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Chapter 12: The Kingdom of Doragon

Its been a month and a half already. I became a custom to how things work here. Stacy doesnt follow me around the entire time anymore. I think the reason for that is that I spend most of my time in the library trying to find everything about this world that I can. Lily also survived and is now in a relationship with Rebeca. I was happy for them until I smelled blood on Lily. We had a lengthy discussion about their smell and my very sensitive nose.

The statement Stacy said on that day bothered me. Why would a kingdom be at war every decade I wanted an answer to that, and I found it. From all the worlds we the reincarnations could come to, we had to get a world that was in consent war. If there isnt war, then it is a cold war. Where the kingdom tries and advances its technology as fast as possible. I also had a bad feeling about that because we are in a cold war at the moment. I researched the cold war we are in right now, and I was devastated to hear about the nation we were against. The Federation is known as the biggest nation/Kingdom of our continent. The worst of all this is, is that they are bordered by the territory of the Marquis Draig. We, as the main branch of the house, must keep the entire nation at bay. We alone. Like what do they think we are After I talked with Stacy about it, she laughed at me like I am an idiot, and I was. I totally forgot what she said to me on our shopping trip. That we live in the dead forest. One of the most dangerous places out there, and there is only one way in the entire forest to move through the two kingdoms. This also made me think about how big the forest must be to be the entire border between our kingdom and the Federation.

People say knowledge can kill people, and it did, kind of. I short-circuited for a couple of days. I mean, how would a normal person react, learning that their new world was 100 times bigger than earth and their kingdom they are in is as big as South America and North America together. Thats not even all our kingdom is known as the smallest in the world, in the entire world!

At least there was one comforting thing about all this how long a day, a week, and a month(30 days) was all the same as earth. The only thing that changed is how long a year is. Even the names of the weekdays are the same. The months though, changed to a number instead of names and the number of months doubled.

Back to more important things. The kingdom of Doragon. It may be known as the smallest kingdom, but it is also one of the strongest kingdoms. The reason for this is the 4 pillar houses. These 4 houses are Marquis Anlit, Shield of the South, Marchioness Anabald, Shield of the West, Marquis Kuni, Shield of the East, and Marquis Draig, Shield of the North. There is also the last standing Duke house, Duke Boei. There was the other Duke house, but they were the ones behind the experiments.

The 4 houses are stationed at each border of the kingdom. Marquis Anlit is in charge of sea fere. Marquess Anabald is in charge of the beast kingdom border. Marquis Kuni is in charge of the demon kingdom border. And lastly, we Draigs are in charge of the Federation border and the dead forest in a way. Now it obviously impossible for one house to protect an entire border by itself for a long time in a war. That is where Duke Boei comes in. They are the support. Their job in normal military work, and if one of the houses gets under attack, they must go and support them.

Each house has its own military, but each one is different like ours are more elite. We dont do the buddy system. Our teams exist of 1 person, and thats all. If needed, they can team up, but it doesnt happen a lot. this makes us the house with the smallest military, but we are the strongest in military power by far. If you are accepted into our normal military as a soldier, you are already considered a knight in power. Thinking about the soldier who ran away from me the first day, I wondered if the books were bull**. I asked Stacy about it, and she said they were the Baron of that citys personal soldier. She also said that if the Draig house wanted to take over the kingdom. Even if all the rest of the kingdom goes against us, we will still win the fight. That is how strong we are. It all made sense why we have been put on the border of the federation.

The Black Ops are known for their ruthlessness, tradition, and most of all, their power. this is the name of Marquis Draigs military only 3000 people, and they are feared over the world. It was funny because Stacy was their vice-captain.


I asked her if the captain, her husband was stronger than her, and she laughed. “No, he isnt. in the black ops, there is a lot of people stronger than him and me. And before you think he is the captain because he is the head of the house, youre mistaken. Would you follow someone that thinks of you as a tool He made a name for himself, and people wanted to follow him, so he became the captain at the age of 22 when he wasnt the houses head. He cant even put a scratch on me, the youngest ever to be named captain in the black ops. I fell in love with him because he treats all 3000 of his men as brothers. He knows every one of them by name.” that is what she told me. I was surprised hearing that he knows all of them by name. I would never be capable of that. I suck at names and socializing.

I also did some research about powers in this world. I sound did like a normal RPG game. Kill monsters get exp, take a dead monster to guild get money. The thing about classes is the weirdest because your class is deterrent by the things you have experienced before level 50. it didnt matter like cooking, training, helping people anything you do is taken into account of what your class will be. Also, passive skills like my eyes are not normal, but I dont know what they are or do because they are a passive skill. Passive skills dont show up in your status. You will need to find out by your self about them.

Now leveling up. At every level, you get a stats boost. Like with Stacys rare class, she would get between 4-5 per stat on level up. But because she has the berserker boost, she gets between 8-10 per level up. I wanted to shout she was a cheat until she told me legendary classes could get between 9-10 per level from the start, and if I also get a berserker boost, I will get 18-20 per level. Let us say I short-circuited again after that. I also asked him how do I get a berserker boost. All she said, everyone is different. She also didnt want to tell me how she got hers. The books said the same about the berserker boost. Now normal skill that you can pick up. There wasnt a lot of them, and it will take years to train just one. Like the sword domain, a normal person needs to create their own style and have 10 years worth of swords or weapons experience. It wasnt easy to get because you need to create your own fighting style from scratch, but it was an OP skill. When activated, your stats double for 1 minute. It sounds short, but in 60 seconds, a platoon of 10 000 can lose all their lives easier, and believe me, it did happen once already.

Even if this world only goes around waging war, it had its good parts like war heroes. Like the grandfather of our king was one, King Doragon the 10th. He was the one that reaped 10 000 souls under 1 minute. He was by far the strongest king Doragon. He died as an 87-year-old on the battlefield where he belonged. His achievements were on another level. He alone made the federation, the war lovers, sign a peace treaty of 50 years. 50 years of peace in the kingdom. The demo and beast kingdoms didnt go to war so often as the federation. We never started the war, but we always end it. The kingdom of Doragon has not lost a war in the last 200 years. This is also why we are in so much war people want to defeat us to be hailed as the victor in the long run. Back to King Doragon the 10th, the more I read about him, the more I idolize him. he was a great king. He would be the first one to protect the people, his citizens. He would even walk around the capital like any normal citizen there. He never liked nobility. He wanted to change it, but it was a need to have these people in power. So he made the rules strict to be a noble. Like nobles are not allowed to harm anyone because they have the power, they must have a valid reason to do anything to a citizen. But not everyone liked it, and he couldnt change that, but he made it so that the citizens werent looked down at least. They were allowed to join the academy. Every city had one. He was the perfect king, but his descendent wasnt that great. He wasnt so strict. He just wanted power, but in the end, he still wanted to protect the kingdom in his weird way. I asked Stacy about the new king, sadly. She didnt know him very well. She hated politics. that I can understand.

“HEY! ARE YOU DONT DAYDREAMING!” I heard Stacy shout at me. Looking up from the floor at her.

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“Yes, thanks to you. You are so loud.” Rubbing my ears on my head.

“Can we start your training now” Stacy said and took a fighting stance. I mimicked her.



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