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Chapter 21: The Crystals Use


Kate felt wronged.

The one who liked her so much was this cat, alright She herself didnt know why this cat liked her so much back then.

As for why she wanted to go to her home

Naturally it was to see her parents!

She wanted to make sure that her parents were fine and that they didnt lack anything. Even though Kate believed that her parents would be fine because their house was regularly cleaned, she still wanted to head there.

She needed confirmation.



“Meow~.” Kate showed her doe eyes, begging Kyle to let her visit her parents.

Kyle looked at the little cat on his hand.

In the end, he sighed deeply.

“Fine, well go there. However, if theres no one at her address, well go back, understand”


Kate didnt really care about it. She was sure that her father and mother were at home. After all, her mother is just a housewife while her father usually worked from home. They rarely left house, so they should still be there when she reached her home.

After putting Kate down, Kyle began his preparation and equipped himself with several weapons.

Watching the guns he slipped, Kate was stupefied and eventually decided that it would be best for her to pretend that there was nothing that happened. It would be better for her to act as a dumb cat who understand nothing.

She didnt really want to see this, alright

Kyle finished his preparation and then picked Kate up to the car. As they walked out, Kate could still hear the scream of people from a distance away. It seemed that the tragedy that came from the rats mutation didnt end so easily.

Well, if it could cause so much chaos, it was estimated that it wouldnt really end that quickly.


The car got out of the community and Kate could see the chaos outside. Her heart was beating fast in fear when she saw the rats around the area.

“It seems that this area need some cleaning.” Kyle frowned. “Stay here, Kitty.”


But Kyle didnt care about Kates answer anymore as he walked out of the car and approached the rats nearby. He stretched his hand and flames got out, enveloping the rat.

It didnt have time to shriek as the entire body turned into ash.

Kate was dumbfounded.

She didnt know what to say for a moment.

Should she say that Kyle was extremely strong that these mutated rats would pose no threat to him Even if that state would be very limited and so on, it still meant that Kyle is really strong.

It seemed that she should never piss him off.

Kate didnt want to turn into roasted cat yet.

“The power is somewhat acceptable.” Kyle narrowed his eyes. Compared to the students who used their ability yesterday, he felt that the flames were somewhat different and stronger.

He stepped forward and picked the crystal that had dropped to the ground and kept it.

Even if he couldnt use it directly right now, he could still keep it for use in the future.

“Meow...” Kate whimpered lightly.

“What is it, Little Kitty”

“Meow, meow, meow.”

Kyle looked at Kate in confusion, apparently he didnt understand what Kate was saying at all. However, he didnt dwell on the thoughts because he felt that animals were indeed hard to understand.

In their next journey, Kyle would be busy dealing with the mutated animals he found from time to time.

The crystal kept on accumulating while the corpses were all turned into ash directly.

Kate looked at the crystal that Kyle had accumulated. There were various color while the shapes were quite ugly. It was not perfectly round but like the rocks that could be commonly found on the street.

They were all of various shapes that didnt seem to form anything.

She touched them with her paw.

The red, yellow, green, black, and even the grey one. However, not a single one of them provided reaction to her.

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But when her paw touched the one that looked like glass, Kate felt some kind of warmth surging from the crystal into her body and the crystal disappeared.


Kyle watched the process and arched his eyebrows.

He looked at the crystals and decided to take off his glove, picking the one with the red and yellow color directly. The red was absorbed but the yellow color was intact without any changes.

It seemed that yellow was not lightning.

Lets see...

Kyle tested with the others and found out that the purple color was directly absorbed.

And his power was strengthened a bit.

“I see, this is the easiest way to get stronger.” Kyle could guess that these crystals would definitely become the second currency after money in the future. And the rich people will definitely hoard them as they were useful.

Kate meowed and looked at the crystal.

“Its fine. You can use them as you wish.”

“Meow.” Kate heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Kyle truly felt that this little cat... was very human like.



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