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"I-I WILL try to contact my superior and ask him when the people fetching us would arrive," Edmund said at the other's inquiry.

"Then contact him now! Tell him to send people as soon as possible."

He looked at the petite woman with a complicated gaze. Now, it was no longer his imagination. She really couldn't wait for them to leave this place. Could it be, she sensed the general's unusual interest towards her son that's why she wanted them gone Edmund felt that that was really possible.

At the end, he could only say, "Yes, Madam."

Although Emmy still couldn't breathe a sigh of relief, her worry lessened a tiny bit. She gave the man in front of him a gentle smile and said, "Then Captain Barton, please feel free to rest inside while waiting."

Then after that, she walked inside the house to talk to Reas and ask him how the heck did he and his brother ended up with the prince and his subordinate.

Edmund who was left outside let out a sigh before opening his Terminal and contacting the lieutenant. His call quickly connected. 

"Have you found His Highness" Leland quickly asked.

"Yes. We're now imposing on the house of a local and I don't think we're very welcomed," Edmund said, his expression quite complicated making him looked a bit funny.

Leland knew that Edmund's face wasn't thick enough to impose himself on other's house. So, this could only be the work of the prince. "Do they know your identities"

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"Yes, the general said it himself."

Leland suppressed the incoming headache. "Hildred already left. The ship he's in traveled in a short distance space warp. So, he might arrive there before nightfall in that planet. I'll contact him and tell him to compensate the family you're currently imposing in." 

Edmund felt his scalp itch at the mention of Hildred. He wanted to ask why it had to be Hildred of all people. But he remembered that there was much more important matter to talk about with the lieutenant. 

"Lieutenant, the general's usual 'illness' occurred again."

Leland's brows furrowed. "His Highness found something interesting Then just bring it back with you."

Edmund's expression couldn't be described at the moment when he heard that. He looked like he suddenly became constipated or something. "We can't. It's not some novel item this time. It's a boy. A breathing living boy who has a family of his own."

Hearing that, Leland's headache finally couldn't be suppressed. "A boy"


Wulfric, who had no idea what his two subordinates were talking about, raised his head and greeted the hot water from the shower head. If he heard what Edmund said about him being interested in Aster, he would probably agree. Because he was indeed interested. He was just not sure the extent of this interest.

He could admit that Aster's rare hair and eye color definitely attracted his attention. But the novelty of it would surely wear off rather quickly. There were two factors that truly caught his interest. One was the other's SSS level mental strength. This was the first time he had met someone with the same mental strength as him who wasn't overly sickly or bedridden. 

People who had that high level of mental strength usually had a weak body who couldn't support that level of mental force. Wulfric was probably the only exception. That he knew of, at least. Although Aster obviously didn't have a high-level physique, at least his body could handle his enormous mental strength. And that was worth-noting for. 

The second reason was the way he carried himself under Wulfric's bullish attitude. Despite the obvious disparity in physical strength, he didn't cower. He showed him that he couldn't be trifled with. And that even if he was weaker, he would do his best to fight him head on. Even after he found out his identity, there wasn't any fear in those obsidian black eyes. Which he truly found fascinating.

But at this time, this feeling was probably just a small wave in a huge sea of Wulfric's emotion. If it would ferment and turn into a big tide, no one knew. Probably not even Wulfric himself. 

After he finished showering, Wulfric walked out of the bathroom. His whole body was already dried because as soon as he walked out of the shower stall, the gadget that could automatically dry up one's body activated. It seemed that despite the rustic look of the house, it was still filled with up to date gadgets and appliances.

He wore the clothes given by that kid- what was his name again Ah, Reas. It was simple white shirt and black trousers. The clothes were a bit tight, but he could still walk around in it comfortably. If he was not mistaken, these clothes belonged to that kid, Reas. Wulfric smirked knowing that he had a better figure than the kid.

He pushed back his white hair and walked out of the room. The moment he did, he saw Aster going out of a room two doors down from where he was standing. Wulfric didn't even notice how his golden eyes brightened the moment he saw Aster.

Astrid, on the other hand, almost didn't furrow when he saw the already dressed wolf. He quickly turned around and wanted to go back inside his room again. But the prince clearly moved faster than him.

Wulfric appeared behind Aster. A certain scent wafted in his direction. And he knew that it came from Aster. He leaned down and said to the other's ear;

"You smell like jasmine."



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