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The Lord might be a little short-sighted, but he stood up and probed forward, squinting at Lin Ting for a long time.


He wasn’t stupid either.

Seeing that both the men and women in the hall were full of extravagance and might have extraordinary origins, he didn’t dare to mess around.

Hence, he waved his hand to stop the Yamen and asked tentatively, “Then tell me, who are you and what have you come to report”


Lin Ting explained what happened on the boat just now.

After listening to the Yamen, he pretended to ask the boat lady who was kneeling, “This officer asks you, was this gentleman’s statements false”


As a result, the boat lady said, “My Lord, this woman was wronged as I was just joking around with the nobles.

They beat me up without a word and kept me captive all the way here.

I ask the Lord to serve justice!”


Lin Feilu/Lin Ting, “…”


Lin Feilu pulled Lin Ting, who was still trying to defend their argument, “Don’t bother to speak nonsense with them,” She handed her seal of the Imperial Princess to Xiaobai and raised her chin slightly, “Take it up and show it to that old thing.”


Xiaobai flew up on the tip of his toes and stretched the seal in front of him.

The object was instantly shoved in front of the shocked and screaming officer’s face.


Soon, the governmental officer could no longer let out another sound as he knelt down instantly.


He not only knelt down, but also did a complete kowtow in a very numb manner.

He knelt and moved towards Lin Feilu while kowtowing repeatedly, “This… this lowly officer is blind for not being able to recognise your brilliance.

Please forgive me, Imperial Fifth Princess, for angering you!”


The boat lady finally stopped laughing.


The government officer then used the fastest speed of his life to sentence the boat lady to death.

She was being dragged out as she yelled, “My Lord! My Lord, you can’t treat me like this! I have never disrespected you, my Lord!”


The officer was so frightened that his face became pale and he said to Lin Feilu shiveringly, “Fifth Princess, this, this… The thief was spouting nonsense, slandering the court officials! Princess, please don’t listen to her one-sided words!”


Lin Feilu smiled kindly, “Okay.”


He then broke down in cold sweat and continued to tremble, “This lowly officer is merely surprised that the Princess had deliberately come to visit this humble city.

This official will arrange a place for the Princess to stay, so if the Princess needs anything, do not hesitate to let me know!”


He carefully glanced at Lin Ting who stood next to her, “This… this Young Master is…”


Lin Feilu introduced him very intimately, “This is His Highness, King Qi.”


The Lord rolled his eyes and almost fainted.


In the end, Lin Feilu did not ask the government to arrange any form of accommodation for them as they left after dealing with the boat lady.

Before the official could recover, the guards who were secretly protecting the two royals approached him.

Holding the token of the Imperial Guard Army, they gave the government official a face-to-face warning.


Lin Feilu knew that the Shadow Guards would help her deal with the aftermath of the situation, so she was not worried.

She bought a small book on the street that she could carry with her.

After finding the inn, she wrote the name of the Lord inside the book.


Lin Ting queried with a smile, “What is this for”


Lin Feilu was like a villain, “This is the death note that will truly be frightening in the future.

If anyone offends me, I will write his or her name on it and pass it to Father Emperor after returning to the capital!”


Lin Ting couldn’t stop laughing at her expression.


Since leaving the capital, he has laughed more and more often.


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