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Chapter 15: Kyles House

Kate practiced jumping towards the cars side in order to look outside. In the end, Kyle couldnt stand seeing her jumping and falling anymore.

He took her directly to sit on the dashboard.


Kyle looked at the cat, who truly acted humane, and narrowed his eyes. He truly wondered just what in the world was this phenomenon called.

Animals gaining humans wisdom

This thing that they found was truly getting more out of hand. The last time they disclosed some information to him, it was only said that there would be some changes in the world which would affect the living beings.

But not a single one of them said that the animals would be able to gain intelligence.


Kyle looked at the little cat, who was now looking outside curiously and chose to restrain his thoughts. Anyway, he will be taking care of this small cat for the time being, so if there was something strange, he will be able to know.

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Kate looked at the scenery outside and felt that she really didnt know the world anymore.

There were so many giant rats anywhere.

Some people were fighting against the rat, using whatever weapon they could find. And from time to time, Kate could still hear the gunshot sound.

There were polices.

And naturally, there were also people who had gun licenses.

The world is changing that I dont know what to do.

Kate was still at a loss.

But she also knew that it would be impossible for her to feel at loss forever. She would have to accept and adapt to this new world as fast as possible. Whatever she thought as normal before wouldnt be normal anymore.

Would the law still have an effect by now

With a lot of rats turning into giant rats and attacked the outside world, Kate believed that there were things that would eventually turn messy. The sewer would have been worse as it was filled with rats.


Kate really couldnt imagine it.

But it was not only rat that Kate saw.

There were also giant snakes, rabbits, and even squirrels.

Kate: “...”

For some reason, she was glad that she didnt see giant cats and dogs too. There were too many people keeping cats and dogs. If they also turned into giants, she believed that the entire city would fall into chaos.

With the degree worse than this.

But at this moment, aside from some of them who had rats here and there, the others were mostly fine.

The rats were mostly in the drainage system below, so the people up here didnt see them. And with how the things were going, the government would surely send someone to deal with them.


Anyway, even if they didnt, these people might even take it into their own hand.

With more and more people awakened abilities and showed strange ability, Kate was sure that the worlds law would shift little by little. These people with special abilities would have a higher place than normal people.

It was just a matter of time.


The sound of gunshot nearby startled Kate. She raised her head and saw that Kyle had shot a rat that was approaching them.

“Were close now.” Kyle noticed Kate was looking at him and couldnt help but explaining. He himself didnt know why, but he felt that the little cat was somewhat more humane now.

Her blue eyes were staring straight at him when he talked to the little cat.

It was as if shes a human being who knew when someone talked to her.

Am I thinking too much

Kyle felt that the small cats difference compared to before was somewhat large. However, it didnt change the fact that this was still a silly little cat.


Kate chose to ignore the gory background behind Kyle as she felt her stomach slightly churning. But for some reason, she didnt feel that disgusted with it.

Was it because she truly fused with a cat

Kate didnt know whether to cry or laugh when she thought about it.

Her thinking ability seemed to have regressed too... she felt that she was somewhat average before, but now she really felt as if she was a little kid.

Is it because Im now both a cat and a human

Kate felt troubled.

The car stopped in front of the gate and Kyle looked at the front. There was a mechanical beep and then the gate opened.

No one was guarding this place.

Kate: “...”

Just how advance is this place

The security system alone could recognize when the owner would return and didnt even need Kyle to do anything

For some reason, this made her feel that the somewhat advance lock door system in her university was lacking. At least, compared to Professor Kyles house, it was the difference of Heaven and Earth.

And after the car entered the courtyard, Kate was silent once more.

Is this truly a house



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