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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: IM A CAT

Kate felt fuzzy.

Everything seemed to be spinning around.

She didnt know how long she passed out.

When she finally woke up, her vision was still a bit blurry. It took some time for her vision to return to normal. Her head was still hurt, but it was not as much as before.

In front of her, she could see that Professor Kyle was still lying on the ground. It seemed that the moment the lightning strike, it caused everyone to pass out instantaneously no matter what they were doing before.

What in the world is that



Kate was stunned.

She was just about to call the professor, but the words that came out of her mouth was definitely the voice of a cat meowing.

It was not her, right...


Kate lowered her head.

The ground felt very close.

She then turned her head to the side and naturally saw her furry white body. it was soft and looked like cloud.

If this was any other time, she would definitely admire...

No, even if this was any other time, she would never be able to stay calm.


Kate raised her hand and saw that her hand had turned into a paw. She moved it to the right and then to the left.


The panicked scream of a cat could be heard.

Considering the kittens small size, it was already an awesome feat for her to be able to scream so loudly.

Kate tried to stand up.


Her small body felt weak as if her entire energy was drained. At this moment, countless thoughts bombarded Kates head as if there was a train wreck.

“Meow Meow! Meow... Meow! Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.”

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The sound of a cats wailing could be heard inside the room. Kate felt extremely desperate just now.

Wheres her body

Why did she turn into a cat

What in the world just happened


Kate struggled and turned around. At this moment, her heart felt cold when she saw that her body had disappeared. She was supposed to be holding this small cat in her hand before she passed out.

Wheres her body

Wheres her 21 years old body


Kate wanted to cry without tears.

All that left was the wailing of a small kitten who couldnt accept the world.




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