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The Tale Of Kitsuna Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Kitsuna/Shiro past

In Tokyo, an apartment high in the sky, there lived a family of 3. The father was a well-known doctor who might be even the best in the world. The father had a big and tall build. His height reached close to 2 meters. He had black hair and black eyes, your normal Japanese looks, but his wife was another story. She was short, really short. If someone looked at photos of them, they would think the father was a lolicon. Well, against her husband, she was really short, but she was actually average in height for a woman. She had blond hair and ocean blue eyes. She was by far the most beautiful person Dr. Adachi has seen in his lifetime. They had one child looking for more.

They were a happy family until the mother got in an accident where she lost her ability to give birth. Dr. Adachi was furious about it and blamed Mrs. although it was not her fault, she got injured. At that time, the child was only 4 years old, so he didnt know what the accident was or why his father was so mad that his mother was in the hospital.

After that day, the father changed and started to hate his family. Beating the mother and son up every other day. But because he was such a good doctor, no one could see that he was abusing his family. After a year of being beaten, forced upon, and seeing her child crying every day. The mother decided to take her own life. Because she was so depressed and in her own thought at the time, she didnt notice that her child was looking at her while she was preparing her gun to shoot herself with. The child witnessed the suicide of his own mother right in front of him at the age of 5.

When the father came home that night, he saw the child looking at his wifes dead body. He realized he still loved his wife and cried for the first time in his life. When he calmed down, he saw that his son was also in the room. Once again, the father was furious his wife that he loved, has killed herself, and his child only watches it and doesnt seem that he even tried to stop her. It is all the childs fault that she killed herself. That is what went through his head. After that day, the real hell started for little Shiro.

“Shiro, its all your fault she is dead!” The father looked at his son and saw no emotion on his face, not even sadness. This made him even more furious that he took the gun and shot Shiro in the leg. Even though Shiro was only 5 at the time, he had a body of a 7-year-old.

“Argh!” Shiro shouted in pain and start rolling around.

“If it werent for my reputation, I would have killed you, but I can not do that.”The father looked at the Shiro with clear disdain. After thinking for a while, the father started to smirk. “I know how you will repay me. You will become my practice dummy from now on.”

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Shiro adopted a look of fear when he heard his father. He knew that his every days beating will increase from now on.


The next 10 years of Shiros life was hell for him. His father became better with his job after using him to cut and close him as his practice dummy. He was so good with it now that he didnt even leave a scar afterward. Although Shiro was used as a dummy, he didnt look like he was and wasnt malnourished. This was because Shiro was Dr. Adachis son, so he needed to look presentable all the time.

Shiro was also sent to the best school in Tokyo. However, Shiro hated his father to the bone. He could never go against him, so he just had to accept everything as it is. He hated to follow his fathers order, but he would be cut more than usual if he did not. Even if the father himself hated his son, he had expectations of him. He needed to be the best at everything he does or get cut if he is not at the top. That all his life was for 10 years.

Shiro did try making friends with people, but he was always used. Because he was the son of the most famous doctor in Japan, people only approached him to gain things for themself. This is why he ignored everyone that approached him. Because he always ignored the people around him, rumors started going around about him.

(Shiro 15 year birthday.)

Walking home from school. I was thinking about what the bastard had planned for me today. It was my 15th birthday, and it was almost 10 years after my mothers suicide.

Is he going to leave me alone like the last couple of years, or is he going to dissect me again like 5 years ago I say dissect, but its more he injects me with pain killers, then opens me up and shoves his hand in. The worst isnt the pain, not that I really can feel it, but its that I can feel him digging around my intestines.

“Welcome back, young master.” One of our workers greeted me. Nodding back at him, I walk in the elevator towards our apartment that is the entire floor. I waited and hoped that he would leave me alone for my birthday. When the doors opened, I heard him shout at me.

“Took you long enough, murderer!” Looking deeper into the hallway, I could see him stand there waiting for me. He started walking towards me with a grin on his face. I knew what that grin meant. He had a new material to test on me. Panicking, I pressed the button to close the doors. See that I knew what he was planing, he started running towards me. “No, you dont. I have something special planned for your birthday.”

I was still spamming the button, but it was already too late when the doors started closing. He grabbed me at my left arm and dragged me towards his lab. Although I was bigger as him, I never could fight back because I was too scared of him.

Walking in, he locked the door behind us so that I couldnt escape easily. he started dragging me towards the table that had staps on it. A million thoughts went through my head while we were walking. The biggest one was what he had planned for me. When we were 2 meters away from the table, I saw a glass box with white worms.

No way, he is going to put thoughts in me, is he My face went pale, and when Dr. Adachi saw this, his grin went into a full-blown smile.

“Yes, those are my treat to you. Happy 15th birthday, murderer.” he started to laugh. For the first time in my life, I fought back against my father. I always tried to run away, not fight him.

Bowling a fist in my right hand, I used it to punch him in the face. My sudden attack caught him off guard, that he let go of my arm. Moving a few meters away from him against a table. I looked at him and waited to see what he was going to do. It only took him a couple of seconds to stable himself and look at me with bloodshot eyes.

“How dare you hit your father!” he started running at me. I looked at the table to see that there was a metal plate on it. I took the plate, and at that time, my father was already close. Swing the plate blindly at him, hitting him on the head, effectively knocking him out. He fell to the floor.

After a while, calming himself. I looked at him on the floor. I came up with an idea. Looking at the table and back at my father on the floor, I nodded for myself. Picking him up, I carried him towards the table. I started him on the table and waited.



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