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Chapter 19: Wrath

(Still Rebecca POV)

“Dizzy attacked when I was busy looking at Kitsunas memories. Kitsuna woke up in the middle of it because she felt the bloodlust Dizzy was giving off. Kitsuna got mad because the Federation has given a genocide order on her kind, and here we are. You know I said that I wanted Dizzy to be Kitsunas first kill, right. That was actually unneeded.” Stacy explained while walking toward the broken wall.

“Has she killed someone before.” Stacy just nodded, not taking her eyes off Kitsuna in the courtyard. “Wasnt her old-world against killing” I ask

“Yes, it was. In that world, she would be a mass murderer. Well, they never knew she did it. Got to say she was lucky that a dumb terrorist group took all the blame for her handy work, haha.”

“Hmm, she has killed more than one person” Lily asks with confusion.

“Un, she has killed more people than you, Lily,” Stacy said nonchalantly.

“What! You arent serious. I know Lily hasnt been in a war yet, but her kill count still isnt low, Stacy.” Looking down at Kitsuna in time to see her bring her sword down on one of the spies killing him instantly. I was expecting her to react somehow, but she didnt even give him a second glance. Looking closely, I saw that her body was producing dark mana. “She went berserk. We need to do something.”

“Dont worry. She is in full control.”


“She is only 13 years. How can she be in control,” I ask

“I dont think I can tell you everything,” Stacy said with a bit of sadness. “All you need to know she will be fine; just watch.”

I wanted her to answer me, but when I saw the look she had. I didnt ask because her look reminded me of my mother when she heard I was accepted into the black ops. she was very proud of me, and I could see that proudness on Stacys face right now aimed at Kitsuna. I didnt know why she was so proud of Kitsuna and wasnt planning to ask.

“I understand.”

“Hey! How the hell is more than 10% of our staff spies, Rebecca!” The proud look that Stacy just had was gone instantly and was replaced by a frown looking at me.

“Uhm, I havent had enough time in the past couple of years to do a cleanup.” I scratch my head awkwardly.

“Yeah, I can see that. I have gone soft on you, havent I You need to take care of your work and stop flirting with Lily the entire time.” Stacy shouted, making both me and Lily blush.

(Kitsuna POV)

Seeing that 20 people were running at me, I thought of how I would handle it. Stacys training revolved around fighting against groups. This was my first time fighting against people who should know what they are doing and was really trying to kill me. It is not like the dumb delinquents back on earth that attacked me blindly. When they were 10 meters away, I heard Dizzy shouting from behind me.

“Dont attack her so blindly. She is way stronger than she should be. The best way is to surround her and then attack her.” All of them listened to her words and started surrounding me. I wanted to laugh because they actually gave me the advantage by surrounding me instead.

“You **en idiots, you just gave her the advantage!” I heard Stacy shout from the broken wall. Looking at her, I saw she looks fine.

“OI! You should be on my side!” I shouted back and chuckled at finding out she was actually faking her state a while ago.

“This should have been a challenge for you, but they just had to listen to that dumbass of a maid! I believe in you!” While Stacy was complaining and giving me her support. I heard weird noises coming from the ground behind Dizzy. Look towards the sound. I heard an unsettling voice.

“I cant agree more with you, Stacy Draig. This dumbass just had to choose today to make a ruckus.” The man said while he was standing up from the ground behind Dizzy. When he was standing straight, more people started to stand up.

How the hell didnt I notice so many people on the ground. I was surprised that so many have escaped my senses. There were at least 50 people, and it was late afternoon. This only meant they were planning to attack at night time.

“Commander, what are you doing here!” Dizzy and all the other spies were surprised at seeing him. Looking again at the guy, I saw he had white hair and green eyes. He was wearing a ghillie suit

“I have a mission to destroy the mansion, and you are comprising it.” Unsheathing his sword, he attacked Dizzy at speed I couldnt see. All I saw was the aftermath of Dizzys head being sliced off and her body falling to the ground.

This is bad! I need to get out of here. Looking around, I started to look for escape root back to The mansion. The only person that can fight this guy is her. While I was looking around, I saw that I was in the middle of all of them.

“Well, **.” I cursed at my luck.

“You dont seem to panic, although you are in the worst possible place to stand.”

“Aah, and you dont seem to affect after killing one of your own.”

“The federation doesnt accept failure.”

“I see, so who am I facing You” I said, smiling. But was hoping he will point to a weaker person.

“All of us, of course.” He smiled back and lifted his hands, gesturing for his men.

“Tsk. Fuck.” I cursed my luck and took my crosswheels of my waist and tacking stance. Just as I was about to attack, Stacy appeared next to me. Looking at her, I said.

“I was started thinking you have left me”

“I will leave Dean before I leave you.” She said seriously.

“I...I” I didnt know what to say. I knew she loves Dean more than anyone and will do anything for him. I heard stories about him and her from Stacy, and the new Dean was the world for her. Her saying that she would leave him before I baffled me Chuckling a bit, I smiled and said sarcastically, “Are you okay in the head You leave him before me, yeah, right.”

“You dont believe me When we are done, I will show you my memories, and you will see why I would do that.”

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“Fi-” I wasnt able to replay as Stacy pushed me. Right afterward, the commanders sword came down at the same spot.

“Talk later. Can you make me 2 Katana, please” Doing at, she says. I made her 2 ice katanas and throwing them at her. “Thanks.” She thanked me after catching them. She reinforced my sword with her mana and started attacking the Commander.

With the battle starting between them, the rest of them also started attacking. Just as I was about to grab my crosswheels that were on my waist, I ducked under someone that attacked from behind me and swept his legs out under him. While he was falling, I made a katana in one hand and cut his head off.

“Can I just use my crosswheels!” I shouted at them.

“Haha, like we would let you use them.” One of them laughed at me. Looking at him, I threw the Katana at his chest and I again tried to get my weapons out. The guy wasnt ready for my sudden attack and just had enough time to make sure my attack wasnt fatal.

When my hands touched my crosswheels, I again needed to dodge someones attack from above. I rolled out of the way and used all my strength to jump in the air.

“Dont let her get her han-Ugh!” Even though he tried to warn everyone else, he was too late, and I had them out already and just killed him with one of them. Everyone was surprised by the sudden attack because no one saw it coming.

“I am now ready for you, Hehe.” Everyone that heard me shudder at my voice, even Stacy and the Commander, stopped fighting and looked at me.

“That...She must die. Everyone the mission has change kill the Demi-Fox at all cost. We cant leave a carrier of a Deadly sin skill alive!” The Commander shouted at all his troops.

“I thought she was going into a normal berserk state, but this. The 7 Deadly Sins, the sin of Wrath,” Stacy mumbled while looking at me, concerned. Unknown to me, I started to change. My black and red hair change to complete red. My eyes were completely red, as well. The most notable thing is that my body was clouded in Black smoke.



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