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The Tale Of Kitsuna Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Training

“Are you ready to start now” Stacy asks.

“Yes, I will be in your hands,” I said, looked at her, still rubbing my ears.

“Now, you are going to be my first disciple. Amari didnt want to because of her... you know what.”

“Yeah, I feel kind of happy that I will be your disciple, but I dont know why I have this nagging feeling that it is not as good as it sounds. Also, how am I your first disciple.” I looked at her, puzzled because my git really was going off.

“Haha, no one wants her to train them,” Rebeca said from the balcony that looked over the training grounds. “You have good instincts, kid.”

“But why is my instinct going off” Thinking about it, I remembered that Stacy is a training freak, and I will be her first disciple. Putting 1 and 1 together, I figured out why. Looking at Stacy, I saw that she had a smile on, but her aura was menacing. “So its you, huh. No turning back now.” I shrugged, looking at her.

“I am happy you say that, Kitsuna. Have you ever used a sword or something like that in your previous life” She said while walking to the racks with weapons on them.

“So we are really starting today, but why so early It is like 5 in the morning. At least let me eat.” I complained. Stacy woke me up, saying I have 30 min to get to the training grounds.


“No, if we want you to get that legendary class. You will need lots of training, and I mean a lot. Now answer my question.” Stacy said.

“I have held weapons and used them, just not for killing.”

“What weapons have you held the most”

“Katanas and Rapiers, maybe cross wheels can be included. I have held them a lot but have no idea how to use them.”

“Cross wheels From all the weapons there is, you have already held cross wheels.” Stacy tilted her head at me.

“Yeah, my neighbor was a weapon collector. We were good friends, you see, every time he got a new weapon, he would show me first. His favored weapon was cross wheels.” I smiled, thinking about him.

“Okay, what do you think about cross wheels then.”

“Fascinating. They look so out of place, but they can be so good if you know how to use them.”

“I see. Okay, we are starting your training with cross wheels. I want to see how you use them.” Stacy walks towards the armory. After a while, she came back with two cross wheels. “Okay, dont use your mana. These arent made out of adamite. They will instantly melt.” She threw them at me.

Catching them, I looked at them and back at Stacy. I didnt have an inkling idea to use them. “Dont I have to start with the fundamentals first I dont know anything about using a weapon properly.”

“Oops, thats true. Maybe we should start with swords then. Hehe.” She scratched her head awkwardly.

“Sigh, I thought you knew how to teach someone about weapons”

“I do. I am just more a practical teacher. Just give me some time.” She explains herself.

“Sigh. Makes sense. Let us start with swords. We have swords that are made out of adamite so that I can use my mana.”

“Okay. You still have the bag with the swords, right”

“Yes, I do,” Taking the bag out of y dimensional storage. Putting it next to the racks of the training ground. I took out the first sword I saw. “This one will do, I guess.” looking at it, I saw it was a black double edge sword with some carvings on it.

“Okay, I will also start with a double edge sword. You block and see how I use the sword, okay.”

“Okay, I will try,” I said, a bit scared that she would be the one attacking me.

“Dont try. Do it.” Stacy looked at me with a serious face. When I looked at her, my instincts took over, making me jump back against the wall opposite of hers. We were already more than 10 meters away from each other. I still felt danger from that distance. “Why did you jump back” she titled her head and smiled at me.

“I dont know. I just felt like I should jump away.” I said awkwardly. I didnt know what came over me, but I knew it was dangerous to stay so close to her for some reason.

“Fine. I will have to.” Running towards me, I made myself self-ready to dodge. I didnt want to meet her blade. I didnt know if I could block it. When she was about to strike, I jump away again, trying to make the distance between us. She shouted at me. “Why are you running away again. You wont learn anything if you keep running like that. I am not going to go all out. This is training, remember.”

“I dont know what is going on. My instincts are telling me to run.”

“Thats good instincts, but stop listening to them for now, okay. Bucker down and block my sword.”

“Un.” Nodding at her. I took a stance this time to force me to block and unable to dodge.

“Thats better. Forcing yourself to block.” Again, she started running at me. I started to infuse my mana into the sword. I could see she was doing the same to her sword. She swung her sword at me. I met it and blocked it. I was surprised that I was able to block it. She didnt wait for me to get out of my surprise and attacked me again, this time from the other side. I looked at her sword coming towards me. I tried to move, but my body didnt move fast enough. The blade ended up stopping at my throat. “You saw it coming, didnt you”

“Yeah, I saw it, but my body was too slow,” I said with a bit of frustration. I was too caught up with my first block.

“Thats good. At least you saw it. Your reflexes wont be that good on your first try anyway. You didnt have a chance to block that even if you werent caught up with your first block. But at least you saw it coming. If you want to know that speed was at least a level 200s. That eyes and your instincts are good.”

“Why did you use that much speed”

“Because I wanted to test your eyes. You said that your natural senses were better than mine, right. I just wanted to see how much. I also released bloodlust in the beginning. Thats why you wanted to run away the entire time.”

“That makes sense.” I gave her a deadpan look and asked. “How much better is my sense than a normal soldier”

“A level 150 will be able to see the sword, but lower than that, no one will see it.”


“Come, let us go again.” Stacy walks back, making the distance between us. “This time, I will hold more back so you can block me better, okay. Oh yeah, one thing you are not allowed to look at your status until you mastered that sword in your hands, okay.”


“Pledge.” She said.

“I Kitsuna make a pledge that I will not look at my status until I have mastered all weapons ready for real combat.” After stating those words, I felt something change inside me. It felt I was restricted in a way. “So thats how a pledge feels.”

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“Hey, I said only that sword, not all weapons, idiot! You know there is a backlash from pledges, right”

“Aah **. Well, too late now,” Shrugging off my mistake, I smirked at her and said. “Come, let us continue.” I was getting excited about all this. This world looked so much fun. There was so much I could learn and do. This training with Stacy was the start of me learning new things. That was why I was getting so excited about our training.

“Fine, it seems you are getting excited. Then let us do this.” She smirked back at me. Again, I felt that instinct to run away from her. But I knew what she was doing this time and that she wanted me to get used to bloodlust.

4 hours later

“You survived so long. I am surprised.” I was on the ground panting while Stacy was standing over me, looking down at me.

“Huh How long has it been” I asked her for my breaths. I was exhausted. I knew she was a training freak, but this was insane. She did hold back with her speed and strength, but she didnt hold back on how skilled she is with a weapon. She decimated me every few seconds.

“We have been sparing for 4 hours already. Longer than I thought you would survive.”

“So, are we going to eat now I am starving.”

“Yes, after that we going back to training.”

“Why” Standing up from the ground, I looked at her frowning. I dont think I will survive more sparing.

“hehe, you are going to work on your stamina.”

“I see.”

“After your stamina training. I will help you work on your ice or as much as I can. If we can combine your ice weapons and your class, I think you will become a god before I die of old age. That we will do until lunchtime, after lunch, you will have 2 hours of free time. After your free time, we are sparing and stamina training again until dinner.” She started walking towards the dining hall.

“The free time I can do what I want to, right” I followed behind her, asking.

“Yes, do you already know what you will be doing” She looked at me.

“Yeah, I will be doing some more reading. I want to start reading about how weapons are made. I think it will help with my ice training.”

“Okay, if you want to use your time like that.”

“Yeah, I like reading anyway.”

“Just dont end up like your sister, please.” She asks with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Dont worry; I loved our sparring and exercising. I am not giving that up. Not for books, no way.” I said, giving her thumbs up.

“Thats good. Let us go to eat then. I am so hungry.” Stacy started to walk faster with a happy smile.

“Hey, dont walk so fast!” I plead at her while trying to keep up.



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