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The Tale Of Kitsuna Chapter 2

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RE: Chapter 2: Survival

(5 years since the day the experiments started.)

I really dont know how I survived for this long. In the beginning, it really hurt, but after some time, I stopped feeling anything. Day after day, I could feel how my body changed after every injection. The changes were small, but I could feel it. There were also other test subjects, but they never survived long. At least they did not live long in this hell, not like me, who has been here for years probably.

A couple of days ago, the Duke, the nobleman, told me he was impressed that I live so long. That he decided that he will give me something special today and it will be my last ever injection. I am not going to lie, but I hope he was telling me the truth.

Talking about the fateful day. At the moment, the Duke was standing next to me, that is again strapped to the table. He was inspecting a metal injection and was about to prep it for me.

“I hope this works. You have lived so long, and I hope you can handle the blood of this primordial.” The duke said getting turned towards me.

My eyes widen at his words.Primordial blood! How should I survive something like the blood of a primordial How did he even get that I thought.

He brought the injection to my arm to inject me but was interrupted by the doors of the lab exploding.

“Who dares barge into my lab!!!”


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“Duke, you are under arrest for stealing from the royals. The king will be strict if you dont return the primordial blood you have stollen.”

“Hahaha, Marquis Draig, you are too late!” The Duke yelled, turning back at me and plunge the injection directly into my heart. I felt liquid invading my body, and I felt my consciousness started to fade.

It looks like I am finally going to get free from this hell. The last thing I saw was a man with brown hair looking at me with a gloomy expression. I smiled at him before I lost my consciousness.

“Thank you.”


(Marquis Draigs POV)

To think my day would be going like this, I sighed.

This morning, the King ordered to arrest Duke Vermillion for stealing a vial of primordial blood from the royal treasury. The King said he was also busy with inhuman experiments. It baffled me that he knew about it and did not do anything about it. I wanted to bring this up but knew it wasnt the time for that.

Standing in front of the Dukes mansion, I felt that this would be one hell of a day. Looking to my right to see my wife and vice-captain of the black ops.

“Stacy, you clear the mansion. I am going straight to the basement. To stop the Duke from using the blood.” I ordered, walking closer to the mansion

“Will do, honey,” Stacy replied with a smile.

Braking into the mansions front door, I ran directly towards the basement. When I entered his lab, I saw the duke standing over a table with a 10-year-old on top of the table. The child did not look to be in good shape, but I could see the child still breathing.

“Who dares barge into my lab!!!” the duke shouted and turned around to look at me. I saw that the duke had the injection in his hand.

“Duke, you are under arrest for stealing from the royals. The king will be strict if you dont return the primordial blood you have stollen.” I said, hoping he would give back the blood.

“Hahaha, Marquis Draig, you are too late!” The duke said and turned back around and stabbed the injection into the childs chest. Rushing at the duke to get him away from the child. When I was in striking distance from him, I instantly cut off his head. This world does not need someone like him. Looking at the child, I could see that she was starting to lose consciousness. Meeting her silver eye, she smiled and thanked me before closing her eyes for good.

“No! Fuck I was too slow!” I turned around and kicked the dukes corpse through one of the labs walls. I was so out of it that I didnt even realize that I almost hit Stacy by doing that. All I saw was her head pop out on the side of the broken wall.

“Honey, you almost hit me with that.” She said with anger in her voice.

“Huh Oh, Stacy, I am sorry I lost my self-there.”

“What happened, and why did you kill him Did we not get the order to arrest him”

“I wanted to stop him from injecting the blood into the child but was too late.” I pointed at the child on the table.

“Is she…”

“Yes, she just passed away.” I dropped my head.

“Honey, you cant save everyone.” Stacy hugged me, trying to let me feel better. I really did not deserve this wife of mine. “Honey, what is happening” Stacy said with fear in her voice. I havent heard fear in her voice in a long time. I turned around, looking back at the child to have the same fear installed into me.

Black liquid started to come out of the body. I took Stacy and moved away from the body, and get my weapons ready for a fight if needed. After the black liquid encased the table, it lit on fire but no normal fire. It felt sinister, like it doesnt belong here. The fire also didnt look like a normal fire. It didnt take any genius to finger out that this fire was abnormal and strong. There was also lighting sometimes sparking through the fire. The rooms temperature also went down fast.

“Honey, what is going on.” I heard Stacy say behind me.

“I dont know. I have never heard what will happen if someone gets injected with primordial blood.” I could see the flames starting to retract back into the body. But not completely. Her right arm looked like it was still on fire with the moving flames on it. The fire that was on her arm turned black and red. Seeing the black tattoos, I knew the body just got cursed. Walking towards her body, I could see that her left arm also had something on it. Walking over to that side. I saw lightning on her arm the same color as the flames. But this lighting did not move as the flames did. It stayed the same.

“Why would a dead person be cursed” I mumble.

“Dean, she is breathing again. These curses look really advanced as well.” Looking at the child again, I could see she was breathing again.

“Seems so. I hope these curses do not do anything to anyone else. Let us get someone to check on her in the palace.” Looking around, I could see a dozen other corpses lying about, and by the smell, there might be even more. “I think it is time we go speak to the King about this.”

“I agree. I can see at least 12 other bodies lying around. He knew about the experiments and did nothing about it. Let us call the rest of the main noble house to involve with this.”

“Stacy, I will take the child. Will you get the evidence we will need for this” I said, picking up the girl from the table.

(Throne room)

“What do you mean you permitted him to do the experiments! Over a hundred children died because of your actions!” I shouted at the King.

“Marquis Draig, let me remind you, you are in front of royalty!” the king shouted. “He said he would make a weapon for this kingdom to keep it safe, so I let him do what he wanted. I did not tell him to use the kingdoms treasury, though. The children who died were orphans anyway. No one will miss them. Now leave! You have no right to accuse me.”

“That is where you are wrong, my king. We have more power together than you have at the moment.” Marquis Anlit stated.

“Grandfather, I think it is time you step down from the throne.” Everyone was surprised to see the crown prince coming into the hall.

“Crown prince, you have nothing to do with this leave this instant!” The king shouted in anger.

“I am the crown prince. Of course, this matter has something to do with me.” Ignoring the king after that, he turned towards me. “Marquis Draig, might you inform me about this in detail.”

“Yes,” I told him about what happen and showed him the evidence Stacy collected.

“That is enough to open a trial against my grandfather, so lets do that. My mother will agree with the trial.” The Prince said. “Oh, Marquis Draig, you may take the child back with you.”

“As you wish.” I did not complain about the trial. I was happy that the prince finally going to take over. The prince might be on the young side, but he had what it takes to rule the kingdom. He was also better than that 150-year-old lizard.

“Marquis, this might sound wrong of me, but the child has primordial blood in her, so make her strong. We will need her one day.”

“I understand.” I knew that the primordial blood couldnt go to waste, but Stacy wouldnt be happy about this.

The aftermath of all this was as expected. The king was executed, the crown prince took the throne, and his mother was set as his adviser. Well, the mother is just for the show. She is too lazy to do anything. She will rather spend time with her twins instead of being an adviser. If only her husband didnt die four years ago.


I knew she wasnt going to be happy about this.

“He wants you to make her a weapon for the kingdom” Stacy said with anger in her voice.

“Yes, and I already got a training plan for her.”

“She just went through torture, and you want to begin training her right after she got out. Dean, are you sane.”

“I was ordered to get her ready as fast as possible. We never know when the next war will start.”

“Dean, I am warning you right now. If you really think that I will allow you to make her a weapon. Then we are done, and I am taking her with me.” Stacy said, looking me dead in the eyes. I knew she was going to act like this.

“What do you want me to do then Do you have any better idea”

“Yes, let me live with her at the border mansion. I would try my best to help her get used to everything. I will also be retiring as your vice-captain.”

“Okay, that sounds fine.”

“What about our daughter” I ask.

“You know she is daddys girl, right.”

“That is true. So, when are you going”

“Tomorrow. Well, I will be going need to go pack.” She said and started walking away.




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