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The Tale Of Kitsuna Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Skills

“Stacy, what is the normal stats for a 10-year-old” I asked.

“First you arent normal. When we first checked your status a month ago your strength was double a normal civilian child.”

“35 is a normal civilian childrens strength”

“No, 10 is. What is yours”


“You got to be kidding me.” Stacy just shaking her head. Turning around she hit the board behind her and called out. “Sabastian take us to the church first, please.” She looks back at me. “We will go check out your status at the church.”

“Why cant I just tell you” Tilting my head to the side.

“You can but I want to see it, and I will also tell you some things about your skills.”


“Okay.” I didnt want to go but if it helps me learn more about myself self then its fine.

It didnt even take us 10 minutes to get to the church. Looking at the building it looked the same as the one I saw 5 years ago. walking behind Stacy towards the church. Just when we were close to the entrance one of the sisters ran towards us.

“Good morning, Milady. How can I help you today.” The Sister bowed down towards Stacy.

“Yo, we are here to check out her status can we use the private room, please.” Stacy nonchalantly pointed at me.

“Ooh, hello there maam. I havent seen you here before.” She looked at me. I was surprised to see that her eyes were golden.

“Name is Kitsuna, 10 years old so no maam.”

“Ooh I see, you are quite tall for a 10-year-old.” She tilted her head to the side looking at me.

“I told her she is way too tall for her age. she didnt believe me,” Stacy complained.

“How should I know that 1,5 m is long for a 10-year-old” I shrugged. In my last life, I was already 1.6 meters when I was 9 years old.

“Yeah and 1.67 is small for a grown woman. You just had to use your head.” She tapped her head mocking me, causing me to have adapted some tick marks on my face.

“Old hag did you just call me dumb!” I shouted at her.

“Please stop you are in front of a church.” The Sister tried stopping us from fighting but we both ignored her.

“Yes, you dumb child. And what is this about old hag I am just 32 years old mind you.” she said puffing her non-existing chest out.

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“Really I thought you were younger. You really are old and tiny.” Giving her a shocked expression trying to hide my grin.

“You are in front of a church making a scene, please stop.” Ignoring the Sister again.

“At least I am already married. With your looks, no sane woman will even try to get near you.” She retorted at my weak point

“You wanna fight hag” I was full-on pissed at her pointing out my obvious flaw.

“Let us go, you damn...” we both got slapped through the face by the sister. Looking at her baffled she started talking.

“You are in front of a church behave your self and apologize to each other you stubborn fools.” The Sister was giving an aura that made neither of us wants to talk back.

“Sorry for calling old hag.” I bowed down 45 degrees.

“What about the tiny” Stacy inquired.

“I cant apologize for a fact,” I said with no emotion in my voice.


“Apologize! Now!” The sister hit me over the head this time.

“I apologize for everything I have said to you Stacy.” Bowing down again.

“Apology accepted and I too apologize for what I have said to you.” Stacy did the same gesture as me.

“Apology accepted.”

“There, that is better. Follow me to the private room.” The Sister walks into the church. Following behind her obediently we arrive at one of the private rooms. The sister opened the door and looked inside. “Here you go. I believe Malady knows how to use the room”

“Yes, thank you for guiding us sister,” Stacy said her thanks and walked in. Following behind her I saw the interior of the room. I was absolutely disappointed. The room was completely white no gold inside. The furniture was also just 2 wood couches and a coffee table with a black tablet ontop.

You would think a church full of so much gold would have better private rooms.

“You look disappointed”Stacy asks while closing the door behind us.

“You would think with all the gold the church was build out of. These rooms would look nicer. Not that I mind this plain room it feels calming” I was confused about how just 3 furniture and nothing else makes it feel calm.

“Ooh, this room is specially made for our family and was designed by yours truly” She puffed out her chest in pride.

What designing There is only the furniture.” Looking at her with a deadpan look. “Anyways. Why do we have our own room Also, why does it feel so calming Is there some spell on the room”

“Yes, there is.”

“Ooh, let us get this over with I want to know more about myself and how things work in this world.”

“Eager are we. Sit down and put your hand on the black tablet.” Doing as she says. I saw my status pop up from the table like a hologram. “Your status really changed after a month of sleeping. well now that I think about it makes sense. You were on your weakest then.”

“Are you saying that a persons status will change every day” I asked looking my stats over again.

“No, it will only change if you are injured or something big is happening with your body. For example, if a monster goes and evolves. during its evolving process, it will be at its weakest.”

“So, it is the best time to kill set beast when it evolves”

“No, you need experience to level up and experience work on the stats of the things you kill. because the stats of the evolving beast will be so low your experience you will gain will also below.”

“Aah, I get it so you want to kill it just before it evolves because it is at its strongest.”

“Yes, if you look at a monsters stats the most imported things you look at is its strength, vitality, and defense. those three are the most important to look at if they are abnormally high you know he is set for evolution and it is best to kill the monster as fast as possible.”

“I see, I will remember that.”

“Brat you better remember everything I tell you. Your stats look great. I will find a workout for you to get your dexterity and strength up. let us get to your skills. Dimensional storage is self-explanatory. Super Regen as well and your Self-Analysis. I already told you how it works. You can upgrade that skill to normal analysis that will grant you to look at monsters stats but not humans or humanoids stats. You will need a God-Eye for that.”


“Its something you are born with. There isnt a lot of them in the world. The most impressive thing about your skills is your racial elements. They are not as rare as God-Eyes, but they are close to it and is very powerful.”

“I am a cheat,” I mumbled.

“Yes, you are. Most people are born with one or two base elements like fire, wind, earth, and water. Then there are the rare elements like light, dark, ice, lightning, etc. These rare elements are only seen every 5 years excluding your reincarnats like every one of you has a rare element but our normal people only see it every 5 years. Then there are your racial elements. these elements are a specialty for each race, not one racial element will be the same. These are by far the strongest there is and you have 3.” she gave me a worried look and I knew why she was worried.

“If people know about that I will become a high assassinate target. Thats why the safest place will be close to someone strong and stay at a dangerous place like the dead forest.” I looked down realizing what sort of situation I am in.

“Yes, that is why house Draig was ordered to look after you. We pride ourselves on being the strongest in 1 vs X. Dont worry about your life for now. Only 5 people now about you having 3 racial elements.”

“Sigh, thats good to hear.” I was glad that I didnt need to worry that much about assassination attempts just yet. “Stacy, what element do you specialize in”

“Sorry kiddo, I cant help you with magic. I dont have an element, but I can help you with weapons and mana control. I am the best in the entire kingdom if it comes to weapons.” She beamed at me.

“Awesome, do you know how to use every weapon there is”

“Yes, do you want me to teach you how to use every weapon”

“Yes, please.”

“I will think it threw. let us go we need to do your shopping.”

“Are we walking or taking the carriage again.”

“Hmm, let us walk.” She smiled at me.

Walking out of the church Stacy and I walk down the street. It was still before noon, but the streets were bustling. Looking around the city. It reminded me of earth with its modern buildings they werent as tall as ours on earth but there was a lot of glass going into each building. Looking around the people I could see that no one saw that we were nobles, because they were wearing the same clothes we were wearing. Realizing that we didnt stand out in the crowd anyway. Walking for a couple of minutes we turned a corner and a revolting sents hit my nose. It made me nauseated in an instant.

“Kitsuna, are you okay You dont look so good.” Stacy saw that I was getting sicker by the minute.

“I smell something revolting.” I tried keeping in my breakfast while talking.

“I see. Thats a problem.” Stacy looked around for a solution to my problem and saw a stall that sold scarves. “There, Follow me.” she dragged me towards the stall as fast as possible.

“Hello, there miss how can I help you today.” that stall lady said.

“Good morning, my daughter over here is looking for a scarf.” she pulled me in front of her.

“Is your daughter okay She doesnt look well.”

“She is fine. Her sense of smell is too good and she smelt something revolting that made her sick.”

“Ooh I see, she must be smelling the group of adventurers that came through just a minute ago. Young lady point towards the scarf you want.” The stall lady showed me all her scarves. looking through them I saw a black scarf with some red lines on it. Instantly pointing towards the scarf. “You picked a good one miss it will fit with your hair.”

Taking the scarf from the lady I put it around my mouth and nose. Feeling better I thanked the lady and started following Stacy again.

“Feeling better” I nodded at her question. “Good because we are almost there.” 5 minutes we stopped in front of a big building that had a sign on it saying “Lucy Clothing store.”



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