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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Fever


Now that Kate was full and had calmed down, she could faintly hear the sound of rain from outside. She glanced up and saw the window beside the teachers podium. It was wet with red colored rain.

Kates body stiffened.

She walked closer and then realized that the sky was still as dark as ever, but it was no longer red. Instead, it simply looked like when it was normal storm.

Probably the red rain was the cloud exporting everything out after being hold back for so long

Kate nodded her small furry head.

That seemed to be the only explanation...


Forget it, she was not an ecological expert anyway. Even if the world changed outside, what she should do was to care for herself and make sure that she could survive.

Kate looked at her small arms.

How should she explain to her parents that she had turned into a little cat

Besides, could they understand her words


The world looked so dark right now.

Kate then glanced at Professor Kyle beside her. Professor Kyle was still in his twenties and had just returned from study aboard. A lot of girls cheered when they saw him and discussed about him in secret.

But well, engineering faculty didnt have that many girls in the first place, so their discussion was a bit limited.

Unfortunately, he was very strict.

Not to mention, his requirement and demands were so much that the female students were praying hard that they would not enter his class. If there were other teacher, they would rather pick that teacher.

Who cares whether this teacher was handsome and young

They needed to graduate first!

Their grade is more important than having eye candy, okay

No one wanted to stay in the same class for multiple semesters just because they liked watching handsome guys. Many of their classmates were equally handsome too if they were looking for boyfriends.

As for Kate...

Alright, she was just unlucky along with her friend.

There was only one class and this was a compulsory class. Everyone had to grit their teeth and attended the class while praying that Professor Kyle would be a bit merciful in the grading.

Now that Kate was staying close to Professor Kyle, she noticed that he was indeed very young and handsome. He had defined face. Since he was sleeping right now, he didnt look as scary as when he was awake.

Kate raised her paw and put it on Professor Kyles forehead.

It was hot.

Burning hot at that.

Kate frowned... if a kitten could frown, their eyebrows would have definitely stick a bit closer.

That lightning might have caused all of this. I and Professor Kyle passed out at the same time. While I turned into a cat... he had strong fever.

Kate sighed.

She walked to her own bag. The walking journey was very torturous.

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Left, right, left right, left right...


Not being able to walk properly and have to count the left and right inside her mind, Kate really feel as if she was back during the military training. At that time, she already felt crazy because of counting left and right whenever she had to walk.

After all, she would be punished if she was not similar with the other students.


Kate was glad that her bag was half open, so she didnt have to think hard about how to open it. Rummaging her items, Kate finally found the compress. She always carried it with her because it could help her cool her forehead whenever she felt like she was burned out from her study.

Her friends like to joke with her, saying that she always has a fever during study.


Now, this thing was useful.

Kate pulled one of them out and dragged it with her mouth towards Kyle. Internally, she was crying buckets. Without any hands, she could only drag this thing using her mouth.

She swore to herself that she had to learn how to turn back into human in the future.

She didnt want to be a cat forever!

Soon, Kate arrived near Kyle and tore the packaging with her small claws. She pulled the compress out and pressed it on Kyles forehead.

She couldnt get out of here on her own.

Her body is too small and weak.

So, Kate hoped that when Kyle woke up, he would at least bring her along.

If he didnt want to

Kate was determined to latch onto him as tightly as possible!



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