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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Invitation

Kate glanced at her father but didnt get close to him.

Her father didnt like animals.

She didnt want to be abused by him when she was in this cats form. It was already enough that she was being punished for being naughty by her father from time to time...


Her parents and Kyle talked a bit more and Kate was very not interested in their conversation. She was sleepy and moved to her mothers embrace to sleep. It has been years since the last time she slept in her mothers lap.

Well, the last time was when she was still in her elementary school.

After those years, she was naturally embarrassed to latch so closely to her mother and never acted so coquettish anymore.


Kate slept peacefully.

When she woke up, she was already in the car and her father was moving some items. She blinked her eyes.

What did she miss


“Oh, Little Kitty is awake now.” Kates mother smiled and rubbed Kates head tenderly.

Kate purred unconsciously as she felt comfortable with her mothers pat. This little cats skin was indeed very thin and could easily fell comfortable even with the slightest tough.


That was not the most important thing.

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Kate meowed again and looked around. It was at this time she saw Professor Kyle was coming back. He looked nonchalant, but Kate had the feeling that he had just cleaned up the rats around this area.

“Are you ready” Kyle asked.

“Everything is inside. We dont need many things.” Kates father looked at Professor Kyle. “I still dont understand why you want to help me.”

“Its rare for both husband and wife to awaken new power. Most people will not have such high awakening chance like this. And staying here will be dangerous for you two.” Kyle looked at the two of them. “And considering your position in the research facility, I think its my advantage to have you work for me instead of returning there.”

Kates father shook his head and entered the car.

It was Kate who was dumbfounded.

Research facility

What the hell

She only knew that her father worked from home because he sometimes had some kind of meeting. Aside from that, he was mostly using his time to take care of the plants on their backyard.

When she asked him, he told her that he used to be a teacher.

Now, he worked as their mentor or something like that.

Is my father actually someone amazing

While Kate was doubtful, Professor Kyle had already entered the car and started it. He didnt expect this either, but it seemed that there were indeed some gains.

Besides, he also wanted to know what happened to that missing student.

Hmm, Ill check the security camera after Dylan come.


Kate moved away from her mothers embrace and moved to the front seat. She then looked at Kyle and nudged closer to him. Her eyes locked onto his pocket that was bulging.

There were crystals!

He was really hunting when he left just now.

“What is it Little Kitty”


Seeing the accused gaze on the cats eyes, Kyle arched his eyebrows. He reached out to pick the little cat and put her on the dashboard. “Be careful not to fall.”


Kate turned around and looked at the scenery outside.

She didnt want to talk to him.



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