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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Breaking Out

After the thought crossed her mind, Kate immediately ruled it out.

This was not a novel.

There was no way such a thing could possibly happen.

In any case, Kate knew that she didnt have the time to care about it. She simply moved into the pocket even closer and curled her small body.

This professors jacket really has big pocket that connected one side to the other. Anyway, it felt comfortable to sleep here.

So, Kate simply slept.

Her small body needed rest.


Kyle was listening attentively while the students were concocting plans. The other professors and teachers were waiting at the side as they were helpless. If they were asked to solve some kind of engineering question, then they would be very active.

But this matter of fighting their way out

Im afraid that they would be more worried whether they could run faster or not as most of them were already advanced in age.


Kyle felt that the small kitten moved a bit before it remained motionless. He was speechless.

Did this cat didnt know that there was a danger out here

Shes still sleeping so peacefully even in this situation

At this moment, Kyle really didnt know what to think about this small cat that he decided to bring out because of impulse.

Was it really the correct decision


“Lets go!”

The students began to implement their plan.

Kyle originally wanted to leave as soon as possible, but he quickly noticed that the streets were filled with so many rats. He frowned, thinking that the citys cleaning level was really bad.

There were a lot of people who didnt do their work well.

Ill wait a bit.

He had a gun, but Kyle didnt want to attract attention. It was especially when these cameras were still working and might capture his image when he made his move.

For the time being, he will wait until it was clear enough to leave.

“Professor Kyle, do you want to come too” One of the students nearer asked.

Lotus heard his words and her body tensed up slightly. She looked at Professor Kyle warily as if she was facing the biggest devil in the world.

Kyles eyes narrowed slightly.

He could remember that just before they all pass out because of the strange phenomenon, Lotus was among the girls who looked at him with adoration in her eyes. It was not like he was over sensitive, but he knew that many women liked to watch his face.

Over the years, he had long gotten used to that.

But for Lotuss way of looking at him to change so much, Kyle could guess that the ability she got might have played a role.

As for what it was, he was unclear.

“Im not good at fighting, so Ill wait first.”

“Ok.” The student was not suspicious. No one had ever seen this cold teacher fight before, so they couldnt confirm whether it was the truth or not.

Only Lotus showed a strange expression, but she quickly restrained it again and left with the other boys. It was as if she was too afraid to stay even for a moment longer beside Kyle.

Kyle arched his eyebrows but stayed silent.

Time passed quietly as the students began to rush out and implement their plan to deal with the rats.

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And in the process, they discovered something amazing.

Kate woke up again when there was noise from the outside along with various screams. She frowned and her head popped out from the pocket side once more. This time, she could see Lucy was standing not far in front of her.

She was looking outside, so Kate couldnt see her expression.

But truthfully, Kate was not that worried about Lucy. Lucy is a black belt in karate and had even beaten up some unruly boys before.

If anything, it would be Lucy worrying about her.

And it seemed that Lucy was indeed looking for her, but she couldnt find where Kate is because no one saw her.

It was as if Kate disappeared into the smoke.

Kate: “...” she just turned into a cat, but she really couldnt explain it.

“The other students are outside. Dont you also want to follow, Lucy”

“I still havent found Kate. They could get out first.” Lucy then turned around. When she saw Professor Kyle didnt seem to be in a hurry, she was a bit surprised. “Professor, do you see Kate”

“I didnt see anyone when I woke up.” Kyle looked at Lucy and then looked outside.

At this moment, Kate was stunned.

It seemed that the source of the screams were actually these students who found out that they had some kind of remarkable ability.

To be exact, there were three.

One of them was bursting fire and chased after a rat happily.

The other one was punching after a rat like crazy as if he didnt feel any pain while the other one was too fast for Kate to see.

She began to wonder whether she entered a fantasy world.

Ability user

Is this really the end of the world and also the beginning of the awakened for some weird power


Ability user

Kate looked at her small paw.

Please dont tell her that her ability was to fuse into a cat....

That would be the most useless ability in the world!


Kate howled tragically.



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