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Chapter 19: Awakened Abilities

Taking all items into Kates space was a bit harder than expected. It was because there was a limit of distance that Kate needed before she could put the items.

In the end, it was nearly midnight when the entire warehouse was completely emptied.

Kate was so tired but realized that her space still could fit even more items.

Welp, it seemed that space abilities were very useful.

“Its time to sleep.”

Kate froze.



Wait, what was the habit of Kyles sleep He didnt usually sleep with his pet, did he

While Kate was having a lot of troubles in convincing herself that she was nothing more than a cat, Kyle already brought her to the bedroom. Kate looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the small cats house at the corner of the room.

At least, she didnt sleep with Kyle on his bed.

This is still acceptable...

Kyle brought the cat to the bathroom and put her on the sink while he brushed his teeth. Kate watched Kyle and really feel that his face was too deadly. Being this close with him, she could see his charm even more.

It was to the point that she wanted to look more.

Tsk, youre really hopeless Kate.

Kate turned her head away. It was impolite to stare at someones face for too long and no matter how much Kate liked to see handsome face, she would rather look at their picture. Seeing the person directly was a challenge for her heart.

She would be too nervous.


Kyle washed his hand and looked at his hand. He hadnt had the time to care whether there was a change in his body or not before because he was preoccupied in thinking about other things. From how to deal with those b*stard who dared to hide the news to the matter of supplies.

Now that he was about to rest, he was thinking that he could also try to figure out whether he had awakened some abilities or not.

Calming his mind, Kyle sensed his body carefully and slowly lifted his finger.

A small fire appeared on top of his finger.

With a snap, the fire disappeared and lightly flashed through his fingers.

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Fire and lightning. Not bad.

While Kyle experimented right after he washed up, Kate watched in shock. It seemed that Kyle also awakened two abilities.

Kate began to think that Kyle was truly loved.

He was not just handsome but also had great abilities.

Uh wait, how should they raise their abilities By using them By killing monsters and got crystal like how it used to be in the novels

Kate might be an engineering student who had to read countless books that caused headache, but she had also read some novels in her spare time. After all, she felt that she would turn crazy if she didnt find some entertainment occasionally.

These numbers and countless laws that she had to know from her lessons had caused her to feel like vomiting many many times.

Ill think about it later.


Kyle snapped back from his experiment and saw his little cat yawning. He helplessly picked her up and then put her on her small house.

The small cat house actually looked more like a tent and there was a pillow in the middle that Kate could use as a bed. There were also stack of thick cloth that could be used as blanket tossed at the side of the house.

Well, it didnt look that bad.

At least, its clean.

Kate circled the bed and then laid down. She curled up her body in the most comfortable way for a cat and then fell asleep within moments.

“What an amusing cat.” Kyle shook his head. He looked at his hand and then outside, his eyes narrowed. There was very little information that he knew regarding this phenomenon, but he knew that the effect of this red rain was to let the changes to happen straight to their genes.

He had limited power.

But now that he realized that he had awakened two abilities, it meant that he would have a higher place.

All that left was for him to practice.

Ill get out of here soon enough and deal with them.

Kyle turned around and rested on his bed. The day had been quite long.



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