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Chapter 29: Warning

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Luo Ying winked in front of the mirror playfully, then pirouetted lightly to make sure that her clothes and hair wouldnt affect her dancing. She finally nodded in satisfaction.

Xia Lan looked at Luo Yings lively appearance and recalled the time when Luo Ying had just entered the safe zone. Her feelings became complicated.

At that time, Luo Ying had been like an ignorant little deer. She plunged into the big dye vat of the entertainment industry and was pushed to the front of the stage as a tool. Accompanied by applause and criticism, she walked alone.

She still remembered that on the night of the talent show, Luo Ying met the cruel, harsh side of reality. When she finally got hold of her phone, she saw a string of curses from the internet. She secretly hid in the toilet and cried for a long time. She sadly asked her manager if she was truly suitable for the entertainment industry.

At that time, Luo Ying was at the peak of her popularity and the company had already decided to make her one of their money trees. They were just about to reap the profits and of course, they would not allow her to have any problems and retreat. So, Xia Lan had to comfort her and tell her that this was a process that every artiste had to go through and that it was normal.

Luo Ying didnt seem to be convinced, but she still pulled herself together. Then she went to film according to the companys arrangements and had no time to think about these problems.

As time passed, the light in Luo Yings eyes grew dimmer and dimmer, and she became more and more cynical. She began to ignore the negative s on the internet. She became more and more mechanical in her acting work, and her temper went through the roof.

As Luo Yings manager, Xia Lan was anxious, but she knew one thing very well. An idol like Luo Ying was an assembly line product, and her best moments ended during the night of the talent show.

Therefore, after they had been used up, they would be eliminated, and then look on as the next generation of assembly line products rise and easily replace them. This was the fate of most of the candidates.

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Therefore, after Xia Lan learned of the companys policy, she watched Luo Yings change with cold eyes and began to pick her next training partner in her heart.

The staff came to remind them to get into position backstage. Su Ran, who had finished her makeup, went out first without any expression on her face. Luo Ying watched as Xia Lan stood up from the sofa. She knew that Xia Lan would talk to the director in a while and ask him to focus on Su Ran during the live broadcast.

When Luo Ying walked past her, she paused and asked in a low voice, “You want to sign Su Ran, right”

Xia Lan was shocked. She didnt know why she would ask this. She avoided Luo Yings gaze and said, “Su Ran has her own manager. Why would I be in charge of her”

Luo Ying flicked her hair and looked at her with a faint smile. “I heard that Madam Zhao is going to resign. She wishes to take care of her baby. She wont be taking in any new stars.”

Madam Zhao was Su Rans current manager, Zhao Suo. She had not yet submitted her official notice, but the higher-ups in the company were more or less aware of it.

Hence, Xia Lans attention had long fallen on Su Ran. As a newcomer, Su Ran was indeed rather capable. Moreover, Su Ran had a close relationship with the companys new CEO, Lin Su.

With this relationship, Su Ran would easily be a top star. So if Xia Lan could tag along, she would be able to reap the benefits with little effort.

After Xia Lan received the news, she went to organize some activities and received the support of two of the higher-ups. This was also the reason why she was so cooperative with the company. This was why she was willing to drag Luo Ying down to be Su Rans foil.

However, Luo Ying was a veteran in the industry, and a veteran novel-reader. Xia Lan looked at her in shock.

Luo Ying smiled mysteriously. “Not only do I know that shes going to change her manager, I also know who her new manager is.”

“Impossible!” Xia Lan denied it. The company had yet to decide where Zhao Suos artists would go.

Luo Ying softly uttered a name, “Meng Lin.”

Xia Lans eyes widened. Meng Lin was the head of their companys Artist Department and the top manager in the company. She had brought up several major stars. She was the companys biggest contributor, and one of their shareholders.

“Its been a long time since shes managed an artiste.” Xia Lan didnt believe her. “Besides, Su Rans a newbie.”

Luo Yings lips curved into a slightly sardonic smile. “Su Ran is the person Lin Su admires. She is also the daughter of Meng Lins good friend.”

Xia Lan was shocked. If that was the case, Meng Lin might truly step up.

With Lin Su and Meng Lin backing her up, Su Ran would never fall into the hands of others. Then why had she put in so much effort helping them



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