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After Ruying and Little Lei rushed to the battlefield, they locked onto one of the Asura Warriors and forced him to a relatively remote place.

Then, they worked together to subdue him.

It was only a temporary suppression though.

With the power of the Asura Warriors, they could quickly break free from their restraints, so they did not have much time.

“You only have fifteen minutes.

If you cant speed up his energy consumption by then, you might be in danger,” Ruying said when he brought the Asura Warrior to Xue Fanxin.

When Ye Jiushang saw this scene, he got anxious.

He roared angrily, “Ruying, do you know what youre doing If anything happens to Xiner, I wont let you off.”

“Master, she said that she has a way to increase the energy consumption of the Asura Warriors.

I dare to take the liberty of letting her give it a try.

Please forgive me.” Ruying knew that Ye Jiushang was furious, but he did not regret his actions.

If Xue Fanxin really failed, he would trade his life for her safety.

If she succeeded… he would bear his masters anger afterward.

Ye Jiushang wanted to go to Xue Fanxin, but he was entangled by the nine Asura Warriors and could not shake them off.

He could only fight with a heavy heart.

These damned Asura Warriors were really troublesome.

Later, he would definitely make the Asura Hall pay ten times the price for the transgression today.

Although the Asura Warriors were strong, their numbers were limited.

According to what he knew, the Asura Hall had only sent one or two Asura Warriors on missions in the past.

No matter how many people there were, there would not be more than five.

But this time, they had sent out ten… This number was unprecedented.

Regardless of the reason, the Asura Hall had entered his blacklist.

Their outcome would be the same as the Sacred Fire Sect, or even worse.

Ye Jiushang could not come over, so Xue Fanxin could study the Asura Warrior.

Just as she had guessed, the Asura Warriors body was too hard, like black iron.

Her golden needles could not pierce through at all.

The needles were useless.

This was a huge problem.

“No, his body is too tough.

My golden needles cant pierce it.”

“In other words, your method is not feasible,” Ruying said in disappointment, sighing in his heart.

He had high hopes, hence his big disappointment.

If Xue Fanxin had no solution, they could only fight head-on…

Just as Ruying was preparing to fight, she suddenly said, “Wait, there might be a way.”

“What way”

“I noticed just now.

This persons heart has stopped.

The reason he can move is because he relies on something to provide him with power, which is on his heart.

Touch his heart.

Isnt its temperature different from anywhere else You can vaguely sense power flowing.”

Ruying followed her instructions and touched the Asura Warriors heart.

He realized that the situation was really as she said.

This persons heart was not beating, but the temperature was higher.

Why was this happening

If a persons heart did not beat, they would be dead.

It was impossible for them to still be alive.

Perhaps this was the key to nurturing Asura Warriors.


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