the indulgence” Luo Ying couldnt understand it.

Lu Zhao smiled indifferently. “You are constantly starving yourself to stave weight off. Why would you think about snacks”

Luo Ying pinched her arm. It was so thin that it was almost skin and bones. It looked like a thin bamboo branch, which displeased her.

She had been trained in dancing since her childhood, so her muscles were particularly toned and her figure filled her clothes out gracefully. One look, and you could tell that she had been trained for a long time, unlike her current body, which was soft and limp. One look, and you could tell that she was borderline anorexic.

Luo Ying had always believed in eating well and training well. She put her hand on her chin; her face stern and solemn. After this accident, Ive completely understood that people should really eat well. Otherwise, what if my legs go weak and I fall off a building again”

After Lu Zhao heard this, he sneered. “What, you want to jump off again”

Luo Ying wagged her finger. “No, no, no. Jumping off a building once is enough.” She looked at Lu Zhao with a dark expression. “You may not know this, but when people have a close brush with death, many things become as clear as crystal.”

“So after you jumped off the building once, you learned that you have to eat well”

“How can I only comprehend that little Jumping off buildings to gain inspiration would be awfully wasted on me.” Luo Ying touched her chin. “At least after this, I understand who I should cherish and what I should do.”

The original Luo Yings personality was too extreme, too stupid, and too repressed. Luo Ying didnt like it, and she wanted to live as she wished. So, she wanted to use the incident of jumping off the building as an excuse for her sudden change in personality.

Upon hearing her words, Lu Zhao was silent for a moment. “So, is this why youre having second thoughts about our divorce”

Luo Ying nodded her head repeatedly and told the truth, “Yes, because I just realized that you are too handsome. I cant bear to let you go.”

However, Lu Zhao only thought she was talking nonsense. “Ive already asked the lawyer to draft the agreement. We can sign it immediately when we get back.” When he saw Luo Ying pouting unhappily, he added, “Dont worry, the agreement was drawn up according to your request. After all, no matter what you do, youre still my wife in name. I wont mistreat you.”

He, Lu Zhao, wasnt a petty person.

Luo Ying grabbed the seat belt with both hands, leaned over, and stared at his face with a pair of burning eyes. “But, no matter how much money you give me, its not as cost-effective as me having you as a hubby.”



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