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“No!” Ye Qiu shouted silently as he looked at the girls incomparably firm gaze.

He knew the price of this sword better than anyone else.

If it wasnt to that extent, he hoped that she would never use this sword.

However, the current situation was no longer under his control.

Lin Qingzhu took a step into the air and slowly rose into the sky.

In an instant, the world lost its color, as if a swimming dragon had appeared under the grayish-white sky.

Such a shocking scene stunned everyone present.

“What is she going to do!”

Everyone was shocked.

They could not see the profundity of this sword, but they could feel that endless sword intent was crazily wreaking havoc.

“What astonishing sword energy! What sword technique is this”

At this moment, even the usually calm Zhe Xian revealed an amazed gaze.

He prided himself as a genius of the Sword Dao, but after seeing this sword, he revealed a look of inferiority.

Xiao Hanyi reached out and grabbed a gust of wind.

The cold wind was like a sharp sword that cut through his palm.

He muttered to himself as he looked at the dripping blood.

“A sword technique that controls time and is imprisoned by the spatial laws.

Have you noticed that the time flow in the surroundings seems to have increased”

Xiao Hanyis words exposed the mystery.

Everyone instantly came to a realization.

The geniuses of the Nether Clan on the other side also discovered this strange phenomenon.

Ling Xis expression was solemn as he stood at the front of the group.

He looked at the white figure in the sky and felt an inexplicable pressure.

“Stop her!”

He knew very well that the power of this sword was incomparably great.

He could not let Lin Qingzhu continue, or they would really lose.

As soon as Ling Xi finished speaking, the ten geniuses of the Nether Clan instantly attacked.

They gave up on all their targets and pointed at Lin Qingzhu.

“Get lost!”

Just as they touched that domain, an iron rod smashed over fiercely, forcing them back instantly.

In the Ten Directional Nirvana Array domain, the monkey was affected by the Heavenly Fiend and was filled with ruthlessness.

Its lethality had increased several times.

“Damn it! Kill him first.”

With the monkey blocking the way, the few geniuses of the Nether Clan were instantly furious.

They charged over at the same time, wanting to end the monkey.

Unexpectedly, the others followed suit one after another, and a chaotic battle erupted again.

“Damn it! At most, no one will have a good time.

Scum, taste the power of my Mother Qi Cauldron.” Xiao Hanyi roared angrily and instantly raised the cauldron in his hand to smash it ruthlessly.

In an instant, the void was shattered.

Zhe Xians Jade Sword flew out and instantly joined the battlefield.

The intense battle began again.

A black dragon roared, and in an instant, the world changed.

“Oh no!”

At that moment, the people from the Heaven Mending Sect outside the arena finally recognized this sword.

Wasnt this the sword technique that Ye Qiu had used to kill Tianmeng Although it was that strike, it seemed to have been improved.

The black dragon was like ink.

A drop of ink fell into the gray sky, as if it was dripping onto the river, causing ripples.

In an instant, another lotus flower bloomed.

“One World for One Flower…”

Meng Tianzheng was shocked.

He watched as a lotus slowly bloomed under the ink.

At this moment, he could no longer remain calm.

“F*ck, stop quickly.

My Heaven Mending Sect only has this one treasure.

If shes gone, I wont let you off.”

He was panicking.

He was really panicking.

This incomparably familiar sword was a sword that exchanged life for life.

If Lin Qingzhu really used it, it would mean that she was about to die.

One had to know that his Heaven Mending Sect had endured for so many years and waited for so many years.

It was not easy for a precious genius to appear.

Meng Tianzheng could treat her as the future of the Heaven Mending Sect.

If she was gone, what would happen to the Heaven Mending Sect in the future

He knew very well that Ye Qiu would eventually ascend.

Old fellows like them would eventually pass away.

Therefore, Lin Qingzhu was the future of the Heaven Mending Sect.

No one wanted to see such a thing happen.

The one with the most intense reaction was undoubtedly Qi Wuhui.

He ignored his image and cursed loudly, pointing at the Nether Clan creatures watching from the other side.

“F*ck you scum.

If anything happens to my martial niece today, Ill twist your heads off and dig up your ancestral graves.”

The expressions of the Nether Clan creatures on the other side were also very heavy.

This battle had already entered the most tense moment.

Lin Qingzhu wanted to determine the outcome with a single strike, but the ten Nether Clans geniuses did not want to receive it and wanted to stop her.

In an instant, the entire battlefield was in chaos.

Everyone stared at the scene in the sky.

Suddenly, water droplets pierced through the stone and lotus flowers bloomed, illuminating the entire world in the fog.

The strike was completed!

A shocking sword intent instantly erupted.

Lin Qingzhu suddenly opened her eyes, and her watery eyes were filled with cold sword intent.

“Cloudy Heavens! Punish the evil!”

“Sever and suppress the soul!”


With a cold shout, Lin Qingzhu instantly slashed out with her sword, as if she had cut off the connection of time.

The world trembled and the void distorted.

The expressions of everyone on the altar changed and instantly turned pale.


Ling Xi let out a desperate scream and watched helplessly as the sword slashed over.

The Martial Monarch realm body was instantly cut apart by the sword.

Black blood instantly splattered on the ground.

The sword energy of that sword was like a locust passing through, not a blade of grass growing.

The destructive power was enough to kill a Heaven Immortal.

Even the Lord of Forbidden Area could not help but exclaim.

“Its actually the Cursive Sword!”

That incomparably familiar sword pulled his thoughts back to the beginning of the Immortal Ancient.

In that unprecedented battle, the Nine-Leaf Grass that had cut down the sun, moon, and stars illuminated the world.


With a shocking bang, dust billowed on the altar.

There was no light in the sky under the ink.

Lin Qingzhu used all her strength to swing her sword and killed all ten Nether Clans geniuses.

The white figure slowly descended from the sky like a fairy that had fallen from the mortal world and slowly died in the light.

With a raise of Fuyaos hand, a green lotus grew, as tall as the sky.

The moment it touched Lin Qingzhu, it turned into a lotus flower and protected her.

“How terrifying.

What kind of sword strike is this! She killed ten Martial Monarchs with a single strike.

Ive never seen such a terrifying sword technique in my life.”

Everyone was shocked by Lin Qingzhus beauty and could not come back to their senses for a long time.

At this moment, the altar suddenly trembled violently.

“Whats going on”

Everyone was shocked and looked over.

On the altar, the twelve statues suddenly opened their eyes.

They seemed to be witnessing this battle.

They had witnessed this battle.


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