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Chapter 18: First Real Fight

“No, you dont!” I took Stacy with my right hand and pulled her closer to me. With my left hand that was free, I tried blocking the dagger with an ice shield. I didnt have enough time to make a proper shield, so the dagger went right through the ice into my hand.

“Ugh.” Although I was cursed to reserve pain 10 times worse than it is. I have been training with Stacy that didnt hold her punches, so this didnt hurt enough for me to get distracted. I jumped off the bed away from Dizzy with Stacy in my arm.

“What bad timing you have. I wanted to do it in your dreams, but you just had to wake up. Tsk.” Dizzy dropped the dagger that she stabbed me with and pulled out another 2 for each hand. Looking confused at her and the dagger on the bed. She noticed my gaze and said. “Are you wondering why I dropped my dagger Well, you will find out later. Hehe.”

Nodding at her, I activated my self regen. Seeing that my hand healed so fast Dizzy clicked her tongue. Looked at Stacy in my right arm. When I looked at Stacy, I noticed that I grabbed her by her collar and still didnt wake up. I started shaking her around, trying to wake her up.

“Didnt Stacy teach you never to take your eyes off of your enemy” Dizzy dashed at me and tried to take advantage of me being distracted. Swing her daggers sideways, I made a great sword with my ice in my left hand and blocked her daggers with ease. I looked at her in the eyes.

“Dizzy, did you really think I would let my guard down that easily Also, do you know how to use daggers properly” She was most likely a trained assassin, a poorly trained one. She tried to attack me with both daggers in the same direction. Tilting my head sideways, I kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying back. Changing my grip on Stacy, I put her on my shoulder. I look back at Dizzy and saw she went right through my bed and ended up against the wall.

“How are you so strong. I knew you were a demon-fox, but you are still a level 2.” she stood up and readied herself again.

“Is there something special about being a demon-fox” I ask her.


“Didnt you know your kind is rare and dangerous Why do you think it is rare to see any other demon-fox. They were hunted because their battle potential is so great that the Federation gave orders to all their forces to exterminate every demon-fox that exists.” She smiled at me that dropped my head looking to the ground, and continued. “They also give anyone that bring a corps of one a massive reward. Haha.”

While she was ranting on, I was getting depressed at hearing that my race was being hunted. I dont know why I felt so angry and sad about it. It most likely because of the primordial blood in me or that all my old memories were replayed in my head seconds ago. I whispered to Stacy that I still didnt know if she was awake or not.

“Sorry about this.” Dropping her to the floor, I dashed toward Dizzy with everything I had. She was surprised by my sudden approach that she didnt have time to dodge. She still blocked my sword but was again sent towards the wall, but this time she didnt stop and went straight through it and making an ear-piercing sound. Ignoring the sound, I walk calmly to the hole in the wall. I saw it was already late afternoon. I looked at where Dizzy ended up and saw that she ended up 50 meters away from the mansion.

Right before I was about to jump out, I heard the door open behind me. Looking back, I saw Rebecca and Lily running with their own weapons, ready to fight. Rebecca had a chain with a metal ball with spikes on one end, and the other end was an ax. Lily had a rapier in her hand. They looked around and saw me. When our eyes met, they stiffened. “Take care of Stacy. She used her memories skill.” That is all I said before jumping out.

Landing on the ground. I walked toward Dizzy that was struggling to stand up. I grinned at seeing her in such a pitiful state. “Are you really from the Federation You are so weak that a level 2 can do this to you. Has their battle power declined so much that we wouldnt even need half of the Black Ops to destroy the entire Federation Hehe.” I was talking loud enough so that everyone could hear me. If there is one spy, there got to be more, and I know only killing her wont be enough to satisfy my anger.

The Federation has given orders to kill all demon-fox meant that there shouldnt be that many left, and that got to me. Knowing that you might be the last of your race and why will piss off anyone.

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“You! How dare you mock the Federation!” I heard a scream from behind me. Turning around, I saw one of our chefs running towards me with a sword in hand. Looking behind him, I saw that most people that worked at the mansion were outside. In between, I could see some of them showing an angry expression. Looking back at the chef, I smiled.

“Haha, do you really think that only one person is enough to kill me” I laugh. I didnt know why, but I felt powerful. I knew I was strong enough to fight a level 200, but at the moment, I felt like I could easily kill a level 300 and below with ease. I lifted my ice sword and brought it down towards the chef that was about to attack me.

He tried to block it but ultimately failed, and my sword went right through his and ended up slicing his head in two. I let go of my sword, making him fall over with the sword still stuck in his head. looking back at the crowd, I said. “Really, he couldnt even take one hit before dying. How weak has the Federation become” After my statement, 20 other people started running out of the crowd towards me.

Really, there were 22 spies. We have less than 150 people working here, and more than 10% of them were spies. Shaking my head, I activated dimension storage and equipped my fighting gear. Over the last 3 years, I also discovered that I can use this skill to change my outfit instantly.

My battle gear didnt look that different from the normal outfits I wear every day. My scarf, a black hoodie, dark red t-shirt with black jeans, and black sneakers with my own crosswheels on my waist. I looked like a teenager that wants to go out and play around, but all of my clothes were made out of adamite fiber, the same as my crosswheels.

(Rebecca POV)

Today was finally the day that Stacy will confront Kitsuna about her distancing herself from everyone. Stacy had come to complain to me for the last 2 months about Kitsuna ignoring her. It started getting under my skin. She has ruined so much private time with Lily. Ugh. So annoying.

Well, I thought everything would go fine until I heard an explosion coming from Kitsunas room. Thinking it was nothing I remembered Dizzy and thought she might have taken this chance to attack. We knew she was a spy, but Stacy wanted to use her as Kitsunas first kill. The world wasnt the best there was, and killing people happens a lot, especially in Stacys work. Anyway, Dizzy was only a level 200 common class, so she was really weak. I looked at Lily that was in front of me and started running.

Running towards Kitsunas room with our weapons out and ready. When we reached her room, we didnt wait and barged in. I looked around for the Dizzy to only fine Stacy on the floor and Kitsuna before a giant hole in the wall. Looking towards her, our eyes met. I stiffen up seeing those eyes. Those eyes remind me of one person, and that person is not someone you can mess with if she is in that state, Stacy the battle maniac. Stacy might come off as an airhead most of the time, but if she is in a fight where she is a determent to kill this person, no one can stop her, not even Dean. In that state, she also has the same eyes that Kitsuna has at the moment.

“Take care of Stacy. She used her memories skill.” That was all she said before jumping out. I was surprised that she permitted Stacy to look through her memories. I knew she didnt trust people easily, but it seems she trusted Stacy a lot. Because giving permission to see all of her memories meant that Stacy would know everything about her.

Walking to Stacy that was on the floor, I kicked her and said. “Explain to me what happened.” I knew she was faking.

“Tsk, why do you have to kick me” Stacy complained and stood up.

“Explain!” I said again.



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