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Chapter 14: The Police

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Lu Zhao didnt know what was going on. Just as he was about to ask Luo Ying what she was trying to pull, he saw her unlock her phone and call the police. The call went through very quickly. Luo Ying immediately put on a panicked look and shouted into the phone, “Police, help!”

Lu Zhaos eyes widened, not understanding what she was trying to do. It was illegal to make a false police report. He was about to snatch the phone away when he heard Luo Ying say, “I found a bug in my room. Im being monitored!”

A tapping device! A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Lu Zhaos eyes. Who was it Someone actually stretched their tendrils into his very house!

He took out his phone and was about to call for his security to search the villa. Luo Ying gave the address to the police and hung up the phone. When she realized what he was doing, she immediately stopped him. “Leave it to the professionals. We only have to wait.

Lu Zhao saw that she had already made up her mind. After a moment of silence, he said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Postpone the examination for now.”

When she saw him being so cooperative, Luo Ying beamed gleefully. She patted his shoulder as a reward.

Lu Zhao turned his body slightly to avoid her palm. “So, you know who installed these bugs”

Luo Ying nodded, and Lu Zhaos mind whirred. He remembered walking into the middle of their conversation and seeing Luo Yings crocodile tears being shed in a bid to placate Tian Tian, who had been on the other side of the phone. “Tian Tian”

Luo Ying raised her eyebrows. “Wow, youre so smart. You figured it out.” When he remained stiffly silent, she said, “Dont worry. Zhang and the others clean the house every day. They dont even miss the dust in the cracks, so there shouldnt be any bugs outside this room.”

As for the bug in her room, the original Luo Ying disliked having the servants in the room because they were all Lu Zhaos men. The second reason was because Tian Tian had always placed the tapping device in her bags or in her gifts.

If the original Luo Ying didnt notice it, no one else would.

Lu Zhao didnt understand. “Since youve seen through her, why do you still hang out with her and listen to all that crap”

Luo Ying waved her hand dismissively. “Didnt I just only find out recently Thats why Im stopping all of this, from becoming a train wreck.”

Lu Zhao studied her expression. “You dont look sad.”

After being betrayed by ones closest friend, normally, one would be consumed by anger, grief and disappointment. Luo Yings expression was a little too calm.

Luo Ying snorted coldly. “Its not worth getting sad for a woman like Tian Tian.”

Lu Zhao remained silent for a moment, and he couldnt discern the feeling in his heart.

He didnt want Luo Ying to be sad and disappointed in a woman like Tian Tian, but Luo Yings nonchalant attitude seemed all too cold. He couldnt help but wonder if he also weighed that little in her heart.

As he thought of this, Lu Zhao laughed at himself. According to how Luo Ying avoided him like the plague, she probably hated him more than anything.

Luo Ying had no clue about Lu Zhaos internal struggle, so she asked curiously, “Didnt you go to the company early Why did you suddenly come back”

Only then did Lu Zhao remember. He went back to the study and took out a document from the safe. He handed it to his assistant, Xiao Ting, and asked him to take it back to the company to deal with it.

Xiao Ting was a little hesitant. “This meeting is very important. Dont you have to be there in person”

Lu Zhao shook his head. “Youre the Vice President. Itll suffice. If anything happens, just call me.”

Xiao Ting sighed in his heart. As expected, whenever Lu Zhao got involved with Luo Ying, he would become irrational.

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He had been working hard on this project for more than half a year, but at such a critical moment, he was willing to give up on it because of Luo Ying.

As a subordinate, Xiao Ting was very worried about working beneath a lovestruck boss. He finally understood how the officials in history felt when they saw their rulers indulging in beauties and ignoring court affairs. In order to prevent repeats of such disastrous affairs, traditions were changed. Monarchs were not allowed to attend court early. Officials were allowed to discuss matters in their absence. Such was how the s of no-confidences would be passed. Xiao Ting could not help but ask, “Have you signed the divorce agreement with the madam”

Lu Zhao glared at him, and Xiao Ting immediately shut up. He bowed and apologized. “Im sorry, President Lu. I overstepped my boundaries and spoke out of turn.

“Remember your place. Dont talk about things you shouldnt be concerned about.” Lu Zhao warned Xiao Ting, then turned around and returned to the villa, waiting for the police to arrive.

“Youre not going back” Luo Ying saw him sitting unmovingly on the sofa.



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