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“Luoshui Torrential Sword Art!”

Just before Luo Yifeng was devoured by the black hole, Luo Yan stepped up and intervened.

She swung her sword forward, releasing a keen torrential-like sword qi that repeatedly attacked the black hole until it dissolved the darkness within.

“Oh You dissolved my divine ability.

It seems like you have quite the trick up your sleeves,” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said with a grin.

The other Luo clan disciples helped Luo Yifeng up after Luo Yan saved him, and he stared at the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist in disbelief.

They were both Seventh-grade True Immortals, yet the difference in strength remained huge.


He was baffled, shocked, horrified, and infuriated!

The other disciples shared the same reaction.

They did not expect their respected senior to fail to endure a single hit from the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.

“Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, you guys can have the Immortal Herb,” Luo Yan said.

She then wanted to bring the others away, but the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist stopped her.

“Hold on right there.”

“What do you want”

“You attacked me, and youre going to leave just like that How naive.”

“What are you trying to do”

“Youre Luo Yan, right Quite a beautiful girl I see.

I can spare all of you, but you will have to become my servant.

How about that”

Insulted by his comments, Luo Yans expression turned grim.

The other disciples reacted bitterly as well.

“How dare you”

“Keep dreaming!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists comments aroused their anger.

To them, Luo Yan was a goddess in the Luo clan.

She was kind and caring and always took care of the juniors.

Luo Yan was respected by the disciples of the Luo clan, and her reputation rivaled that of the Luo Clan Leader and Luo Yifeng.

“Oh Ill take that as a no then.”

“Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, Id suggest you just take the herb and leave,” Luo Yan said with a cold glare.

“No In that case, Ill kill him first!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists figure flashed and appeared before Luo Yifeng, where his Celestial Demon qi erupted and blasted toward Luo Yifeng.

Luo Yan tried to intervene, but the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist forced her back.

“Arent you two big men ashamed of bullying a girl”

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden stepped aside and decided to stay out of the conflict.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist enveloped Luo Yifeng whole in the black hole before the immense and unrivaled black holes suction force slowly destroyed his body.

“How about now” The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist looked at Luo Yan lewdly.

Aside from being a beautiful lady, Luo Yan also possessed the Scarlet Tear, which held a high growth potential.

If he could take her under his wing, it would help him greatly in the future.


Luo Yan found herself at an impasse.

Her expression shifted as she watched Luo Yifengs body slowly being sucked into the black hole.


It was at that moment, Luo Yifeng spoke.

The disciples assumed he would tell Luo Yan to step away and never agree to the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists suggestion.

To them, Luo Yifeng was a courageous and honorable man, hence the expectation.

“Yaner, just say yes!”

Luo Yifengs words left the disciples speechless.

He wanted Luo Yan to agree to the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists suggestion.

“What Am I hearing things I thought Brother Yifeng liked Sister Yaner.

Why would he tell her to agree”

“Is love nothing before death Was it something he could simply throw away just so he could save his own skin”

The Luo clan disciples could not believe what they just heard.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist cackled with laughter upon hearing Luo Yifengs words.

“Luo Yifeng, you wouldnt find yourself in such a situation if you were any smarter.”

Luo Yan remained hesitant.

“Luo Yan, hurry up! Are you going to watch me die!” Luo Yifeng shouted.

No one wanted to die, including Luo Yifeng.

To him, as long as he could stay alive, betraying the woman he liked and his juniors was acceptable.

Besides, if Luo Yan liked him, she should do something to save him.

Luo Yan trembled.

Her heart remained hesitant, but she did not have time to waste anymore.

Luo Yifeng then looked at the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.

“Lord Divine Daoist, please let me go! Ill do anything for you! Anything!”

He even discarded his pride as a Prodigy in order to stay alive.

“Oh Really”

“Yeah! Spare me, and I will become your loyal follower!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist grinned.

He released the black hole and granted Luo Yifeng a breathing window.

“Thank you, Divine Daoist!” Luo Yifeng was over the moon.

However, the Luo clan disciples were not happy with the decision.

The fact that the strongest Prodigy of the Luo clan lowered himself before the opponent just to stay alive impacted their pride and trust in Luo Yifeng.

“Luo Yifeng, Ill give you a chance to pledge your loyalty.

Go kill every one of the Luo clan disciples,” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said.

Luo Yifengs relieved expression changed.

He had to kill his own juniors

“If you cant do it, Ill do it myself.

However, you will die after Im done with them,” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist added.

“Keep on dreaming, Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist! Brother Yifeng isnt someone who–”

One of the disciples tried to argue and defend Luo Yifeng, but before he could finish, a sword qi removed his head from his body.

It was Luo Yifeng, the senior whom they respected the most.


The disciples were all stunned.

Luo Yan widened her eyes in disbelief.

“Luo Yifeng, are you out of your mind!”

Luo Yifengs dilemma only lasted for a second before a ferocious look appeared in his eyes.

“I would have all of you die for me.”

He attacked once more, killing the disciples one after another.

Luo Yan immediately intervened and engaged in a fierce fight with Luo Yifeng.

However, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist immediately blasted Luo Yan away and injured her.

“Go on, Luo Yifeng.

Kill all of them,” he said.

“Yes, my lord.” Luo Yifeng nodded and continued to swing his sword at his juniors.

Luo Yans beautiful eyes turned red as she watched Luo Yifeng kill all the disciples.

Anger and sorrow overcame her mind.

“Luo Yifeng, stop it!”

She wanted to stop Luo Yifeng, but the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists black hole prevented her from doing so.

“Sister Yaner! Go!”

“Sister Yaner! Well stall him! Leave now!”

The Luo clan disciples fought back and tried to buy time for Luo Yan to escape.

However, they were no match for the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.


One of the disciples ignited his life force and tried to take down the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist by self-destructing.

When the others noticed his resolution, they decided to join him.

Explosions went off in the void repeatedly.

Dazzling Immortal Sparks shone across the sky as the cultivators ignited their life forces and detonated themselves.

“Damn it!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was forced back by the multiple explosion and forced to retract the black hole for defense.

Further away, Luo Yan watched as her people detonated themselves so that she could escape.

Sorrow drowned her, but she knew she could not waste the opportunity because only by escaping alive, she would have the chance to avenge them.

She turned around and wanted to leave, but someone stopped her.

It was the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist.

“Get out of my sight!”

The scarlet mole under Luo Yans eyes shone brightly as great sorrow overflowed and devoured her.

It felt as though the realm had plunged into sorrow.

She swung her sword forward, unleashing the keenest sword ray.

Her attack caught the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist off guard.

As the sword ray blasted him more than ten meters backward, Luo Yan seized the chance and escaped in the form of light.

“I cant believe her Scarlet Tear has this much power when shes devoured by sorrow.

The legend is true! The Scarlet Tear does have the power to rival an Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique!”

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