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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Communication


Kate was pleasantly surprised when she saw that she could actually store the box in front of her.

Does it mean that she actually had two abilities

The famous space ability.

....And fusing into a cat.

The second ability was really unneeded, ah!

Kate chortled inside her mind. If only it was possible, she just wanted the space ability without the bonus of turning into a cat. At the very least, she would be able to hoard a lot of resources on her own.


Uh wait, her wallet will never allow her to do that.

Shes so poor that if she were to be alone, she believed that she would just become a transporting tools for others.

How miserable.

“Little Kitty.”

Hearing the call, Kate raised her head and saw Kyle walking towards her. When he was close, he picked her up, looking at her up and down.

The box itself was bigger than Kate, which meant that she truly had an independent space if she wanted to keep it. It seemed that the transformation that occurred was more magical than what he thought at first.


Kate looked at Kyle with confused expression.

She didnt know what he wanted and truthfully, she still felt somewhat afraid of him. After all, he was certainly not an ordinary person whom she could mess with.

“Can you take it out”


Kate thought of taking out the box and it appeared below her. She looked at the box below her and nodded in satisfaction.

It was good.

“How big is your space” Kyle asked, his eyes narrowed.


At that question, Kate truly felt at lost. She looked at her tail and tried to concentrate. After all, that space should be located in her tail

There was a strange feeling and Kate somehow perceived that the storage seemed to be quite big.

Probably at the size of a stadium

Uh... thats really big.


But Kyle looked at Kate with serious expression. Even though he did think that having a storage cat is convenient, the bigger problem stemmed in the fact that he didnt understand a cats language.

How should he understand what Kate was trying to say

Kate seemed to realize it too when she saw that Kyles expression didnt change.


She cant draw in this state.

She cant even talk properly.

For the nth time today, Kate felt utterly miserable. Her twelve years of compulsory education plus her three years in university seemed to be utterly useless....

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No one ever taught her how to communicate with human as a cat.

“Is it small”


Kate wanted to shook her head, but felt that it was a bit difficult to move her small furry head properly. This small kittens body was a bit... hard to control.

“How about this.” Kyle put Kate on his hand, letting her sit there. “If its no, you tap my hand twice. If its yes, you tap my hand once. If youre not sure, tap thrice.”


“Is it small”

Kate tapped Kyles hand with her tail twice, indicating that it was not true.

“Is it as big as this warehouse”

Kate looked around at the warehouse. This warehouse was indeed big, but the space she had was somewhat bigger.

She tapped twice again.


Kate tapped twice.

Kyle was silent. He was sure that the space in Kates space was bigger than this warehouse, but how big is it

He didnt know how the cat could count the size, so he didnt bother continuing asking.

“In that case, help me to store the materials in this warehouse to your space”


Kate was stunned.

Kyle might have been the craziest person she had ever met in her entire life. He actually wanted to trust a little cat in keeping his entire supplies

Looking at the little cat, Kyle seemed to understand that Kate was confused. Even though he didnt understand a cats language, the little cats expression was very rich. So rich that he could mistake her to be a human.

Though, she looked really innocent and cute, just like a little kid.

“Ill keep some on the go, but the rest will just be a waste if its kept here.” Kyle looked at Kate, explaining his action. Even though he himself felt that he might look crazy in the eyes of other people, he felt that the little cat understood him. “If your space can hold them all, it would be for the best.”

Kate was silent.

She looked at Kyle for a moment before meowing in response.



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