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Chapter 19: Explaining Oneself

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Tian Tian relied on Luo Yings trust in her, and boldly owned up to her actions. Therefore, before the Tian family, in spite of all their haste, failed to find a lawyer and get to work, the police had already found the records of her purchase of listening devices, micro surveillance cameras, and weight detectors. The case was closed, and the next step was for the police to interrogate her and find out her motive for committing the crime.

After Luo Ying received the response from the police, she happily swung her little feet and waited for Zhang to feed her afternoon tea.

She saw Lu Zhao calmly sitting on the sofa. He was dealing with work. She asked him curiously, “If youre so busy, you can actually go back to the company. You dont have to stay here with me.”

When Lu Zhao didnt respond, she automatically added, “Dont worry, I wont run.”

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Lu Zhao put away the tablet and squinted his eyes to size her up from head to toe a few times, before asking the question that had almost taken up permanent residence in his mind. ” Luo Ying, which one is the real you”

Was she the one who had been so dissatisfied with him that she wanted to divorce him by jumping off a building Or was she the one acting all cute and coy in front of him Or was she the one pretending to be a victim in front of the police in order to send her best friend behind bars

Having viewed Luo Yings many faces, Lu Zhao suddenly became uncertain. Who was she Did he really understand her Which side of her did he love

Luo Ying met his suspicious gaze. She turned serious. “If I told you that I was possessed by someone before, and now my primordial spirit has returned to its original position, would you believe me”

Lu Zhao picked up his phone and called Xiao Ting. “About the shrink. Ask him if he push forward the appointment.”

Luo Ying quickly stopped him. “Okay, Ill be honest. There are multiple personalities living in my body. They often come out to take over the body, so every face you see is a part of me.”

Lu Zhao spoke into the phone, “Bring it forward to tomorrow. No, its best if its tonight.”

Luo Ying leaned on the sofa and pretended to cry. “You dont believe me! You think Im sick! Youre too much!”

When he saw how dramatic she was, Lu Zhao took a deep breath. “As long as your excuse is more reliable, I can give you the benefit of the doubt.”

Luo Ying, who was in the middle of shedding more crocodile tears, stopped crying and sighed slightly in her heart. She was clearly telling the truth, and Lu Zhao was simply being rational.

“Alright, Ill find a more reasonable excuse.” Luo Ying stopped pretending to cry and got up from the sofa. She touched her chin with her finger and looked at Lu Zhao. “Actually, every person you see is me. Of course, its also possible that none of them are completely me. After all, Im a female star who aspires to be a movie queen.”

Lu Zhao stared at her for a few seconds, and Luo Ying graciously let him look. She even twisted her waist and threw him a very feminine wink.

Lu Zhao froze for a moment and looked away stiffly. “If youre that great of an actress, there wouldnt be so many people online mocking you forcerebral palsy acting.” His tone was a little playful. “Movie queen”

When Luo Ying thought of how the original Luo Ying performed in the book, she felt a little disgusted.

A talent scout had approached her sorely for her face. With absolutely no training or experience, she was stuffed into a talent show. Because of her outstanding appearance, she attracted a wave of fans, so even if she was bad at singing and dancing, she still ended up in a high position.

However, in the entertainment industry, in order to maintain long-term popularity, ability was the supreme foundation. Unfortunately, the Luo Ying lacked precisely this. She could not sing and dance, and her acting was atrocious. The management company she signed with had no longterm plans for her. They only wanted to make the most money in the shortest time possible, so they arranged for her to feature in several low-quality dramas, hoping to ride upon her viral wave. Her acting skills were so bad that it made her stand out among the industry. She became an infamous meme.

Amid all the pressure, the original Luo Ying lost her mind. When she could not get Lin Su, she accidentally realized that he had fallen in love with Su Ran.



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