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Sky-prides and Prodigies alike gathered above the Luo clans territory.

Other than the three Divine Daoists and Divine Maiden from the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall, even the old Violet Eye clan was there.

There was another deity-like figure with an unmatched aura, basking in Immortal Sparks, hovering above the clouds.

Her jade-like skin and exquisite beauty attracted all the attention, and they complemented her long, silky hair.

She was none other than Yu Zhi, the Jade Pool Maiden Sage who had made a reputation for herself in the Interstellar Arena.

She came here to the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm with a clear goal, which was to obtain the West Matriarch Rulers treasure protected by the Arcane Deity Sect.

“Qing Feng, do you think I can get the West Matriarch Rulers treasure” Yu Zhi asked the lady with green hair beside her.

The green-haired lady was as beautiful as Yu Zhi, but her energy presence, although not powerful, felt vague and surreal.

Her eyes were blue like lapis lazuli, deep and mysterious.

If Chu Kuangren was at the scene, he would be able to recognize her because she was the daughter of Planquilon Immortal Worlds Sycamore Mountain Ruler, the strange Azure Phoenix.

“Since you possess the West Matriarch Rulers inheritance, acquiring the treasure is only natural for you, Maiden Sage, as it is destiny,” Qing Feng said.

A massive amount of mystical runes were flashing in her eyes.

She was no longer her previous inexperienced self anymore.

The strange Azure Phoenix was a rare breed among the Godly Phoenix, and after cultivating for many years, she had finally awakened her bloodline power.

A while back, when she was traversing the Interstellar Arena, she was ambushed by a bunch of Prodigies, and Yu Zhi coincidentally saved her.

That was when she found out that Yu Zhi possessed the West Matriarch Rulers inheritance.

Since the old legend stated that the Azure Phoenix used to accompany the Matriarch Ruler, she willingly became Yu Zhis follower.

“Destiny Im looking forward to that.” Yu Zhi smiled.

She had cultivated the Jade Pool Immortal Scripture to its highest level and was one step shy from advancing it to the next level.

Unfortunately, she had been facing difficulties to achieve it.

Therefore, she placed her hopes on the West Matriarch Rulers treasure that was kept within the Arcane Deity Sect.

She hoped that by acquiring the treasure, she would have the opportunity to advance her own Immortal Physique.

Suddenly, she sensed an unusual gaze scanning her.

She turned around, only to see the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist from the Immortal Hall.

She furrowed her brows and turned away.

“Youre interested in that woman” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist asked.


I heard Zhuo Donglai of the Eastern King School was deeply infatuated with her, and since shes the West Matriarch Rulers successor, she caught my attention,” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist said with a grin.

He then glanced at the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden beside him.

He realized she was not bothered even when he was looking at other women, and her nonchalance somehow disappointed him.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist chuckled.

“The Eastern Sky is interested, but the Divine Maiden is heartless.”

It was no secret that the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist liked the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden.

However, he had never confessed his feelings, and she had never given him an answer, hence the awkward relationship.

“That woman is rather interesting,” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said as he spotted another lady further away.

The lady was in a long white robe, yet it did not conceal her voluptuous figure underneath.

Her long legs were captivating, but they were not as attractive as her beautiful facial features.

The one thing that made her stand out from the rest of the ladies was the scarlet mole at the side of her eye, which granted her a seductive charm.

Many other male cultivators were also brazen with their lustful gaze at her.

The lady possessed beauty that lived up to her name, Luo Yan.

She was the top sky-pride from the Luo clan.

She knew she was gathering unwanted attention and resented all the lustful gaze.

However, she could not do or say anything because many of them were stronger than her and the Luo clan.

It left her helpless.

The Jade Pool Maiden Sage could rival her in terms of looks, especially with her superiority of a queen.

Despite that, most of the sky-prides were looking at Luo Yan.

It was because the Luo clan was a lot weaker than the Jade Pool Sacred Land.

They would rather offend Luo Yan than Yu Zhi due to their difference in background.

“The Luo clan isnt strong enough.

Or should I say Im not strong enough”

Luo Yan desired more strength than ever when being eyed by the other cultivators.

Following her rising desire and arousing urge, the scarlet mole made her look even more seductive.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist noticed the change of expression on her face.

“The Scarlet Tear is really as rumored.

Too bad she cant bring out the full potential of her physique, or she could be a lot stronger.”

The Scarlet Tear was one of the many Immortal Physiques and one of the top Supreme Immortal Physiques, second only to the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique.

Legend had it that when the owner of the Scarlet Tear was in her saddest state, there was a chance for the Scarlet Tear to unleash a power that could rival the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique.

However, it was just a myth.

“There are so many sky-prides and Prodigies here.”

A young man among the crowd felt pressured by the presence of the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, the Violet Eye clan, and the others.

The young man had a faint layer of freezing qi around him, and anyone who got closer to him would feel the bone-chilling qi invading their bodies.

He was a yokai from the Great Frost Dragon Mountain, a Prodigy second only to the Iceworm Ru Xue, named Iceworm Feng.

“Too bad the iceworm, Ru Xue, isnt here, or we might have a better chance,” Iceworm Feng shook his head.

Admiration shone in the eyes of the other iceworms from Great Frost Dragon Mountain behind him when the name, Ru Xue, was mentioned.

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