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Chapter 1: An Unfortunate Transmigration

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“Sister, thats great! Lu Zhao finally agreed to divorce you!” Tian Tian sat there, beaming with joy. She looked really happy for Luo Ying.

However, Luo Ying, who was lying on the bed, clutched her head and wanted to shout, “Good, my ass!”

She was a top movie queen. She was rich, beautiful, and had an alluring figure. At home, she was the pearl in her parents hands, the little sweetheart of her four brothers, and outside, she was the idol of many fangirls and girls. She was the dream lover of many handsome suitors. In the end, all she did was read a book recommended by her best friend and casually complained about it a little. When she woke up, she was actually dressed as the cannon fodder, female, supporting character with the same name as her in the book, an unlucky female artiste.

If God thought that she was living in too much bliss, he could just strike her to death with lightning. He didnt need to waste so much energy and time torturing her and making her lose everything overnight.

However, the truth was that God had so much time in his hands that he had brought her here. Now that shes here, so be it. She was magnanimous and generous. She wasnt someone who would take things too hard. But even if she was to experience something as outrageous as being transported into a novel world, couldnt she be given the role of someone else Why did she have to end up as this doomed, supporting character

It wasnt that Luo Ying was picky, but she really couldnt stand the stupid things Luo Ying did in the book that resulted in her equally stupid ending.

In the original book, the original Luo Ying was like a demon possessed, falling headlong to the whims of her feelings for the male protagonist Lin Su. She was already married and already had a husband, but she was still relentless. She tried her best to force her husband, Lu Zhao, to divorce her. After that, she dementedly stirred up trouble between the male and female protagonists, repeatedly getting hit in the face by the backfiring of her plans. In the end, the male and female protagonists had no choice but to retaliate forcefully, and not even a corpse remained. This also caused her ex-husband, Lu Zhao, to turn into the final boss of the book, driving the male and female protagonists to end up in the same tragic ends as the original Luo Ying.

Luo Ying was waking up in the hospital because the original Luo Ying had threatened Lu Zhao to divorce by jumping off the building. Lu Zhao finally agreed in disappointment, but the original body slipped from the 18th floor in excitement and fell on the protective pad, fainting from the shock.

The woman nagging by the side was the original Luo Yings best friend, Tian Tian. “Thats great! You can finally get rid of this perverted man and be with Brother Lin Su!”

Although Tian Tian kept calling Lu Zhao a perverted man, she actually loved Lu Zhao very much and wanted to be Mrs. Lu with all her heart. That was why she kept instigating Luo Ying to divorce Lu Zhao and trying to push Luo Ying to Lin Su.

Luo Ying listened to her talking about Lin Sus good deeds and felt her head hurt even more. She couldnt hold back her temper and ran out. She impatiently snapped, “Shut up!”

Tian Tian had never been treated with such an attitude by Luo Ying before. She was stunned for. moment and widened her eyes in disbelief. “You... What did you just say” She must have misheard it.

Luo Ying snorted to herself. She was afraid that she would derail matters beyond her control, so she could only demonstrate her superb acting skills as a movie queen. She held her head and said, “I just woke up and my head still hurts. Youve been talking so much that my head is getting dizzy, and the pain is getting worse.”

Judging from her expression, Tian Tian could tell that she wasnt faking it. Thus, she had no choice but to suppress her anger and say compassionately, “Im sorry. I was too happy that you could finally start a new life, so I didnt think about your physical condition.”

Start a new life Bah! Is it the beginning of a journey to hell Luo Ying had no strength to retort.

Just as she was about to shoo away the malicious fly, she heard Tian Tian say, “But, Brother Lin Su just called to ask you out to meet. I thought you must really want to see him now, so I agreed on your behalf.”

Luo Ying immediately recalled the plot of the book. The original Luo Ying had dashed out of the hospital to meet Lin Su, but had a dispute with Lin Su because of the female lead, Su Ran. He had threatened and pushed her to the ground. Not only that, but her old man, Lu Zhao, also found out about it. In a fit of anger, he signed the divorce agreement, and the original Luo Ying officially started heading down her path of endless misfortunes.

On the other hand, Tian Tian was still vexed. “Why dont I go and apologize to Brother Lin Su Ill tell him that youre not feeling well, and we can meet again next time.”

No! This matter couldnt be dragged on any longer. For the sake of her happy life, she had to get rid of these annoying flies one by one, before Lu Zhao officially files for divorce!

Luo Ying, who had made up her mind, immediately got out of bed. She had to move now.

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Sure enough, at the mention of Lin Su, Luo Ying would have to get up even if she was disabled. Tian Tian felt proud and a little disdainful at the thought of pinching Luo Yings Achilles heel, but she still had to show concern on her face. “Is your body okay”

“I can do this much.” Luo Ying gave her a meaningful look. Some things should be done sooner rather than later.

Upon hearing Luo Yings words, Tian Tian thought she couldnt wait to be with Lin Su. Her goal had been half-achieved, so she was overjoyed. She attentively helped Luo Ying out of the hospital and dutifully drove her to the rendezvous.

The place where Tian Tian and Lin Su had agreed to meet was a high-class nightclub. Luo Ying got out of the car and walked in. She found that the waiters and waitresses were all good-looking young men and women with attractive figures. They were all smiling brightly at them.

Luo Ying raised her eyebrows and looked at the seats in the lobby. She pointed to a private room on the second floor.

She didnt have to be disturbed by the deafening music and could even enjoy the view of the handsome men and beautiful women coming and going through the glass window.

Well, this one was okay. His hairstyle is an injustice to his appearance, but his facial features were rugged, and he was a reliable-looking man. This one had handsome features, but he was a little short, like a baby who had not weaned from his mother.

Tian Tian was still trying her best to instill in Luo Ying just how good Lin Su was, and how happy she would be with Lin Su. Luo Ying was perfunctory with her words, but her eyes were constantly scanning the handsome men downstairs. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. The man who just walked in was quite tall and handsome.

Tian Tian suddenly said, “Ah, Brother Lin Su is here.”

That man was Lin Su Luo Ying frowned.

Sure enough, the man stopped a passing waiter and asked a few questions. He glanced in the direction of Luo Ying and the others with an unfriendly look, then walked through the crowd and went straight in their direction.

Tsk, its rare to see someone pleasing to the eye. Its actually the male lead who did not even grant her the dignity of a whole corpse. Luo Ying lost all interest.

Lin Su obviously came with bad intentions. As soon as he stepped into the private room, he shouted at Luo Ying, “Luo Ying, what does it take for you to hand it over!”



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